Friday, October 5, 2007

Hungover at work it doesnt work

Me & Liam O'Brien

Ciaran & Myles Breen

Hello! after several pints of the home team brew im hanging! What a crazy night I said i wasnt going to go personal with this blog but this needs to be said, last night i went out due to one of my mates leaving for work abroad aka Tingland! went to a local boozer in town and then on to a local nightclub well local is a nice word for this place anyways we end up chatting to local celebs (people who were on tele) myles breen and that guy from emmerdale ya the priest, Liam O'Brien . Ok your saying weird but ya it happened, ended up in another local pub or dive til half five in the morning ok enough of the personal stuff lets get back to music talk I like CD's (very fragile today sorry talk to you mondayish)

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