Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Free Album - Nice One!

Ray Davies is to release his next solo album 'Working Man's Cafe' for Free! Following last weeks free release of radioheads new album, davies new album will be givin out with next weeks English Sunday Times.
Along with the free album at the moment his song from the said album 'Vietnam Cowboys' is available as a free download from www.timesonline.co.uk/raydavies.
To delve further into this legend of a front man please check out one of my favourite albums Face to Face by the Kinks. Cheers Ray!


Bock the Robber said...

Excellent news. I'll buy the Times next Sunday on the strength of that.

It strikes me, however, that there are some albums you couldn't even give away.

Indie Sessions said...

Cant wait now bock, his last solo album isnt bad at all, on not being able to give albums away joe dolan perhaps?