Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Call It A Day I Think

Looks like according to the bands blog that Ryan has said he is to step back from music altogether when the band finish this latest tour of the states. He continues by saying the cardinals have been good to him and that they are to finish. His reasons are for a break and his hearing is gone to the point of serious pain and he wants to concentrate on his writing. Infinity blues is out in April , i have the book since December and it is a great read, he now talks about two more books in the pipe line. I would say one is called bug. At the end of the day why we like Ryan is down to his music, he could write hundreds of books but all we want is music Ryan! On the back of his new book infinity blues it states that Ryan has moved to Paris. I presume he will move there when the tour is over. Become a Parisian recluse and write a series of books and maybe some solo material down the line. As far as I know their is one more Cardinals record to go. Hopefully this isn't the end of Ryan and his music. Some notable quotes : "i am excited to finish this wonderful time i have had with the cardinals and whatever new adventures may come after march. atlanta will be my last venture with the band and i am grateful for the time we have had and maybe someday we will have more stories to tell together"
"maybe i will play again sometime but this is the time for me to step back now, and i wish everyone peace and happiness and if music is your dream, or if just dreaming is your dream, may you find your way through the rough patch with ease and i hope you let go and it takes you all the way there- loving kindness to all. R"
The last date of the tour is March 20th in Atlanta at the Fox Theater.
Now That You're Gone by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals


Ronan said...


Ronan said...


Of course everything i said got taken out of context.

as always,

i did not say i was quitting i said i was taking a step back…

so thanks…..thanks again

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stil finito to the cardinals :)