Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet The Villagers

I first heard of this project through the band One Day International and have been fancinated ever since. I have heard 6/7 songs from them through the medium of youtube, Other Voices,nialler9 and myspace. The ex-front man of the Immediate just has you begging for more. On February 9th Conor J. O’ Brien is set to release a 4 track EP called Hollow Kind. I can see this calming the thrist for more for only so long. The villagers tour dates are for galway and dublin, I am holding out for a Limerick appearance and holding out for a full album aswell hopefully. One can only hope.

Conor or Cathy Davey's guitar player has obviously been around the Irish music scene for quite some time as the line up of the villagers seems to be people interconnected in this countrys music scene. The ever changing line up is as follows : -Byrne, James (Owns the record label they are putting the ep out on) -Curran, Cormac (From One Day International and also in Cathy Daveys band) -McLaughlin, Tommy (Ex Immediate and in a Band called Berkely) -O'Brien, Conor (Ex Immediate and in Cathy Davey's band) -Snow, Danny (From One Day International)

Really looking forward to the EP and whats next for the villagers. Keep an eye on them ( Villagers solo performance - 'The Meaning of the Ritual' (Bathroom Session in a bedroom) Villagers solo performance - 'On A Sunlit Stage' (Bathroom Session)

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