Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kings of Oxegen

Kings of Leon have been announced as the first act to play the Kildare festival this year. What is with KOL? If you are a seasoned festival or gig goer you must have seen them like 8 times now. Come up with some originality MCD. Last year was the first year I didn't go to oxegen and it was a good decision instead I spent my money on checking out other gigs and acts I wanted to see on my own terms and time. Looks like it will be the same again this year. Oxegen same ole same ole, but having said that it still is a great place to start off your gig going career and discover new and exciting acts just steer clear of the main stage by the looks of this years line-up. Two other Oxegen veterans are rumoured to be playing there too, Snow Patrol and The Killers. Come on MCD put some life into the place, shake it up a bit. Book the Rolling Stones and lets have a real headliner!

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