Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Grotto are Back

When I was in Denver a couple of months ago and I happened to be in star bucks and noticed a CD tilted “Across the Pond”. To my amazement there was “The Guggenheim Grotto” track listed on this compilation album. What the hell were the lads doing here?
Upon returning home I realised they were trekking around America coast to coast gigging. This was beginning to be very fruitful with some serious radio time with Xfm and many more. They were also heard on TV shows in America and were starting to get some serious interest. Funnily enough I only heard their new songs through an American blog I check regularly.
Waltzing Alone was brought out in 2005 here and 06 in the US and has been on and off my speakers for 3 years and the songs never grow old. Their new album is ready to be rolled out in September called “Happy the Man” and I am sure it will be one of the best Irish Album of 08 and up their in the best of 08 overall. Two new tracks have been posted to itunes and can be got through their site.
The first being “Walking up in America” and also the new one since last Friday called “Fee Da Da Dee” . These are great tracks and are just wetting the appetite for the full release of the album.
I have witnessed them live twice, once in Glor, Ennis and the other in Dolans.

The Dolans gig has to be of my favourites of all time, there was something so special about the gig upstairs and it just blew everyone away that night. Met the guys afterwards and they are really nice guys and I wish them well with the new album.
The grotto plan to start a full tour end of August/September on and I really hope they can throw on another great display in Dolans.

Check them out for yourself

The Guggenheim Grotto "Philosophia"

The Guggenheim Grotto - Wonderful Wizard

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