Friday, January 11, 2008

Made to Love Magic

Once in awhile albums come along that give you a serious look into the artists vision for their music this is once such album. Nick Drake Made to love magic from the offset brings you into this haunting world of a singer songwriter compiling songs for albums yet to come. This album is a compilation of rare and unheard tracks and made its way to to production thanks to his sister and fellow friends.

Many of the tracks are unreleased amateur recordings from his college days and some are outtakes to his three studio albums, there are also some of Drakes final recorded songs which gives this album a haunting and magically feel to it. One of those records that will get rid of any stress of the day.

This album is worth seeking out , if you are unfamiliar to Mr. Drake don't start here peruse his only three studio albums the first being Five Leaves Left (One of my all time favourites) and then Bryter Layter and finally Pink Moon. Nick is one of these classic tragic music type guys, died early and left some great stuff behind him, go check his stuff.

Nick Drake - Day is Gone (Taken from Five Leaves Left)

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