Friday, March 14, 2008

Ceol 08 Go hana mhaith ar fad

I wasn’t in the Paddys weekend mood at all until last night when viewing the classic new series from des bishop “In the name of the Fada”. It follows des around the gaeltacht as he tries to come to grips with the Irish Language with some hilarious moments and also educational moments as my Irish comes flooding back to me. Check out
Further to this Language Revival I was given a copy of the new album “Ceol 08”. Ceol 08 features everyday Irish artists such as Declan O’Rourke & The Walls. There hit singles are featured but they are recorded in Irish. For example one track features Mundy Singing Galway Girl in Irish. Ceol 08 isn’t a new concept as there as been albums back as far as 2005. All proceeds collected from the sale of this CD will go directly to Barnardos. Go out and buy it and have a great weekend.
Check out ceol bebo page here
(Sorry for not writing all this in Irish for shame)

One of my favourive Irish bands is featured on this album "the Guggenheim Grotto". Their debut album "Waltzing Alone" is fantastic and is one i keeping coming back to. They are due to release their new album sometime soon so keep an eye out.
Check out their website here -->

The Guggenheim Grotto "Wonderful Wizard"

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