Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Travis - Song to Self Acoustic Video

Still haven't actually been able to buy the physical release of the new album yet but after a good few listens at least 5 are instant singles the other 6 need to be listen to just that bit longer. The video below is an acoustic version of song to self. Enjoy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lisa Hannigan - Jean Monet,UL 24/09/2008 Review

Photo Credit : http://photosandponders.blogspot.com/ Thanks
The venue was nicely packed upon arrival and the little lecture hall in UL was awash with students and a stage filled with every instrument possible. The Jean Monet provided everyone a good seat as it was such a cosy venue. I was last there for a Mundy gig 4 year previous and knew of its quiet relaxing powers. After a uneventful opening act Lisa and her merry band descended on a stage full of fairy lights, A illuminated Globe and a illuminated mushroom. The album cover from her first solo album Sea/Sea adorned the backdrop of the stage and the scene was set for an evening of relaxing music.
The place was filled with a smell of incense as the band started with “My Pirate Disco” a demo song not featured on her album and from there on in they seem to seamlessly go through the set with 100% bliss. The sounds the band made collectively was like they were born to play together and there was a chemistry between them that is hard to find with modern bands. The smiles and looks of approval between them were just great and each and every one of them knew what part to play.
Lisa was visibly just there to enjoy herself and let the music take over and sway her in every way. She was doing what she wanted and singing what she wanted and no one was going to stop her. The last time I saw lisa was 2003 with Damien Rice and she is a very different character today. Far from the shy girl in the corner harmonising, she was out front singing her heart out. I have been listening to the album for quite some time now and it just gives me that hair standing on the back of your neck feeling each time. The album is so familiar, it’s as if you have been listening to it all your life. I would describe it as a female version of Fionn Regan’s “The end of history” from 2006 with a dash of Feist’s quirkiness.
The album was played practical live on front of us with pin point accuracy and a sound you can quite create on an album. The harmonies between the band were immense and the rotation of instruments between them was quite amazing to watch. Trumpets, Bells, a Glockenspiel, a Melodica and a Harmonium were all passed about during the set to make a fantastic sound. It truly was a great night of music and it was refreshing to see a band enjoy playing live so much. The set consisted mainly of Sea/Sew, with two cover version thrown in. “The lady is a Tramp” was played at a nice jazz/folk pace also a beautiful cover Iron & Wines “Free Until They Cut Me Down” was played. Lille was played last to a standing ovation which evoked them to come back out for one last number joined by her tour manager playing the Glockenspiel before disappearing down the halls of UL to another standing ovation. It was a really great night and would urge you to catch her live if you can. She plays The Glor in Ennis on the 2nd of Oct, once again a night not to be missed. Lisa Hannigan - Lille

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Travis Live at Cois Fharraige 7/09/2008 Bootleg

I was meaning to do this for awhile now. I have compiled all the video footage of the gig into mp3 form. Seeing as I could only salvage 8 songs, thats all I could bootleg. Being from youtube the quality isnt great but it is still nice to have them. So we shall call this the "Partial Bootleg" until something better comes along. If anyone has audio recording of the show or even videos not posted to youtube, please let me know. Cheers
To read a full review of the gig including photos and videos check out my review here :
Bootleg Track List :
01 Selfish Jean 02 Writing to Reach You 03 Beautiful Occupation 04 Side 05 Sing 06 Turn 07 Flowers in the Window 08 Why Does It Always Rain On Me Download Bootleg Here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RDBP2F6B

Fix It!

1:30 second clip of Fix It from their next album: Cardinology

You say it best thom.. when you say nothing at all

Ronan Keating has called Thom Yorke "an idiot" because the Radiohead singer ignored him in a hotel.The Boyzone star told the Metro that he is still a big fan of the band's music, but isn't keen on Yorke anymore.Keating said: "Thom Yorke from Radiohead was pretty rude. We were at the same hotel in Dublin and I went over to say hello as I'm a big Radiohead fan, and he just blanked me.
What a surprise!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Night Not To Be Missed

Riding high on the release of her first solo album, Lisa Hannigan is set to play limerick on Wednesday night. In the intimate venue of the jean Monet Lecture hall Lisa is going to provide one hell of a show. Tickets are surprisingly still available from the UL Students Union, 12 euro for students and 19 euro for the Average Joe. 70 tickets left to be exact
If you unfamiliar with Lisa you may remember her from being the second half of "O" & "9" the Damien Rice collection. She has also worked on many side projects including "The Cake Sale" collaborating with Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody on "Some Surprise". Her new album Sea/Sew is worth a purchase and if you listen to only one album this month let this be it.
If you cant make it this time she is playing Glor in Ennis Oct 02. Try and get to see her before her American tour and before she comes back to playing just Dublin and a heftier price to pay to get in.
Full review will of coarse be available here.

