Friday, February 27, 2009

Morrissey Cancels First Four Nights of Tour

A mystery illness is the cause of these cancellations. This apparently isn't the first time a mystery illness has caused cancellation on a Moz Tour. Reading around forums it looks like poor tickets sales are to blame and Mox is having a little Diva moment. I'm not too sure what to make of it all just yet, but if he is cancelling shows with poor ticket sales, my gig for Galway is not looking too Good. Just checked Ticketmaster now and there are tickets a plenty. Who Knows? Get Better soon Morrissey...... Feb. 28 Boca Raton, FL - Mizner Park -Cancelled Mar. 01 Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live -Cancelled Mar. 03 Jacksonville, FL - Florida Theatre -Cancelled Mar. 04 St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing -Courtyard

Franz Fever to Hit Dolans!

Im off to Dolans on Saturday night to see Franz Ferdinand. This is such a treat to see these guys play in your own backyard. I last saw them five years ago in a mucky field at Oxegen and they were just franztastic. The band as we all know have a back catalogue that would make anyone get up and dance like a loonbag and this is the music you need after seeing Ireland trash England and also have a belly full of beer on board. Their new album boosts yet more jump along indie classics and Limerick is in for a real treat this weekend. Support comes from Dublin/Limerick band "The Funeral Suits", Check them out here Franz played a gig at the NME Awards Big Gig at London's O2 Arena and there set list was really good expect a hit filled evening. Don't forget to check back here for a full review!
Set List Last Night : 'The Dark Of The Matinee' 'No You Girls' 'Do You Want To' 'Michael' 'Turn It On' 'Walk Away' 'Bite Hard' 'Take Me Out' 'Ulysses' 'What She Came For' 'Outsiders' 'This Fire'
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (From Their New Album "Tonight")

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Limerick Music Retrospective #1 - The Reindeer Age

Here is my first leap back into the underworld of the Limerick music scene. This is a big leap right back to 1989. Seeing as I was 5 at the time I'm not the right man to review this album, but I did still have a copy of the album on Tape and Vinyl at Home. The album sounds aged in parts but the music is still great and I think this album is a good place to start, when trying to find out more about Limerick music and the bands that graced the city down through the years.
On first look the track listing on the vinyl and the track listing on the tape are different as two bands have been added to the tape. Lets have a look at the track listing. If you have any comments you wish to share about the following bands please let me know. I will try and get around to some of the major bands on this album at some stage.
Side 1. 1. We're All Green - The O'Malleys 2. Change The Room - Private World 3. My Inner Light - Tuesday Blue 4. I Fall Down - Up The Downstairs 5. I'm As Furious As An Ox...- They Do It With Mirrors (later known as The Mirrors) 6. People Who Care -The Separators 7. Attitude -The Drive (later known as The Driven) 8. Alice Is Here -The Hitchers Side 2. 1. Telephone -Toucandance 2. Soul Farmers- Perfect Moment 3. Symphony -The Surrealists 4. Last Thing On My Mind -Big Johns Bootleggin Band 5. Shout It Out -Utopian Puppets 6. Poor Country -X-It 7. Lovely Day Tomorrow - Preachers Story (Tape Version Only) 8. Easy Street -Mike O'Mahony (Tape Version Only)
If anyone has this album in mp3 form I would love a copy. This compilation album was basically a mish mash of Shannonside bands, made by Xeric Studios in limerick from Aug - Oct 1989. Looking at the bands above, there are still a few names knocking around today. Take the likes of Track one -the O'Malleys, just played two weeks ago down in dolans . The Hitchers apparently broken up, but still giging in dolans the odd time. Toucandance front man Eamonn Hehir still playing gigs now as "The Small Mercies", can be seen in dolans and Foleys Bar of late (Review of one of their gigs on the left sidebar). So there you have it the first installment of a music retrospective of Limerick. Would love to hear some feedback on these bands or suggestions on some other topics to discuss. Tuesday Blue - Tunnel Vision , From MTUSA! O'Malleys - Live In Nancy Blakes(Dec 08)

Limerick Music Retrospective

I have been meaning to start something like this for some time now. I want to delve through the music time warp and check out the Limerick Music Scene of old.

