Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cois Fharraige Line up Revealed

Friday 5th @ 6pm
The Zutons
The Futureheads
The Coronas
Kanyu Tree

Saturday 6th @ 5pm
Simon & Oscar
The Broken Family Band
28 Costumes

Sunday 7th @ 5pm
The Coral
Brandi Carlile
Joe Brown

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Acts Added to Cois Fharraige 2008

THE CORAL BRANDI CARLILE SIMON & OSCAR (From Ocean Colour Scene) THE BROKEN FAMILY BAND For more on the festival check out my review here :

Supergrass Live Elysée Montmartre, Paris 12/06/08 Bootleg

Getting bootleg as you know is a favourite past time of mine, getting bootlegs of gigs i was actually at just makes it all the sweeter!
Found this today after weeks of trawling the net. My review of the gig can be found here :

The artwork I did myself , The pictures of the gig I took myself also, hope you enjoy

Download here
Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Set List :
Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Bad Blood
She’s So Loose
Late In The Day
Rebel In You
Ghost Of A Friend
Brecon Beacons
St Petersburg (Video Below)
Richard III
Sun Hits The Sky
Pumping On Your Stereo

Encore :
Next To You
Caught By The Fuzz

Monday, July 28, 2008

Download new Kings Of Leon song for free today (July 28)

'Crawl' is the first song to be taken from the band's fourth album 'Only By The Night' (out September 22), and it was the opening track in Kings Of Leon's set at this year's Glastonbury Festival. 'Crawl' will only be available as a free download for a limited time.The song will be available to download exclusively from NME.COM between 3-5pm (BST) today, so make sure you're back to get the song for free.

Radiohead B-Sides

A treat after a great weekend is in order. Thankfully the sun did his job right over the weekend so here is another treat in store. I found this beauty online and it contains two great CD's packed full of raduohead B-sides from 1992-2003. Enjoy!

Download here :
Part 1 :
Part 2 :


CD 01 (1992-1996)

01. Stupid Car
02. Inside My Head
03. Million Dollar Question
04. Faithless, The Wonder Boy
05. Coke Babies
06. Pop Is Dead
07. Yes I Am
08. The Trickster
09. Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
10. Lozenge Of Love
11. Lewis (Mistreated)
12. Permanent Daylight
13. You Never Wash Up After Yourself
14. Maquiladora
15. Killer Cars
16. India Rubber
17. How Can You Be Sure?
18. Talk Show Host
19. Banana Co.
20. Molasses
21. Bishop's Robes

CD 02 (1997-2003)

01. Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
02. Pearly*
03. A Reminder
04. Melatonin
05. Meeting In The Aisle
06. Lull
07. Palo Alto
08. How I Made My Millions
09. The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy
10. Trans-Atlantic Drawl
11. Kinetic
12. Fast-Track
13. Cuttooth
15. Worrywort
16. Fog
17. Paperbag Writer
18. Where Bluebirds Fly
19. I Am Citizen Insane
20. Gagging Order
21. I Am A Wicked Child

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unsigned Music Snippets - Ancient Free Gardeners

Name : Ancient Free Gardeners

Hails From : Melbourne, Australia

Music Sound : Indie / Rock Surf Pop

About :

Their free single is the best way to sample these guys and from there on in your sold. Enjoy and keep an eye out for the name at least you wont forget it.


Indie Week Ireland

What better way to start the weekend off with a bang! Than a free gig in dolans tommorow night.

This is the first of its kind to grace the city and is part of the Canadian indie week. Every year a week of music takes place in Toronto and a band are picked as top of the pile. Last year saw Limerick band Vesta Varro rise to the top and they shall play tomorrow night as part of the festivities.
Several other bands will be taking to the stage also including some locals in the form of Walter Mitty & the Realists (A Must see, these guys know how to have a laugh and make a great sound).
Vista Varro have been making waves ever since winning this festival of Indie Week and in the U.S the band is gaining recognition and airplay as songs from their 2007 release, EXIT HERE, have been making it onto the television airwaves. The winner of the back up bands will get to play in Toronto during the year, It will be a great night of music and I am sure every band will be on top of their game trying to impress the judges. So don’t miss a great night of free entertainment in our own backyard, go support our limerick band.