Check her out for yourself here : http://www.lisahannigan.ie/

The Zutons Live at Cois Fharraige 5/09/2008 Review

All Images by Indielimerick
After an unreal live set from the futureheads a giant Z was erected on stage. The Z was fully adorned by flashy lights and sparkly stuff and was the foreground for a huge desert back drop. The Zutons set was already the most impressive of the day however there were going to pull off a huge performance to even dent the stellar performance by the futureheads. The lads and girl arrived out to a jolly crowd and began what seemed a professional onslaught of hits and newbie’s. The band sure is used to festivals and nothing fazed them. They blasted through their set with pin point accuracy. The energy and excitement was clearly visible with all the cast of this merry Liverpool band. Abi provided some eye candy while the rest provided and image of a band on the road quite a lot. The singer was clearly festival weathered , which could be noted in his voice but did not take away from his great performance, Zuton fever was echoed around the tent to start and the sax was fired up for a huge show. Abi was also accompanied by another Sax played behind her. This guy was wielding what looked like an oversize novelty sax, however the sound they were producing was far from a novelty. Valerie seemed the greatest response of the night and was commented on by the band afterwards as their biggest song. Why play it half way through then, well it was there funeral. 4 songs later and a tired audience had to wait for another familiar sound of pressure point. By this time the crowd were weary from the day’s rain by they finished the set with 3 favourites and a crowd happy with a great day of music. I was unable to get the set list that night but the next day leaning against the railing I spotted an A4 sheet with the name Zutons peaking out. An ask of the security dude later the set list was mine. Cheers security dude! I personally think “The Futureheads” stole the show but hey that’s just me. The Zutons are so worth catching at some point if you can and they are never short of playing a gig near you. The Zutons will play Vicar Street on December 14th. Tickets are €29, and go on sale next Thursday, September 25th. Sorry for the lateness of the review but a lot on at the moment hopefully will put all the Cois Fharraige reviews up soon, cheers Set List : Zuton Fever Don’t Ever Think Always Right Behind You What’s Your Problem Hello Conscience Bumbag Confusion Remember Me Valerie (Video Below) Harder & Harder Give me a reason Those Little things Railroad Pressure Point Why Wont You Give Me Your Love You will you wont The Zutons - Valerie Live At Cois Fharraige 05/09/2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pigs Might Fly

I got this book over the weekend and haven't been able to put it down yet, well just for a small while but Mark Blake's story of Pink Floyd is a fantastic read. There are a few bio's of the band out there including the drummer Mason's Inside out but this one sure is detailed and gives a great inside into one of the most interesting bands in rock history. It does lack the discography which I feel is essential in any band bio.
Talking about Band Books, it seems to be the only things I read lately. The last I read was Neil Young's "Shakey" and it took quite some time to read. A lot happened in his life and after reading it, it feels like you went through it all too but its a very in-dept analysis of the man and a must read.
Any suggestions from the readers? What have you read in terms of band books, good or bad?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cardinology Is Imminent

The new Ryan Adams album is ready to launch. The 27th of October sees another chapter in this crazy hard working mans life turn over. Cardinology is going to be the tight knit band of Ryan Adams, Neal Casal, Brad Pemberton, Jon Graboff and Chris Feinstein. This album will tie nicely with the 8th of November gig in Dublin. Keep and eye here for more news. The Track listing : 1. Born Into A Light 2. Go Easy 3. Fix It 4. Magick 5. Cobwebs 6. Let Us Down Easy 7. Crossed Out Name 8. Natural Ghost 9. Sink Ships 10. Evergreen 11. Like Yesterday 12. Stop Preceding the album will be the first single, ‘Fix It’, which will be released digitally on September 23. Check it out live here:

The Cure - 1978-1985 - Peel Sessions Bootleg

I do like to get my hands on Peel Sessions, Fantastic Quality and energy is always present. I have previously posted The Smiths Peel Sessions here if you missed it : http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2008/01/smiths-live.html Here is the mighty Cure with theirs, Download here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2WF5CF1F Peel Session (11/12/1978): 01. Killing an Arab 02. 10.15 Saturday Night 03. Fire in Cairo 04. Boys Don't Cry Peel Session (16/051979): 01. Desesperate Journalist 02. Grinding Halt 03. Subway Song 04. Plastic Passion 05. Accuracy Peel Session (10/03/1980): 01. A Forest 02. 17 Seconds 03. Play for Today 04. M Peel Session (15/01/1981): 01. Holy Hour 02. Forever 03. Primary 04. All Cats are Grey Peel Session (04/01/1982): 01. Siamese Twins 02. A Hundred Years 03. Figurehead Peel Session (07/08/1985): 01. The Exploding Boy 02. 6 Different Ways 03. Screw 04. Sinking

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Travis Reveal Another New Video

Really Cant wait for this album, Out 29th of Sep and Song to self (Above) is amazing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unsigned Music Snippets # 6 - I Am Three

Name : I Am Three Hails From : Manchester, England Music Sound : Acoustic everything or as they say “Imagine Howlin’ Wolf trying to duet with Dr. Dre over a Sea Shanty version of a song by The Jam….” About : Got an e-mail about these guys. Its worth checking their myspace out. Acoustic throughout these two guys are armed with a double bass and a guitar and play to their hearts content. Go listen and enjoy. GO CHECK HIM OUT HERE : http://www.myspace.com/jesuistrois I Am Three - I Try

Longlisted for Irish Web Awards

Hey Hey, My shameful plug must have worked (http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2008/08/shameless-plug.html).

Thanks for nominating me , its a great feeling to be nominated and be among this longlist of amazing music sites.

Go check them all out right here http://awards.ie/webawards/

Thanks Again!

Now to wait for shortlist , fingers and toes crossed :)

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Another One Week Only!

Sorry so late with this its one day only really, on pitchfork.tv they are showing a fantastic film about the band beirut as they perform all the songs from their amazing album The Flying Club Cup from last year. Watch it here http://pitchfork.tv/?p=one-week-only Go get the album for a nice weekend of music. Will review cois fharraige better next week when i get a chance, Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Travis Live at Cois Fharraige 7/09/2008 Review

