Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Blues

Maybe because im tired , jet lagged and blogged down with work but its just one of those mondays,
Some news to cheer people up perhaps, I hear you say :
* Radiohead Shall go to the ball AKA play Glastonbury
* Coldplay on the verge of finishing fourth studio album
* Muse to release a DVD from their performance from Wembley (How Sweet!)
* January is finished with!
* The New copy of Uncut has a free CD of Tracks Insprired by the Faces (well worth a look)
* Tommorow is not Monday
* The Dog above blinks his eyes & Shrugs His Shoulders (How Cool)
* IndieLimerick has been Nominated in three categories for Irish Blog Awards 2008 - Best Music Blog , Best Blog & Best Newcomer
Here's a song to brighten up your day

Cathy Davey - Cold Man's Nightmare

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