Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music Snippets # 12 - Groom

Name : Groom Band Members : Michael Stevens (guitar, vocals, synths), Jeroen Saegeman (guitar, melodica, keyboards), Wil McDermott (bass, synths), Brian O’Higgins (drums), and Ruan Van Vliet (drums, percussion, synth, autoharp). Hails From : Dublin Music Sound : indie rock loveliness! About : The band are around 5 years now and have some ep's on tow including a full album released in 2006 called "All This Happened, More Or Less" Groom are now set to release an album called "At the Natural History Museum" on the 24th of April. To celebrate this release the guys are having a bash at whelans in Dublin with support coming from Neosupervital. I have gotten a copy of the album and from start to finish the album sounds superb. The opener and title track starts with an instrumental for nearly 4 minutes and eases you into this great release. I love at the end of the second song "Mythical Creatures" that the drummer declares he has played the wrong drum. Track 5 "Death of a Songwriter" is Sufjan Stevens in Dublin form and that's a good thing folks! and I'm loving the gunshots and the end. The album finishes with the lovely & delicate "Moving West". My favourite of the album is "Let's Die Together" which is in video form below. The album was recorded in Dublin and Chicago and the album has some interesting artwork courtesy of the field museum in Chicago. The cover being that of a goats hoof standing on a rock. The release gig on the 24th of next month is well worth the trek, its ten squid in and you get a copy of the album! Keep the name "Groom" in the databank because your going to hear alot more from them after that date. Hopefully a gig around these parts too. GO CHECK THEM OUT HERE: Groom - Lets Die Together - Live At MUZU Studios on MUZU.

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