I was recently writing up my best concerts ever and Sunday night's gig just ran up the charts into the top ten. This gig is very hard to review as I couldn't’t possible bring you to that intense atmosphere in the tent. I arrived early and parked up at the barriers in front , I was never going to miss one of my all time favourite bands playing right on my doorstep. For many years now I have wanted to see Travis live and never got the opportunity until now. I had built up this night for months and the sole reason for being in Kilkee was Fran and the lads. They arrived out to a huge response from the crowd and ripped into selfish jean from the last album “The Boy with No Name”. I was in awe for the whole gig and had to pitch myself to feel like I was actual there, I described the weekend already as magical and it was all down to these guys. Every song was flawless. All these songs I grew up to and wore out on every format from tape, mini-disk to CD were being blasted out right in front of me. The band themselves were visible excited by the energy of the crowd. We were standing right in front of Andy and he was like a little child he was so excited during songs. Many jumps and leaps later he started to scale the tent as you can see from the pictures below. The crowd went mental from there on in. Not alone did the crowd go mental so did the security they were dancing and clapping like mad and I have never meet such nice security dudes. Would like to thanks one of them personal for getting me the set list, which is currently being framed along with the ticket stub. The set list was amazing and played all the classics I personally would have love if they played just "The Invisible Band" but that's just plain greedy and with a back catalogue like theirs you cant please them all. The tracks from the new album "Ode to J.Smith" are just getting better every time I hear them and just float into the set list like they were always there. As I have already said, this is in my top ten gigs and if you take a look at the archive section of Travis official site Fran says this:
“Here are my top 10 shows of all time in no order. 1 Mexico City Sports Palace 1st time 2 Taipei Summer 2008 3 New York Irving Plaza 99 where that dude pulled a knife on me!! 4 Headlining Glastonbury 5 T in the Park 99 in the tent 6 Cois Fharraige Festival 2008 Last night. Off the scale. The loudest crowd we ever played for. 7 The Cavern Club Liverpool 2004 8 Detroit Clutch Cargos 2007 9 Headlining Roskilde 10 ummm...yet to play”
Can be viewed here: http://www.travisonline.com/tourarchive/2008/09/07/?s=756 That cements it as one of the best gigs of my life. At one point Fran introduced their Swedish keyboard player clause and asked the crowd to chant his name during the keyboard solo. The noise was deafening! Fran also conducted the world’s largest pogoing at a gig ever. The crowd pogoed throughout WDIAROM and the noise once again was unreal. The noise was even commented by the band as the loudest crowd ever and they couldn't’t even hear themselves think. How does a band surpass that live gig, I could die happy now. I will post three videos as soon as youtube speeds up and probably change the text around (Not great today due to my hungover state and lack of sleep) thanks for reading and thank you Travis xx Oh and come back to Ireland very soon!
Set List:
01 Selfish Jean (Video Below)
02 Eyes Wide Open
03 Writing to Reach You (Video Below)
04 Pipe Dreams
05 Beautiful Occupation (Video Below)
06 Side (Video Below)
07 Love Will Come
08 Closer
09 J Smith *
10 Somthing Anything *
11 Long Way Down *
12 Song to Self *
13 Sing (Video Below)
14 Driftwood
15 Good Feeling
16 All I Want To Do Is Rock
17 Turn (Partial Video Below)
Encore :
18 Flowers in the Window (Acoustic Bliss) (Video Below)
19 Slideshow
20 Blue Flashing Light?
21 Why Does It Always Rain On Me
*New Tracks from "Ode to J.Smith" out on the 29th of September more pictures on my flicker page here http://www.flickr.com/photos/30350025@N07/ Travis- Selfish Jean Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis- Writing To Reach You Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis- Beautiful Occupation Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis- Side Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis - Sing Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis - Turn Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 (Cut off due to memory full sorry) Full Video of Turn Here just bad quality http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=K6sJM7c2pwc Travis - Flowers in The Window Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008

