Wednesday, October 24, 2007

They Must Have Known

Was in the pub the other night, Saturday night to be precise , on the tele, on came the young Mr.Dylan from one was his fine performances from the Newport festival. So i said to myself i would rack down said performance on DVD or CD.
So after finally remembering i said that to my self i went on the hunt and low and behold they are in the process of bringing out Dylan's Newport performances on DVD very soon , They must have known!
'The Other Side Of The Mirror - Bob Dylan Live At The Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965' will be due out sometime at the end of the month.
North Country Blues (afternoon workshop)
With God On Our Side (with Joan Baez - afternoon workshop and 7/28 night performance)Talkin' World War III Blues (night performance)
Who Killed Davey Moore? (afternoon workshop)
Only A Pawn In Their Game (night performance)
Blowin' In The Wind (with The Freedom Singers, Joan Baez, and Peter, Paul and Mary )
1964Mr. Tambourine Man (afternoon workshop)
It Ain't Me, Babe (with Joan Baez -night performance)
With God On Our Side (with Joan Baez - night performance)
Chimes Of Freedom (night performance)
If You Gotta Go, Go Now (afternoon workshop)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (afternoon workshop)
Daytime Rehearsal with his electric band
Maggie's Farm (with his electric band - night performance)
Like A Rolling Stone (with his electric band - night performance)
Mr. Tambourine Man (night performance)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (night performance)
In other Bob News his new biopic "I'm not there" Shows the man himself at different stages of his life through 6 different actors (including a black man and a woman): Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Ben Whishaw, and Christian Bale.
The soundtrack is a double disc including disc 1, track 1 with Eddie Vedder & The Million Dollar Bashers covering "All Along The Watchtower."
We Limerick people wont be getting to see it in the cinema I suppose after my annoyance of the Ian Curtis Film Not being shown due to lack of screens but they will show crap like superbad , savage film about a legend in the music world or a guy with a fake ID called McLovin, you know my choice

I Am loving the clip below, japenese subtitles sound check with the band and Maggie's Farm Live from Newport 1965, Check out the interview with the old ladies Classic!

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