Thursday, October 4, 2007

Music Documentary Fever has hit!

Films about major music fiqures seems to be the "In Thing" , Recent success with the Johnny Cash Film, Film about Ray Charles and so on, Im not giving out i think their great , I personally really enjoyed the Cash film and opened my eyes to more albums of the legend such as his prison gigs at San Quentin and Folsom Prison.
Two new Films are in the pipeline which im very excited about firstly a film about the life of Ian Curtis, the Lead singer of Joy Division. The film is called control and is out next friday in a cinema near you. If you know joy divison purely for their hit "Love will tear us apart", I strongly advice you to go and buy their album Unknown Pleasures, Its a superb album that you will be returning to again and again.
The Next Cinema Release is a shock to me as i have only discovered his talent of late, Is a film about the life of Nick Drake. No music collection should be left without this mans albums such as Five leaves Left, Byter Later and Pink Moon. Drake is again like Curtis a Rock legend with a lot of baggage both of which died way before their time, These guys are worth learning about check them out and watch out for the films!

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