Cois Fharraige 2008 In Pictures

Cois Fharraige 2008 Weekend Review

What can I say only Magic! The festival was run perfect in every aspect, The food/ Music/People/Organisers/Sponsors/Security/Drink/Kilkee Natives and the weather even behaved, check the blue sky above.
The buzz that surrounded the seaside was amazing and it rubbed off on everyone there including the bands. I have never seen bands such as Travis in awe of a crowds reaction and buzz.
In this weekend overview i will try and share some of the magic and some highlights that went on down there. I will give individual reviews of the main acts later in the day/week depending on if I fall asleep (I am shattered!)
I have plenty of pictures and videos to share so hold on in there please.
The pubs and streets were lined with people throughout the weekend and on Saturday they closed the main street it was so busy with people. It seems every pub had a live band of some sort and the festival atmosphere was unreal with many festival goers just staying in town all night it was so great.
However two minutes walk from the main street the big blue tent awaited us. I believe it is the same tent used for The Marque in Cork and for the festival in Galway. Once in the tent grounds the crowds were offered malibu on tap and coors , burgers chips and so on. I must say thanks to the really nice sony promoters who were giving out prizes throughout the weekend. I bagged myself a new sony w350i phone and two t-shirts , cheers!
The first band to grace the stage to a very small audience was The Kanyu Tree. Its was very unfortunate that the crowd wasn't bigger as they missed a real treat of the weekend. With a sound and voice akin to phil collins the band really enjoyed themselves and started a fantastic weekend of music.
The crowd was spilling into the tent nearing the end of there set and on came The Coronas. If you haven't heard this crowd on radio yet you must go check your ears and with that radio fame came the crowd and they gave us one hell of a show. It was great to see homegrown talent like these guys and they played what seem to be a set of constant crowd pleasers.
The gap between band provided everyone with a great chance to sample free malibu. A stamp was givin to you if you got a free glass but the rain for once this year helped me out :) as the stamp washed off just in time between bands.
With a nice helping of booze on came my highlight of the Friday night The Futureheads. They were simply amazing. Every note they played was class and they played an unreal set of classics and newbies. They definitely blew everyone out of the water and amazed the crowd.
A very impressive stage rig was put up for the headliners as a huge flashing Z was adoring the stage as The Zutons appeared. They were clearly on form and flew threw a set with complete festival professionalism. I will give a full review of them later in the week.
The buzz in town will be hard to beat on Saturday night as we sat out on the main street watching cover bands and actually getting sun burnt!
Some of the Munster team were present if you looked out carefully , as you could spot Thomas O Leary and obviously pick out Paul O Connell in the crowd.
The day was so nice people just stayed in town all day enjoying the buzz and the tent was empty almost when I arrived for the first act of the day, 28 Costumes. It wasn't the first time for this Liverpudlian band as they played the inaugural festival last year. They played a nice set with some really good riffs that are all available on their myspace. They thanked the GAA team for a lend of the pitch and interacted with the crowd throughout.
The Broken Family Band arrived out and ran through the set quickly I have to mention I missed a lot due to a refill , sorry guys but it had to be done. They have a serious back catalogue and they are worth checking out.
Kila arrived out later with an impressive lighting rig behind them and they amazed me throughout. I honestly wasn't expecting much from the band But I was in awe of there talent. The sound that they made that night was unreal. Irish with a splash of Reggie was just what the doctor ordered and they were a really great surprise of the weekend. They are playing dolans in late October and I sure will be attending again.
Seasick Steve arrived out to a packed out tent and played an unreal set which included highlights such as bringing a girl up on stage to sing here a song and his storys between songs were amazing, If you didnt like the guy that night there was something wrong with you.
Supergrass entered the tent minus there cool light show from Paris which I was a little disappointed about but the sound and set ripped the Paris gig to shreds, they completed rocked the place earning them the best of the festival so far. I will also write a full review of these guys soon.
A lot of the crowd were gone home with work looming the next day but Kilkee was still packed as ever. Got myself some recovery lunch and a perfect spot to watch Waterford destroy the cats. This wasn't to be the case as Kilkenny recorded the biggest winning margin in all-Ireland hurling history. It was still impressive to watch them at work and no team in the world would have beaten them on the day. It was nice to say that limerick put up a bigger fight last year. Right back to the subject at hand, first up on the Sunday, Joe Brown.
A disappointing number of people showed up and it was visible by Joe he wasn't too happy but he soldiered on through a small set and he sounded great. He left early leaving a big gap for Ocean Colour Scene to take his place. Simon and Oscar arrived out to again a disappointing amount of festival goers. He laughed that wearing his ran bans doubled the crowd. These guys would usually have a sell out crowd and it made the gig really intimate with the two lads conversing with the crowd. The played all the classics and as the set went on the crowd grew in size. By the end of the set the place was full and the singalongs were getting louder!
Natty arrived out to a very lively crowd and he was just amazing! I had seen they guy on Jools Holland some months back and his stage presence and music was enthralling. The Bob Marleyesc singing mixed with Ska Rock got the crowd dancing throughout and put on a unreal show , I will be purchasing his album as soon as possible.
Starsailor arrived out and were so pleased to just be there as they were drafted in due to the coral canceling. With a really good attitude the lads sailed through a set of old numbers that everyone instantly remembered. They played some new stuff and looks like they are still going strong in the music department even if the selling isn't going too well.
They made way for the most anticipated few hours of the weekend on my part. One of my favourite bands was about to play one of the best gigs I was ever at. Travis played to a crowd of people that even made Travis look small. The atmosphere in the tent was beyond words and the band were blown away by the noise of us. A big review of Travis will be posted shortly.
The weekend was amazing and i will hope they go for a third effort at this festival and from everyone point of view it was a real success, well done to all involved.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The White Album Recovered Part Deux

Side two is out now, Check out why its great here : http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2008/08/white-album-recovered.html
Plus the Mag has track by track analysis of side two to the original album, a fantastic read once again cheers Mojo.
No. 0000002 Tracklisting

23 Videos 23 Days

Enjoying this at http://www.kingsofleon.com/ The lads are promoting the new album by making 23 home videos in 23 days, which will lead up to the release date of their new album only by the night. Enjoy

