Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Sound from New York

No new albums in 2008 appealing to you yet , well this New York Quartet will prove you wrong. Vampire Weekend are a classic Indie Rock band and have had as much hype as Arctic Monkeys debut album, one of those bands you hear about before even listening to them. Some of these types of bands fall shy of their reputation but Vamprire Weekend are living up to their name with this self tiled debut album
They are four ex-Columbia University students with asuave sound that incorporates ska, New Wave and Afro-pop ? What this you say well, This album is worth a listen to, to kick back and enjoy likable songs with catchy guitar riffs a go-go. Songs such as "Mansard Roof" will keep you coming back for more & more.
Ezra Koenig the lead singer blends a good mix of writing skills and warm vocals to bring this debut to Indie rock life.
Now you know , Go Buy , Go Listen

Vampire Weekend perform "I Stand Corrected" on Feel My Heat Indie 103.1 Fm with Danny Masterson and Brent Bolthouse

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