Doors: 8pm
08:50 - 09:10 Walter Mitty & The Realists
09:25 - 09:45 Maslow
10:00 - 10:20 Brendan Markham & Band
10:35 - 10:55 FRED
11:10 - 11:50 VESTA VARRO

Ill let Dolans tell the rest:

“This summer Vesta Varro brings a piece of Canada home as they will be hosting the first ever international showcases for INDIE WEEK outside of Canada. Since winning the title last year, other Irish acts have been looking to make their way into INDIE WEEK 2008. Acts will be performing for an acceptance spot into INDIE WEEK. Indie Week founder and organiser, Darryl Hurs, will be making the trip over to take part in evaluating the acts. “This is a great way to see what the music scene is like in Ireland, it has been fantastic working with such a professional act like Vesta Varro and who knows maybe there will be another gem”, says Darryl.

This is the first venture on foreign soil for INDIE WEEK events with possibly more to come – "if all goes well we may just look at having events in different territories throughout the year, it’s a great way for bands to network and gain exposure in places they normally wouldn’t have the chance to. If I was still in a band I would have killed for an opportunity like this.” – Darryl Hurs (INDIE WEEK)

ABOUT INDIE WEEK: INDIE WEEK was started without the intent of it growing into a ‘festival’’ but demand has pushed it forward and is now a week long yearly event with 2008 being the fifth year. INDIE WEEK originally started when founder Darryl Hurs decided to host an event where indie acts would have the opportunity to perform their music and get rewarded by having a prize for the top voted act. Indie Week strives on having all of the components that an indie act would look for: industry networking, promotion, relationship building and education / experience. “

Visit The Sites

Vesta Varro:

Walter Mitty & the Realists :

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ticketmaster Screwed Me Over!

As predicted Ticketmaster screwed me over! Not as bad this time but just look for yourself. Let me set the scene
Coldplay tickets on general sale this Friday at 9.00 am OK? The new 02 (The Point Depot) offers 02 customers the chance to buy tickets two whole days before this general sale. So I hunt down an 02 customer friend of mine and get him to register, then get him to get a password and then get him to log on at 9.00 this morning all so I can get my hands on these tickets. These tickets I am referring to is the first batch to be available in the country i.e. crazy close to the stage right? Wrong!
At nine on the dot my friend gets online and through their site and tries firstly to buy the 59odd euro tickets, their sold out! how the fuck are they sold out, its fucking 9.00 am? So the alternative he tries the 54 euro ones and it goes to the next screen. Block M row 704 and so on and another click will make my day. So I get the seating plan to check out my crazily close seats due to the first feckers online at 9.00am and the two solid days before normal feckers can even sniff them.
Seating plan as follows WTF!

Now don’t get me wrong at least I got tickets. At 9.24am all priority tickets were sold out. I have to question the word priority. Form

“1. the state or quality of being earlier in time, occurrence, etc.
2. the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc.; precedence.
3. the right to take precedence in obtaining certain supplies, services, facilities, etc., esp. during a shortage.
4. something given special attention.
–adjective 5. highest or higher in importance, rank, privilege, etc.: a priority task. “

Now Ticketmaster did you see that the fucking right to precede others in order and privilege !therefore not fucking nosebleed seats up the shitty back I deserve up the front tickets!
Now if all 13,00 tickets were sold this morning at 9.25am ill say fine but id say that isn’t the case!
The priority tickets system needs a new name how about “Buy Early Sit in the Shit Seats”
Special Priority My Hole!

Sorry for the rant and I haven’t even mentioned the pricks add on charges and crazy prices they seem to get away with. Daylight robbery!

After finally finding a way to contact this crowd their response is to check the T&C of the priorty

Note point no.8 : O2's priority ticket offer does not guarantee access to the best seats. O2 is allocated a broad range of seats for each event and when booking tickets customers will have the option to choose where to sit from the range of seats available as part of the priority ticket offer.