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Albums Listening to in September 08

Noel Gallagher Top Ten Bands

Noel's great blog that can be found here http://www.oasisinet.com/Index.aspx, has revealed his top ten bands of all time. So that gets me thinking i should do the same.........
His list reads like so :
1: The Beatles 2: The Rolling Stones 3: The Who 4: Sex Pistols 5: The Kinks 6: The La's 7: Pink Floyd 8: The Bee Gees 9: The Specials 10: (Peter Green's) Fleetwood Mac
So indielimerick's is as follows :
1: The Who
2: The Beatles
3: Radiohead
4: Oasis
5: The Doors
6: The Smiths
7: The Cure
8: Coldplay
9: Pink Floyd
10: U2
I know coldplay being included is going to stir some, But its my list so I dont care. Unsusal that both lists dont list led zep or Queen................
Comment with your list and just comment on ours :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Travis - Pentaport Rock Festival,Incheon City,KOREA 2008.07.26 Bootleg

Was looking around to find you guys a bootleg of a recent Travis concert. Don't say i don't treat you guys. This one is a few weeks back at the Pentaport Rock Festival,Incheon City in Korea. As you can see they are still belting out the classic while some newbies are being introduced seamlessly into the set, Enjoy! Download Here : http://rapidshare.com/files/134524386/Travis_-_2008.07.26.rar.html Set List 01 Hello + Chinese Blue* 02 Pipe Dreams 03 Writing To Reach You 04 Selfish Jean 05 Eyes Wide Open 06 Beautiful Occupation 07 Side 08 Comment 09 Love Will Come Through 10 Closer 11 Sing 12 J.Smith* 13 Something Anything* 14 Longway Down* 15 Song To Self* 16 Re-Offender 17 Driftwood 18 All I Want To Do Is Rock 19 Turn 20 Flowers In The Window 21 Slide Show 22 Blue Flashing Light 23 Comment 24 Why Does It Always Rain On Me * 5 Newbies

Travis - Chinese Blues (live Moscow B1 club 16.07.08)

One of the new songs that will appear on the new album. Looks like they are playing at least four or five new ones according to the set lists.

Cois Fharraige MORE News

The Line up is changing like the fecking wind! As it stands the coral are out and as i said yesterday Starsailor are in. Brandi Carlile is replaced by Natty and they moved Ocean Colour Scene to Sunday and drafted in Kila for Saturday. At least they got people at short notice, As it stands of a Tuesday who knows tomorrow is a different day : Friday 5th (6pm) The Zutons The Futureheads The Coronas The Kanyu Tree Saturday 6th (5pm) Supergrass Seasick Steve Kila The Broken Family Band 28 Costumes Sunday 7th (5pm) Travis Starsailor Natty OCS's Simon & Oscar Joe Brown Band Natty - Bedroom Eyes Intro to Kila For a savage backstage look at a recent travis concert check out http://www.virginradio.co.uk/player/5845/exclusive_backstage_session_at_v2008.html

Monday, September 1, 2008

Coldplay To Release EP Later This Year, Then Album In 2009

In two new Coldplay interviews earlier in the week, the first one on BBC Radio 2 with Dermot O'Leary and the second with Steve Lamacq on BBC6 Music. During the second one Chris Martin confirmed details of future Coldplay releases. An EP entitled 'Prospekt's March' will be released on 26th December 2008 and then they will wrap up the decade with a full length release in December 2009. Both releases have no further details as yet. The possible set list for the new EP: Famous Old Painters Glass Of Water Poppy Fields Prospekt's March Rainy Day Leftrighleftright The Goldrush The Dubliners Lukas Postcards From Far Away Lunha Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground It would be out just in time for the gig in the 02, Its all go! A special gig they did last week at the BBC can be listened to here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00d6nh3

Cois Fharraige News

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE The coral are being replaced by Starsailor...........
Looks like The Coral and Brandi Carlile are not playing the Sunday night. Who will pull out next Cathy Davey? oh wait that happened already! Wonder who they will draft in for the Sunday ?????????? Keep up to date with festival news right here up until Friday and don't forget to check back for a big review of the whole weekend warts and all!