Monday, March 3, 2008


I haven’t really used the free Podcast’s offered by itunes to their full potential. There are hundreds of Podcasts out there ranging in many areas of subject matter such as politics, comedy, music, talk shows and so on…. At present I use very little Podcast such as Ian Dempsey’s Podcast (Great Gift Grub Sketches) & Ray Foley’s Podcast from Today FM. Also check out “The Ricky Gervais Podcast” if you’re not on the floor laughing there is something wrong. One Podcast that was recommended to me by a friend was “This American Life”. This Podcast tells the stories of many people in many facets of life in America from Chicago Public Radio and will just make the hours fly as you listen to their amazing stories.
Recently I was recommended a Podcast called “NPR – All Songs Considered”. This Amazing Podcast is from a web only radio show in America and they have such an array of talent on their show. The Podcast boosts guest DJ slots from for example Thom Yorke, Tons of Live Concerts ranging from “the Frames” to “the Flaming Lips” and radio shows with superb playlists.
To access these Podcasts go to itunes, press on the purple icon “Podcasts” then on the bottom of the page press “Podcast directory”. This will access the itunes store (Podcasts are all free). Here you will find hundreds of Podcasts, you can use a search and type in for example “NPR – All Songs Considered” and then subscribe to which every one you want. Please let me know if you have found or find any interesting Podcasts.
Happy Listening!

Check out a podcast for non other that best music blogger (2years on the trot) nialler9,
Just type in nialler9 to the search engine like above, view his blog here -->
If your not interested in Podcasts or don’t have an ipod you can check out the “NPR – All Songs Considered” Website & Blog.
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shane said...

So much to listen little time... but it is good

Indie Sessions said...

So true!

Reena said...

My problem is the same as Shane's...I'm suscribed to the IndieFeed podcast but I don't have time to listen to all the songs I download!