I want to feature bands of old that made it and bands of old that nearly did. Past limerick Gigs, Venues and so on.

If you have any suggestions for this new post slot let me know, Cheers!

Limerick Music Retrospective #1 , will be along shortly

Monday, February 23, 2009

Music Snippets # 9 - The Funeral Suits

Name : The Funeral Suits
Band Members : Brian, Greg, Michael. Hails From : Dublin & Limerick Music Sound : Like a great night in Costellos. About : The band are about to suppport Franz Ferdinand on their Irish tour. Will be checking them out this Saturday in Dolans, so be sure to come back for a full report. Ill let them tell you who and what they are for now.
"The Funeral Suits are three snot nosed young men from Dublin and Limerick. The three came together in 2008 to write a soundtrack for the apocalypse but when that didn’t happen they formed the Funeral Suits. With a common disgust for the generic indie bands that had taken over the music scene the three conspired to form a band so that they could write some songs that would make their friends smile for a while. The Funeral Suits released a 4 track e.p. called ‘Oh Dear’ in the summer of 2008 and are nearly finished recording there second e.p. to be released in spring 2009. "

Irish Blog Awards Best Music Blog 2009

Nialler9 Congrats!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ryan Adams Irish Tour History

After compiling the smiths Irish Tour History last month (
I taught I would keep this topic rolling. Here I have compiled all the concerts Ryan Adams has ever played in Ireland. If I am missing any let me know and if you would like to review any of the gigs also let me know, Thanks.
As you can see I have attended two of the shows, looks like Ryan is packing in the gigging/music in march 09 for a good while, so this list will be good for some time. Hopefully we will see him back sometime soon, Enjoy! The Pic above was actually taken in cork, just to let you know.
The Irish Tour History :
-11/18/00 Ryan Adams, The Shelter Dublin, Ireland
-05/02/01 Ryan Adams,The ShelterDublin, Ireland
-05/04/01 Ryan Adams,Rhythm & Blues Fest, Kilkenney, Ireland
-10/20/01 RA & The S-Heart Rev., The Ambassador Dublin, Ireland
(Bootleg : 
-11/13/02 Ryan Adams, Cork City Hall Cork, Ireland
-11/26/02 Ryan Adams, Waterfront Hall Belfast, N.Ireland
(Bootleg :
-11/27/02 Ryan Adams, Olympia Theatre Dublin, Ireland
(Bootleg : )
-11/28/02 Ryan Adams, Olympia Theatre Dublin, Ireland
(Bootleg :
-11/16/03 The Ryan Adams Killers, Olympia Dublin, Ireland
-10/21/06 Ryan Adams, Madella Hall, Belfast, N.Ireland
-10/22/06 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Olympia Dublin, Ireland
-10/23/06 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, The Savoy Cork, Ireland
(Bootleg :
-10/24/06 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, The Black Box Galway, Ireland
-11/28/07 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, National Stadium Dublin,Ireland
(Review on Left -Sidebar, Bootleg is out there just not uploaded yet)
-11/08/08 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, The Ambassador Dublin,Ireland
(Review & Bootleg on left sidebar)
-06/07/11 Cork Cork Opera House Ireland
-06/08/11 Dublin Olympia Theatre Ireland
(Bootleg :
-19/04/12 Olympia , Dublin, Ireland
-20/04/12 Waterfront Hall , Belfast
-03/03/15 Ryan Adams & the Shining , Cork, Cork Opera House, Ireland
-05/03/15 Ryan Adams & the Shining , Olympia Dublin, Ireland
-08/09/17 Ryan Adams & the Rain , Ulster Hall , Belfast, N.Ireland
-09/09/17 Ryan Adams & the Rain, Cork Opera House, Cork, Ireland
-11/09/17 Ryan Adams & the Rain, Olympia Theatre, Ireland

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Irish Blog Awards - Best Music Blog Final Five!

