Monday, October 8, 2007

Mixed Reviews- They turned up at least!

The Police concert is met with mixed reviewed this morning so ill just recall as I saw it, Firstly paying 110 euro is a bit much for any band but I got my tickets for free (sweet!) so i cant really give out, Was situated on the cusack stand and was looking forward to these guys, support band was very good oddly very like sting himself but wait a minute its his son!, The main act arrive and blast into one of the old time favourites Message in Bottle- Stings voice in perfect quality, Drums sounds superb and electric guitar doing justice, Whats the problem i ask? Why the media back lash?
Crowd too old to enjoy? just a suggestion folks maybe then would have preferred a free blanket and mug of hot coco arriving to croker, Think about it, they arrived they played the classics maybe some were changed and jammed out a bit(if you want perfection Go home an fecking throw on the CD!). Maybe dust off the old tour t-shirts and get your ass down to gigs more often and less complaining. In my opinion i got what i expected and it was damm good, Cheers guys for a good night in Dublin!

Quality not great worth a look - Every little thing she does is magic Live@Croker

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