Monday, February 26, 2018

The Lost Brothers Live at Dolans, Limerick 23/02/2018

After a long week of work what better way to unwind but to head to Dolans and witness of one the best acts in the country right now. Pint in hand, we head up the stairs to my favorite room in the city.

We arrived just at the closing few tracks of the opening act 'Steve Wickham'. What a brilliant stage presence this guy has, He has a very disincentive look and a guy that has clearly been around music for many years. Its wasn't the last we saw of Steve that night as he joined the Losties for most of their set showing off his multitude of talent on various instruments including guitar, violin and concertina. I was delighted to pick up his latest offering on CD called 'Beekeeper' released in 2017. It was only when I went home I realised much to my ignorance that Steve is a long standing member of The Waterboys and played on countless albums with a plethora of stars such Elvis Costello and playing the violin on U2's classic 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. So that was a great start to the evening and a mighty fine opener.

Next up were the main act The Lost Brothers. The lads started the evening off with just the two of them on stage armed with guitars and their amazing harmonies. They kicked off with 'Echoes in the Wind' the opener from their latest album 'Halfway towards a healing'. I bought the album on release and have been listening to it non stop since January. It's a sublime album and one that will make it to my top ten at the end of year no doubt. 

Later in the set the lads were joined by two members of Waterford's brilliant band 'O Emperor'.  Phil and Al added piano and electric guitar to the proceedings. Steve Wickham also headed on stage to finish off the collective. The band weaved in and out of all five of their records providing an amazing night of music to a sold out upstairs venue. Expect to hear a lot more from the lads as they embark on a tour of the UK and America in the next few weeks. 

Be sure and go out a buy there latest album. Cheers for a great night, Until next time.