Wednesday, March 18, 2009

JD Set Band Comp in Limerick

Tomorrow night limerick hosts the first night of the JD set band competition. The two night affair happens down in trinity rooms nightclub and both nights appear to be free. These gigs are not to be missed. Looks like among the competing bands that there is only one local by the name of Nick Carswell. Be sure to lead him your support , check him out here, some great music to be heard :
Here is the line up for the two nights :
Thursday 19th March Last Days of Death Country Nick Carswell Neon Stars Friday 20th March Camoige Lovers VIC Roadrunner


Nick Carswell said...

For the record, Last Days of Death Country are another Limerick band, though think they only recently joined the line-up. So at least there's a bit more Limerick representation!!

IndieLimerick said...

Cheers for clearing that up you can check out the other limerick band here

My vote is still with Nick!