At the end of the day I was under the illusion that priorty was a good thing. At least you learn something new every day and I shall now wait to watch coldplay from my priority oval at the back of the 02 in december,
cheers ticketmaster you guys Rock!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coldplay Will Play in the South

Live at the new 02 Dec 21st, If ticketmaster screw me over for tickets its curtains for them this time!


"Good afternoon. We're pleased to report that Coldplay have confirmed a date at The O2 in Dublin on Sunday 21st December 2008. Tickets for this fully-seated concert go on sale this Friday (July 25th) at 9am, from the following folks:

In person: from 100 Ticketmaster outlets nationwide
24hr hotlines: Tel: ( ROI ) 0818 719 300 ( NI ) 0870 243 4455
Buy online:

This is the first gig to be announced at the newly-developed O2 venue, which used to be called The Point, but isn't any more."

Neil Young - Malahide Castle,Dublin 29/06/08 Bootleg

I have this bootleg awhile now and was just waiting for someone to upload it to an easy download page however no joy. I found this bootleg on a site that needs registration/few hours of downloading/converting files from annoying flac to mp3 and so on and so forth. Anyways to cut a long story short i eventually uploaded it all to Megaupload.
Download Here :

Monday, July 21, 2008

Music is Dead?

Don’t go mad just yet. Music isn’t dead, but my relationship with music is at a troubling time.
It’s hard to explain this in text format but do you remember when you got your first CD/Tape/Record or maybe that CD/Tape/Record that sparked something within you? Everyone's first record isn’t always the most glamorous item. Mine was a prodigy tape but that’s beside the point. Its that first purchase of a record that excites you and the magic with the 300th listen, the reading of the sleeve notes, the discovery of the artwork and the understanding of the lyrics. This experience has been lost for me and makes me pose the above statement. That inexplicable ‘magic’ that comes with enjoying a new album in its entire and artistically complete form seems to be gone and in a sense, Music as I once knew it is dead. Bear with me as I try to explain…

Don’t get me wrong, my life is all about listening to music and the spark and magic of music is not altogether gone but the music environment has permanently changed. To an extent, this is the fault of the iPod. I bought my first iPod four years ago. It was the first of its kind and was a natural progression from the Mini-Disk. This thing was unreal, "you can store every CD you own on this small white yoke? Fuck me, this is great!"
With a sense of naïve excitement, I had no indication that I would feel so differently just four years later The bond between an album and its owner in my eyes is now gone. The time when one CD would reside in your CD player for weeks or months at a time, replaying until you had absorbed its lyrics completely is unfortunately dead. For example, one such album which fascinated me relentlessly was Coldplay's “Parachutes”. Every time I hear that opening cord a chill goes down my spine and that’s the same for many albums i have an affinity with such as Ryan Adams "Gold" and The Who’s "Who's Next". All these albums I a have spent time with, savoured, and have for that honeymoon stage became interweaved in the fabric of my life. As is the nature of music, these albums came to be identified with certain periods in my life, and the memories and the lyrics can at times become interchangeable. But now music is just tossed around like another facet of our ‘convenience’-centred lifestyles, and unlike the devotion (or indeed, rejection) that would accompany each new purchase, our one-click – download culture leaves us asking, "who’s this band again?". Music has become too dispensable.
Radiohead’s new album "In Rainbows"(before its physical release) has sparked such controversy. What a superb record. But again, it doesn’t get the full recognition from me due to its (initially) free digital release. No proper cover art, no sleeve notes, no physical item, a button on my iPod that will direct me to 9,000 more songs. The bond has broken. But then again is all this just me and is anyone else feeling this dissatisfied with music becoming another faceless digital commodity? It’s hard to embrace an album (or mP3 File should I say) in its entirety these days. Don’t get me wrong, I am discovering new bands and artists every day whether it be old albums or new, but somehow the essence of these discoveries is becoming increasingly lost. Sorry for loading this on you but it needed it to be said. Perhaps its back to vinyl?

