Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello Sunshine Another New Book by Ryan Adams

Looks like Ryan is going to churn out Books like he did Albums. Infinity Blues is not even officially out yet on public sale and his new book "Hello Sunshine" will be ready to pre-order on May the 15th. I pre-ordered his first book "Infinity Blues" and have my signed copy since December. The book is mainly poems and tells a lot about Ryan's thinking and his life. If you were a fan of his blog writing then you will like this. The new book looks like it will be in the same vain and possibly more short fiction then poems, its the follow on from Infinity blues. Ryan is taking a break from music as soon as the current tour ends with the cardinals at the end of this month. He is then on to Paris where I'm sure there will be several more books. Personally i want this guy to be producing music but I'm sure he will find his way back to that at some point but for now we just have to enjoy the guy in text format.
The Pre-Sale details for "Hello Sunshine" will be available from the publishers here on May 15th.
Here's what Ryan has to say about the book: "This is the book of verse where I wake up, where I see myself responding to a world with as much light and as much grace as whatever disappointment I felt. This is where I fell back in love with everything--this is my best work yet." --Ryan Adams on Hello Sunshine

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