Friday, November 30, 2007

Ryan Adams-National Stadium Dublin 28th Nov

I have finally sat down to see my favourite artist performed after years of waiting, A trip to Dublin that has been dreamed of for so long had taken place last Wednesday night, I arrived sociably late , well had drinks beforehand was greeted by the cardinals in full flight as i found my seat in the dark of a dusty boxing hall in the heart of the city, The Scene was set there they were , everything was in place , nice number of warm up pints, good seats, good company (Thanks Clare & Cousins), A Singer and band who boosts a Discography that any artist would die for.

The Set list was one of the most unusual ones from the current tour as he picked unusual selection throughout his number of albums, 3 from heartbreaker, his first solo album for example, But it was clear tonight the cardinals were a tight unit and their 2007 tour as been a success, each song was magically pulled off to perfection and Ryan's Harmonies with fellow cardinal Neal Casal was on fire, Jon Graboff on pedal steel guitar just puts the finishing touch on this pristine outfit.

As with every gig there are always flaws maybe this is due to the fact that I have been waiting for this night for so long or I have been expected too much from Ryan, I have also listened to hundreds of Live performances from the 2007 tour and my standard was set very high already. The gig Lasted two hours and as we know this man has a serious amount of songs and know one in the audience had all their favourites sang due to the enormity of his back catalogue , maybe the set list could have been better, maybe he should have stopped his constant ramblings about Diet Coke and spiders between songs and maybe he should have just got on with the songs and made the concert seem as though he was taking us on a trip where the songs flowed and inter weaved between each other from a high number to a low soft number but hey as I said my standards were set way to high.

I really enjoyed the night in Dublin , Thanks to the cardinals for turning up and giving us some great memories and perfectly played music. I took some great highlights from the gig witnessing wild flowers, Sun also sets and Two live were superb. Cheers!

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - National Stadium. Dublin 28/11/2007, Two -final encore(recorded from my camera phone)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Worth a listen

When trawling through the net i have stumbled on some great sites offering bootleg material, not just any bootleg crap but some worth while albums slipped throught the ages of music time.
Examples of bootlegs i have recently dusted off the self off blogs such as are Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash's Nashville Sessions of 1969, such a treat for any fan of music. Go in search of bootleg's people, who dont know what you might find!

Check out this bootleg masterpeice , Neil Young - Acoustic Young ( 1976)

On the right under the heading Site, Blogs & More you can find more sites offering rare recordings , Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ryan Adams Visits KCRW - American Radio

Sorry for the no sense in posting put i had to post this amazing video of the legend that is Ryan Adams. As Ive said already he is playing Dublin on the 28th of this month & I'm going to be there ! Bring it on! Check out older posts below video Ryan Adams and the Cardinals performing Come Pick Me Up and Down In A Hole on the KCRW show Morning Becomes Eclectic American Radio- Early Novemeber 07 Check out the rest of the videos from Ryan's Performances on the radio show here Other Posts About Mr.Adams on Indie Limerick

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seneca for the Big Screen

Local Limerick band Seneca have been chosen by a French Film Maker to Star in a new film Documentary about the life of a touring Irish Band. How brilliant! Seneca have been doing the rounds since 2005 and I have known the band for alot longer from different band names to different Band faces, It Seems Seneca now are a tight knit Group and this impeding film will sure to raise there profile even further.
Seneca are known for a hard working Limerick band and you are sure to find them playing in many music venues in the City, They can be found At Dolans on the 22 Dec & 28th of December playing support with bands such as The Frank And Walters and on the latter date support to the Hitchers.
I have had the pleasure of working with the lead singer Rob Hope on Wired Fm and Really like the sound this band are capable of Making, Their Single Smile has had Critical acclaim already reaching 27 in the Irish charts and No.1 in the Irish Download Charts, Also one of the bands songs featured on the Irish Album Ceol 07 . Looking Forward to seeing the Documentary, Keep up the good work Lads!
For a further look into the music world of Seneca Check out their Bebo Page

Here is Seneca Performing Clarity on Balcony Tv

Free Stuff!

NME are once again giving us some free stuff, With the new release of Bloc Party's new single 'Flux', NME contains this week a handy case which will hold a mini CD of mixes of the new single and more, also the new single will fit nicely into this limited edition case. Not only that, but there's a secret fan-only gig offer and an exclusive interview with the boys, only open to UK residents i guess , hows ever go out and enjoy!

Introducing................... High Wired

Highwired a local Limerick band, are launching their debut EP in Dolans this Saturday the 17th of November at 9pm. Tickets €6, with support from Pa O'Brien, Jenny Ronan & Jr, The poster above speaks for itself. Drop down and support this up and coming band, there one of our own lads!
If you would like to see more of this band before this date why not pay there site a visit , where you can sample some tracks and videos or their bebo page .

Here is High Wired Playing "Someday" for Balcony Tv Enjoy

Monday, November 5, 2007

Radio Prague - Get your slice of Madness!

Wondering what do next Saturday Night? Lets Just set the scene , A giant Dancing Robot Insane Music and a guaranteed great laugh!

Let ME introduce you to Radio Prague these loons from Dublin/Meath are gracing Limerick this very Saturday at non other than The Underground @ Baker Place.

Their New Single will be showcased on the night called JC Cruizin on first listen they make you want to just let yourself go and have a crazy time something similar to sounds of Hot Chip, But as we progress through their videos we can see they have a variety of madness to offer, Please feel free to check out their MySpace Page which offers us an insight into the bands Formation and Progression.

On my list of Websites on the left check out The Underground Website to keep up to date with up & coming gigs at this venue.

Get yourself down there Saturday Night - A giant Robot Dancing in underpants, whats not to like!

Radio Prague - JC Cruizin (Check out the band this Sat 10th Nov @The Underground Baker Place, Limerick)