Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things to do this weekend

Wondering what to do with your time this weekend well here goes:

1. Buy Smashing Pumpkins- American Gothic EP
Before you buy if you are new to this band please go out and get "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness". Such an awesome album and well in my top 30ish range. That album was released in 1995 and apart from that album, "Siamese Dreams"(93) & "Adore"(98) they didnt click with me again until now. This new EP offers me the band as i want to hear them. Not a new experemental album or change of music taste. This EP goes back to its more indie root.The EP also offers a folk type feel to it along with some and acoustic bliss. This paves the way forward for an excellent follow up album, hopefully in the same vain as american gothic.

2. Control on DVD
I have yet to see this movie as limerick cinemas didnt show the damm thing , so finally it has been released (11th of feb methinks)
Not heard of it yet check out my earlier post on it here

3. France V Ireland (Sat 9th Feb, 4.00pm , Stade de France)
Not music related I know but it has to be mentioned. We started our 6 nations campaign in a bad light with remenance of the world cup still haunting us. With a poor opener against Italy 16-11 (we still won it) , We now need to get rid of our ghosts by beating the french this saturday. The Coach & Staff and all that crap need to be put aside and we need to get on with the job in hand and we need to bring back the heart in our game and play for our country again , not ourselves.

Have a good weekend
Smashing Pumpkins at museum guggheneim in bilbao(1998)
Pug Live
Album : Adore

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