Monday, January 26, 2009

Morrissey Live at The University of Limerick, 28/11/1999 Bootleg

9 years ago Morrissey was in this very city to play a packed out UL full of students and Morrissey fanatics.
In anticipation to seeing the man this year in galway I was checking out the places he has played in Ireland before. After seeing the Limerick gig in the Moz archives I went in search of a bootleg to the Limerick gig. As I didn't get to see the show back in 99 it is really interesting to tap into the gig in bootleg form. Moz at the start of the show introduces the band as Irish band Big Tom and The Mainliners. The quality is a good as you would get from a 9 year old recording and well worth a free download. If you did have the pleasure of seeing Moz that night feel free to write a review. Enjoy! Now to source the second time Moz was in Limerick as the Smiths back in 1984. The 16th of November Savoy show doesnt seem to exist so dont hold out for anything and again if you were at that show please let us know how it all went down. Cheers!
Set List :
You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side The Boy Racer Alma Matters Tomorrow Hairdresser On Fire Is It Really So Strange? Billy Budd Break Up The Family Sunny Trouble Loves Me Meat Is Murder Now My Heart Is Full Reader Meet Author The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils November Spawned A Monster Speedway Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
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