"Hey Hey My My, Rock & Roll Will Never die"
Neil Young

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pete Cummins - Dolans Tonight

Get yourself down to dolans tonight and witness Siobhan O'Brien & Eamonn Hehir supporting the former Granny’s Intentions legend Pete Cummins. Several bands later including The Fleadh Cowboys has led Pete to this solo gig. This is not to be missed! Pete on Balcony TV

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Grotto are Back

When I was in Denver a couple of months ago and I happened to be in star bucks and noticed a CD tilted “Across the Pond”. To my amazement there was “The Guggenheim Grotto” track listed on this compilation album. What the hell were the lads doing here?
Upon returning home I realised they were trekking around America coast to coast gigging. This was beginning to be very fruitful with some serious radio time with Xfm and many more. They were also heard on TV shows in America and were starting to get some serious interest. Funnily enough I only heard their new songs through an American blog I check regularly.
Waltzing Alone was brought out in 2005 here and 06 in the US and has been on and off my speakers for 3 years and the songs never grow old. Their new album is ready to be rolled out in September called “Happy the Man” and I am sure it will be one of the best Irish Album of 08 and up their in the best of 08 overall. Two new tracks have been posted to itunes and can be got through their site.
The first being “Walking up in America” and also the new one since last Friday called “Fee Da Da Dee” . These are great tracks and are just wetting the appetite for the full release of the album.
I have witnessed them live twice, once in Glor, Ennis and the other in Dolans.

The Dolans gig has to be of my favourites of all time, there was something so special about the gig upstairs and it just blew everyone away that night. Met the guys afterwards and they are really nice guys and I wish them well with the new album.
The grotto plan to start a full tour end of August/September on and I really hope they can throw on another great display in Dolans.

Check them out for yourself

The Guggenheim Grotto "Philosophia"

The Guggenheim Grotto - Wonderful Wizard

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Radiohead Live Malahide Castle,Dublin 07/06/08 Bootleg

I have finally secured myself a bootleg of one of the best concerts of my life. I made the covers myself and just used an old double album CD case and there you have it a great bootleg sitting on my shelf.
The bootleg is missing the first four songs due to the taper arriving late however it is of good quality and brings back great memories.
Feel free to comment and tell me how you like the bootleg/Artwork and any suggestions please.
New Download Link here :

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Album For Every Year

Every Music Blogger seems to be at this lark now. Name an album for every year you were born. Right lets track back to 1984 then. Wait shit this is hard. So many albums so little time. The smiths really sorted a lot out back then and I even surprised myself with U2 being there thrice. Still not sure its exactly right but it sure is a list of great albums. Anyways heres the list in all its glory. Being young has helped me for once -> just a small list. Feel free to write your own..... 1984 - U2 - The Unforgettable Fire 1985 - The Smiths - Meat is Murder 1986 - The Smiths - The Queen is Dead 1987 - U2 - The Joshua Tree 1988 - Moz - Viva Hate 1989 - Pixies - Doolittle 1990 - Neil Young - Ragged Glory 1991 - U2 - Achtung Baby 1992 - R.E.M. - Automatic for the People 1993 - Nirvana - In Utero 1994 - Oasis - Definitely Maybe 1995 - Radiohead - The Bends 1996 - Belle and Sebastian - Tigermilk 1997 - Radiohead - Ok Computer 1998 - David Gray - WHite Ladder 1999 - Travis - The Man Who 2000 - Coldplay - Parachutes 2001 - Ryan Adams - Gold 2002 - Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head 2003 - Damien Rice - O 2004 - The Libertines - The Libertines 2005 - Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning 2006 - Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not 2007 - Radiohead - In Rainbows 2008 - Coldplay - Viva La Vida or Death and all his friends

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mundy Fever

Mundy Fever is back as July crawls around the corner. This wet July you can hear his hit on most radio shows and this year not only "July" but "Galway Girl" too!

Last time mundy was in limerick he gave out to the audience down in dolans for asking for such hits.

Has he gone and shot himself in the foot with "Galway Girl"? If he doesn't want to have this at gigs then why does he keep bringing out crowd pop fodder?

