Monday, January 26, 2009

The Smiths/Morrissey Irish Tour Archive

Seeing as I went off to check out all the Irish dates Morrissey has played, I may aswell share them here, dont think this has been done before so here goes. 34 dates played over 24 years. Limerick has had the pleasure of two of these dates. Limerick Set Lists below.
The Smiths
1984 - debut album tour
May 18 - Dublin (Ireland), SFX Centre
May 19 - Dublin (Ireland), SFX Centre
May 20 - Cork (Ireland), Savoy
Nov 11 - Waterford (Ireland), Savoy
Nov 12 - Dublin (Ireland), SFX
Nov 13 - Dublin (Ireland), SFX
Nov 16 - Limerick (Ireland), Savoy
Nov 17 - Galway (Ireland), Leisureland
Nov 18 - Cork (Ireland), Savoy
Nov 20 - Letterkenny (Ireland), Leisure Centre
Nov 21 - Coleraine (Northern Ireland), Univ. Of Coleraine
Nov 22 - Belfast (Northern Ireland), Ulster Hall
1986 -Ireland mini-tour and benefits
Feb 10 - Dublin (Ireland), National Stadium
Feb 11 - Dundalk (Ireland), Fairways Hotel
Feb 12 - Belfast (N.Ireland), Queens Univ. Whitla Hall
Morrissey Solo
1991 -Kill Uncle tour
Apr 27 - Dublin (Ireland), Dublin Stadium
Sep 29 - Dublin (Ireland), Point Depot
1995 -David Bowie's Outside tour
Nov 24 - Dublin (Ireland), Point Depot
1999 -Oye Esteban tour
Nov. 24 Derry - Rialto
Nov. 25 Belfast - Ulster Hall
Nov. 27 Galway - Black Box
Nov. 28 Limerick - University
Nov. 30 Cork - Opera House
Dec. 2 Dublin - The Olympia Theatre
Oct. 2 Dublin - Ambassador Theatre
Oct. 3 Dublin - Ambassador Theatre
2004 -You Are The Quarry tour
June 5 Dublin - Dublin Castle - "Heineken Green Energy" Festival
Dec. 20 Dublin - The Point
2006 -Tour Of The Tormentors MMVI
Apr. 13 Killarney - INEC
Apr. 15 Dublin - The Olympia Theatre
Apr. 16 Dublin - The Olympia Theatre
Aug. 22 Dublin - Marlay Park
2008 -Greatest Hits tour
June 26 Cork - Live at the Marquee Festival
June 28 Dublin - Royal Hospital Kilmainham
28/April - INEC, Killarney
29/April - Leisureland, Galway (Review Here)
23/Nov - National Stadium , Dublin
29/Jul - Vicar St. Limerick
Past Limerick Gigs -28/11/1999, UL - Set List and Bootleg can be found here : -16/11/1984, Savoy, Limerick
Set List : William, It Was Really Nothing What She Said Nowhere Fast Reel Around The Fountain Rusholme Ruffians This Charming Man How Soon Is Now? Still Ill Barbarism Begins At Home I Want The One I Can't Have Miserable Lie Hand In Glove What Difference Does It Make? Jeane These Things Take Time Handsome Devil
-No Bootleg out there
Please feel free to review any of the concerts above!


Anonymous said...

You missed

April 27, 1991
National Stadium, Dublin.

Indie Sessions said...

Hey there cheers for the heads up, had a feeling i missed out on some. The offical moz site didnt have that one listed and when i went searching i found 2 others also.Cheers!

1991 Kill Uncle tour
Apr 27 - Dublin (Ireland), Dublin Stadium
Sep 29 - Dublin (Ireland), Point Depot

1995 David Bowie's Outside tour
Nov 24 - Dublin (Ireland), Point Depot

Dave G Kelly said...
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Dave G Kelly said...

The first Smiths gig in Ireland has for many years, thanks to Smiths biographer Johnny Rogan being erroniously listed as taking place at Dublin's SFX Centre.

It was in fact in Trinity College, downstairs in the Dining Hall (the actual venue is no longer there) on Friday 9 December 1983 at the Students Union Christmas Party. They had only two singles out at the time, the sublime Hand in Glove and This Charming Man, so it was a first time hearing most of what would become the debut album. The gig was a little underwhelming to be honest, as they were fairly insular and had yet to develop their stagecraft. Besides introducing some of the songs, there was an absence of engagement with the audience.

Show over, I had made up my mind that if anybody got up on stage I was going too. So when what turned out to be the Ents Officer climbed up, I followed. Backstage (a curtained off area sidestage) I found Morrissey on his own recovering with a towel over his head while the rest of the band were in celebratory mode drinking wine from the bottle. The conversation with Morrissey was fandom nirvana for this starstruck 17 year old. Nothing profound, just talking about the forthcoming debut album and his influences etc.

Here's signed ticket stubs from their second Dublin gig in May 1984which was at the SFX Centre:

Eliza O'Driscoll said...

I was also at that Trinity College gig, but I think Dave's memory of where it took place is faulty. My recollection is that it was in the Arts Block foyer.