Friday, March 27, 2009

Green and Live Sessions 12 - 26/03/2009 Review

It took 11 sessions before i got down to one of these shindigs but it was worth the wait. All the other sessions i wasn't able to make but last night i got down to dolans and upstairs for a variety performance of three great acts. Alan Jacques has organised these free events and Imust stand up and applaud the man. He does great work for music in this town. Keep an eye out for the next green and live sessions! Here's a brief run down of last nights acts. First up was a shoeless Lou Mcmahon, she sang and played the guitar beautifully. The Shannon singer songwriter had a bag full of songs and each one with a unique story. We were treated to tales of past dreams and boyfriends. Her voice is very captivating and she is a real talent. She has an EP coming out very shortly so keep an eye on her myspace. Really enjoyed her new songs like the one about the ferris wheel and the crazy dream, looking forward to the EP.

Next up were the 202s. I had raved about them on the blog earlier this week here ( . I was glad i got to seethem live and live is what they are great at. Who can beat a megaphone at a gig I tells ya. They have a huge sound and the basslines is key to it all. They had a big contingent of fans in which included the family and it looked like they were enjoying it all. Ocean Colour Scene kept cropping up in my head watching them as they blasted out tracks from their brand new self titled album which is out today. We got a chance to buy one last night and the album sounds amazing. The nine track album is sure to make huge great waves in the music industry and I'm certain you will hear alot more from these guys. Great to see them last night and they truly stole the show!

last up was Brian Canavan. I must have been under a rock all last year because i have never heard about this guy. The dublin man last night had a backing band of five guys and a collection of songs from his 2008 release "You're an electron i'm an electron". His quirky lyrics akin to belle and sebastian really enthralled the crowd. A great song called "Counting me down" is a homage to Carol Vorderman and just gives you an insight into the crazy lyrics on the album. All the songs are about your average day to day things put in such away that its brilliant. I picked up a copy of the album last night and im off to listen to it. Brian is worth checking out if you get a chance, he ended a great night of music, Cheers Alan! looking forward to the 13th G & L session already.

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Peter said...

tu tu tu Keith I been blagging about Brian Canavan for ages now. That album is a good one isn't it?