Thursday, July 10, 2008

Radiohead Live Malahide Castle,Dublin 07/06/08 Bootleg

I have finally secured myself a bootleg of one of the best concerts of my life. I made the covers myself and just used an old double album CD case and there you have it a great bootleg sitting on my shelf.
The bootleg is missing the first four songs due to the taper arriving late however it is of good quality and brings back great memories.
Feel free to comment and tell me how you like the bootleg/Artwork and any suggestions please.
New Download Link here :


Reena said...

Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

you have made my day/week/month. thank you kind sir.

jackseg said...

Thank you so much! Most people try to make money on bootlegs. Fortunately there are others - like you that can share happiness for free :) Thank you!


Here you can find my photos from that concert:

Indie Sessions said...

No Bother Jackseq, you know what they say Sharing is Caring!
Enjoy and great photos by the way!

Gigla said...

I can`t download. link doesn`t work

Indie Sessions said...

I reuploaded the gig , the link above is now working

Gigla said...

yeah, it does now. thanks:)