Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Indiecater Records, the ball is rolling once more

If Mr.Kipling is said to have exceeding good cakes well Indiecater Records have exceeding good albums. The ever hard working Mp3hugger (Blogger of Genius proportions) just seems to churn out records as easy as we have breakfast.
The label has Ten albums on the go and many more to come. It started out with compilation albums then re-release albums and now brand new music. They all still hold the small price tag which is prefect for these R word times.
The latest re-release is Folklore - The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman and is only 3.50, 3 euro fecking 50! Cant go wrong. There is also news that the band the Very Most is set to release four EP throughout 2009 to coincide with the seasons. All amazing projects and really looking forward to this.
Another added bonus, indiecater records are offering a freebie album made up of tracks from all the albums released under the label. Go check out the site :
Cheers Mp3Hugger and keep up the wondrous work!

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