Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leonard Cohen - 2008-06-06 - Toronto, Canada BOOTLEG

All this talk of one of the greatest concerts of the year has made me start to listen to the great man again, after requiring "Ten New Songs" from a friend, it has brought me closer to the fact why the hell didn't I go to his gig.

Too little to late, if you missed it and want an award winning review on it check out Bock the robber's view here

Fair play to bock! for this great review he won "Post of the Month from" the blogging council. Confirmed here

Anyways back to Lenny here is a concert early last month in Canada, well worth a listen and will let you into some of the magic of the man live. The download is in three part, awkward i know but worth it. Plus don't forget to put in the password when it downloads.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

PASSWORD : t.u.b.e.

Set List :

Leonard Cohen
Toronto, Ont
Sony Centre

(Excellent Audience Recording)

01. Dance Me To The End Of Love
02. The Future
03. Ain't No Cure For Love
04. Bird On The Wire
05. Everybody Knows
06. In My Secret Life
07. Who By Fire
08. Anthem (w/ Band Intro)
09. Tower Of Song
10. Suzanne
11. Gypsy Wife
12. Boogie St.
13. Hallelujah
14. Democracy
15. I'm Your Man
16. A Thousand Kisses Deep
17. Take This Waltz
18. Heart With No Companion
19. Waiting For The Miracle To Come
20. First We Take Manhattan
21. That Don't Make It Junk
22. If It Be Your Will
23. Closing Time
24. I Tried To Leave You



Thomas said...

Thank you friend, thank you very much.
I was in Lyon, it was great. Really.
My english seems to be a disaster as usual... but I really want to thank you.

Indie Sessions said...

your very welcome

Bill said...

Thanks for posting this concert! I tried to download and unzip using StuffIt 8, but I'm getting an Internal Error. I was never asked to enter the password. Could that be the issue?

Bill said...

Please forget my prior comment, I downloaded a new version of WinZIP and was able to open the files. Sounds FANTASTIC!

Thomas said...

I have a fantastic record at Moncton (CA), 23/05/08, if you're interested in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for that gift! It brings back the feeling of a great evening with Leonard Cohen in Frankfurt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much for this - saw him in Manchester, England and it was one of the best gig experiences of my life. he sounds better here than he has done in a long time!
Thanks again.

Sarangot said...

Thanks very much !!
Love this record...
Hey Thomas, is it possible to get your record at Moncton
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

More LC please! And thank you!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn? said...

Can't seem to get the links to work anymore???

Part 1 is ok, but 2 and 3 don't seem to work!

andreashoff (-a-)