Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wingnut Records Come to Limerick

The Irish Independent record shop Wingnut Records have been stocking records in two locations thus far in Galway and Waterford. They have decided to branch out yet again and now have a set up within the Moviedrome rental shop on the top of Henry Street.

I Managed to pop down to the shop today, Within the vast impressive array of DVDs is a CD shelf jam packed with Records, Cd's and Tapes. They have an impressive stock of Irish artists including some local favourites such as Windings, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters, Hidden Highways, We Come in Pieces and so on.

The 200 plus collection is mainly Irish independent labels such as the 'Richter Collective' , 'Lazybird' , 'Local Legends' and local label 'Out on a Limb'. This is another great addition to the music scene in Limerick, Moviedrome stays open until 10 so no excuse not to call in for a dvd rental and some great music.
The New Reindeer Age is now also stocked at Wingnut Records in Moviedrome, so call in if you havent got a copy.

Keep an eye on the record shop on facebook here.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Riptide Movement live at Dolans, Limerick 25/05/12

After one of the hottest days in years what better way to end the night but rocking out in Dolans to The Riptide Movement. First up on the night were the brilliant local outfit Dead Red Light, The lads are in the process of bringing out an ep soon. They played a nice high energy set, Keep an eye on them here

Next up were the four lads from Dublin know as The Riptide Movement, Been looking forward to this gig as I have been playing their recently released album 'Keep on, Keepin' on' a lot of late.

The album is void of filler and is just not stop foot stomping stuff, This continued onto the stage tonight with a superb high energy performance. They kicked off the night with 'What About the Tip Jars?' the title track from their 2009 album release. The drummer was great to watch if we wasn't hitting the drum, he was hitting his head, full of energy! Definite touches of Keith Moon's madness.You know your in for a good night when the bassist is taping up his finger tips, the band were excellent throughout. 

Don't think ill be able to hear rattling bog sang in a pub without thinking of the lads awesome version with full on rock interludes, Delighted to catch them live and their sound transfers to the live stage as good as the album if not better. They ended the night with 'Eye of the Storm', both bassist and lead guitar pounding away at separate drums then some glitter confetti blasted out from the side of the stage covering the front of the upstairs venue, Some ending! The band are currently on tour , I urge you to go and catch them live if you can. If not, go out and get yourself the new album, its a cracker! Check them out here
Cheers for a great night. Enjoy the videos below.

Set List:
Tip Jars
Alive Inside
Warming up the Band
Cocaine Cowboys
Rattling Bog
Hard to Explain
Without You
Roll on Train
Shake Shake
Keep On, Keeping On
Hot Tramp
Eye of the Storm

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cobblestone Rocks Tonight

The Cobblestone rocks series of gigs is proving very popular, Tonight is the 7th edition of the Wednesday night gigs with two local stalwarts of the limerick music scene taking to the stage.
The brilliant Brendan Markham's new band 'Parliment Square' supports the ever gigging excellence that is Niall Quinn aka Theme Tune Boy. The point of the night is to champion local original music and so far it has be working out, try head down to one of the gigs and expect a great night in Cobblestone Joes! All gigs are Free in.

The Line up for the following weeks :
30/05/12 - The Hip Neck Blues Collective + If Memory Serves
06/06/12 - Damo & The Makings
13/06/12 - Superblondes

If you would like to get a headline or support slot, send us an email, Cheers

Franz Ferdinand live at Dolans Limerick 19/05/12 Review

It was three years ago Franz were last in town , that gig saw a sold out venue greeted by stage dives, Stage invasions and an awesome night of music. The warehouse tonight was once again sold out and we were hoping for a repeat. (Review of 3 Years Ago)

Support act The Chevin warmed up the crowd, I wasn't expected to be so wowed by a support act than I was tonight. The band were flawless, they played excellent catchy indie tracks similarly to Radiohead/Killers/Keane/suede type sound. Managed to pick up their excellent six track EP 'Champion' on the night. Looking forward to seeing them live again, expect to hear a lot more from the Leeds troupe the Chevin.

After a very long wait for the main act they finally arrived on stage,The Scottish lads had just released their album "Tonight" the last time they were in town and this time around are on the cusp of releasing a full record. We were privileged enough to get a sample of five unheard numbers. They also managed to slip in a cover of 'I Feel Love' in a tribute to Donna Summer who had sadly passed away last week.
A ten year career has been littered with brilliant dance along classic tracks and the set tonight was excellently balanced between the old and the new. Ending the night on the same last song as three years ago the brilliant "This Fire". The band seem to be really enjoying being back on stage and are clearly looking forward to a full gig packed summer ahead. The crowd were great tonight, dancing, clapping and hollering. Great fun all around. Well done to dolans for another superb night and cheers to Franz Ferdinand from coming to play Limerick once again, Be sure to come back!

Cheating on You
Do You Want To
Tell Her Tonight
Right Thoughts (YouTube Link)
No You Girls
The Dark of the Matinée
Brief Encounters (YouTube Link)
Fresh Strawberries (YouTube Link)
WTICSFIFL? Midnight!
Take Me Out
Trees & Animals (YouTube Link)
This Fire

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Music Snippets #34 - The Riptide Movement

Hail From :
Band Members :
Mal Tuohy- Lead Vocals, Guitar.
Ger McGarry- Bass, Harmonica, Vocals.
J.P.R Dalton- Lead Guitar, Vocals.
Gar Byrne - Drums, Vocals.

The Riptide Movement have just released their second full release aptly named "Keep On, Keepin' On' , The 12 track record just jumps out of the speakers from the get go with the hard paced harmonica drowned opener "Warming up the band". The album sounds like it was brilliant fun to record, The music is full on foot stomping in your face rock and roll, it just oozes energy. The album is currently rising up the Irish charts and its clear why . It's Hard to imagine this sound is being generated by four Irish lads and not some deep south American outfit. If you were to bring comparisons into the mix you would have to mention names like The Doors with hints of Kasabian/Jet/Hot Sprockets/Kings of Leon and so on.The album is one I will definitely being coming back to again and again if not just to get me out of bed in the morning, A great Irish release for 2012.
I for one can't wait to see this played out live, The lads are in town Friday week (25th of May) in dolans. If the album is anything to go by they will blow the roof off the upstairs venue. Get yourself down there!
Check them out here :

Friday, May 11, 2012

Albums Worth Listening to in May 2012

Jack White - Blunderbuss
Feeder – Generation Freakshow
The Hip-Neck Blues Collective EP (
Get Here)
Norah Jones - Broken Little Hearts
Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band - One of My Kind
Suggestions welcome as always!