Like him or love him I always go back to the mundy I like. The mundy of old, the one that was striving to survive sans crowd pleasers and sing-alongs. What im referring to his"Jelly Legs" is first and best album. Edmund on guitar/vocals and a great sound. Raw!

I went and got his new single called "Fever" and would you believe it he is back to the mundy of old, simple acoustic goodness. Not only that the single is for charity and helps the cause of the burma relief and can be bought worldwide on itunes and as a CD single (with extra track Strawberry Blood).

So can we expect a new album of these types of treasures or is it back to poptastic crowd pleasers? Who knows?

Sample available at

Please support and visit and

Mundy plays Dolans 8th of August ( Don't ask for July or Galway Girl on the night please)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Neil Young- BBC concert (1971)

Download the Music file here : Download the video file here :

Leonard Cohen - 2008-06-06 - Toronto, Canada BOOTLEG

All this talk of one of the greatest concerts of the year has made me start to listen to the great man again, after requiring "Ten New Songs" from a friend, it has brought me closer to the fact why the hell didn't I go to his gig.

Too little to late, if you missed it and want an award winning review on it check out Bock the robber's view here

Fair play to bock! for this great review he won "Post of the Month from" the blogging council. Confirmed here

Anyways back to Lenny here is a concert early last month in Canada, well worth a listen and will let you into some of the magic of the man live. The download is in three part, awkward i know but worth it. Plus don't forget to put in the password when it downloads.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

PASSWORD : t.u.b.e.

Set List :

Leonard Cohen
Toronto, Ont
Sony Centre

(Excellent Audience Recording)

01. Dance Me To The End Of Love
02. The Future
03. Ain't No Cure For Love
04. Bird On The Wire
05. Everybody Knows
06. In My Secret Life
07. Who By Fire
08. Anthem (w/ Band Intro)
09. Tower Of Song
10. Suzanne
11. Gypsy Wife
12. Boogie St.
13. Hallelujah
14. Democracy
15. I'm Your Man
16. A Thousand Kisses Deep
17. Take This Waltz
18. Heart With No Companion
19. Waiting For The Miracle To Come
20. First We Take Manhattan
21. That Don't Make It Junk
22. If It Be Your Will
23. Closing Time
24. I Tried To Leave You


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Albums Listening to in July 08

Unsigned Music Snippets - IndieCater Vol.1

A fantastic compilation of the great unsigned indie bands just hanging around with bags of talent and some great minutes used in a recording studio. This album brings these bands to life with the help of fellow blogger Mp3Hugger. This album is available to buy for a the tiny sum of 4.50! here
I would love to see this become a regular thing and maybe a possible tour around ireland with said bands, Hint Hint!
Go click and buy well worth it!

Mp3 Hugger explains more.................

About :
Indiecater came about because too much good music and too many talented bands were falling through the cracks. In these technologically advanced times putting a compilation together and sending it out to the world can be achieved on a runnerstring so here we are. We do hope that this is just the beginning of a series and that you can join us along the way again at some stage. If you are reading this and are in a band please contact and we can see about including you in a future compilation.

The Bands :

Without the graciousness, talent and hard work of all the bands involved this compilation would have been worthless. Thank you all and I hope that indiecater can bring you to the attention of an appreciative (and sizeable!) audience. A special thanks also to the countless other bands who submitted their songs which made the job of choosing 10 songs a difficult but very rewarding one.

Burning Codes, Belfast,
Audio rarely gets this spirtual.
Slushco, Atlanta,
Where melody is king.
Storkboy Choons, Kells,
The inevitable return to your head bobbing days.
The E.L.F., Sydney,
Ex Gerling, always sterling.
Foreign Slippers, Norrkoping,
A chanteuse to enchant us.
Beaten Awake, Kent,
Lo-fi for your hi-fi.
Call To Mind, Inverness,
Remember the last time you fell in love with untitled?
Empty Rooms, San Francisco,
Big, bold and beautiful.
Cymbals Eat Guitars, New York,
Young bucks about to make lots of them.
Michael Knight, Dublin,
Wordless yet utterly poetic.