The competition is heating up and the final five are announced and here they are : I think you will agree they are the cream of the crop, Best of luck to ye all!
Great to see so many Limerick Blog in the final. Bock The Robber in with a shout for best current affairs blog, lets hope the judges see sense.
Local blogs in the running:
Fústar - Popculture Italian Foodies – Food and Drink – News and Current Affairs Newswire – News and Current Affairs Maman Poulet – News and Current Affairs Limerick Blogger – News and Current Affairs Trust Tommy - Best Newcomer Hangar Queen - Humour - Best Blog of a Business

Pete Doherty's Solo Album Out Soon!

I have been a fan of Pete every since I was introduced to the Libertines. Pete is a genius and if we could only tame the beast we would be back to Carl and Pete bliss, until then we see Pete spiralling though this drug habit, Babyshambles and many lovers. While Carl brings out mix tapes and dabbles with Dirty Pretty Things (Which are no more). Who would have thought in 2009 all these projects would have been done and it is now Pete coming out on top and releasing material. Pete's drug habit seems to be quiet and has been in the limelight on/off in the last few months. Late Late show, MTV 24 Hours in the life of Pete and so on. He is finally in the media for something good. He seems to be very grounded of late. The new album Grace/Wastelands seems to be the grounding factor and the songs seem to be a mix match of new and old songs patched up to make a superb solo album. Graham Coxon seems to be the glue for all these bits and pieces and he is holding the whole record together. The music and pete voice sounds amazing and I am really looking forward to the full outcome of the album at the start of next month (16th of March). The video below shows a great insight into the man and album. Now that Carl is drifting and up to nothing the Libertines Reunion is surely on the cards? Track List : ‘Arcadie’ ‘Last Of The English Roses’ ‘1939 Returning’ ‘A Little Death Around The Eyes’ ‘Salome’ ‘Through The Looking Glass’ ‘Sweet By And By’ ‘Palace Of Bone’ ‘Sheepskin Tearaway’ ‘Broken Love Song’ ‘New Love Grows On Trees’ ‘Lady, Don’t Fall Backwards’ Insight into the album Pete Doherty - Interview - The Late Late Show 06-02-09 Part 1

Morrissey Visits Jonathan Ross

Cant seem to stop listening to "years of refusal" . The album just keeps on getting better, check out Moz on JR from last Friday night.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Irish Blog Awards Nominations List Get Smaller

Unfortunately we didn't make it onto the smaller list for best music blog, congrats to all who did, here is the smaller list , go check them out some great sites here : Best Music Blog - Sponsored by Asleep on the Compost Heap Nialler9 On the Record The Torture Garden Drop D Indiehour Kilkenny Music Guess List Unreality TV frmckenzie theredscrapbook mp3hugger Those Geese Analogue Magazine Off Her Rocker State Blog Swear I’m Not Paul Unarocks Stuart Bailie Musical Rooms Nick Thinks

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music Snippets # 8 - House of Cosy Cushions

Name : House of Cosy Cushions Band Members : Richard Bolhuis (vocals & guitar) Stephen Kiernan (drums) Rob Campbell (bass) Rossa O'Neill (trombone) Orla Nolan (vocals). Hails From : Originally Amsterdam now Dublin Music Sound : Nick Drake having a weird love triangle with Don Van Vliet and Bjork. About : Its amazing how bands just never appear on the radar for a long time , this is one such band and I'm glad they found me. This is a very interesting band altogether. There seems to be a rotating door system in terms of band members, while the solid 5 mentioned above stay in place, guest band members seem to float in and out. Some of these floaters are people such as Cathy Davey and Eimear O'Grady (One Day International/ Every album I seem to pick up these days). House of Cosy Cushions sound is amazing and each song seems to change like the wind, From soft harmonising songs with Cathy Davey to indie pop bursting songs. This band are brilliantly diverse. They currently have an EP called "Palace for the Lost Ones" and a new album called "Animal Dream" on the go. The band are to set foot in limerick soon on the 27th of March. They will play Baker place and I shall be there and so should you. GO CHECK THEM OUT HERE : House of Cosy Cushions - Palace for the Lost Ones

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fred Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Review

The Belltable is getting a revamp and a new roof so the Red Cross Hall is the new home of bands, actors and comedians for awhile. Tonight saw the first band play the Unfringed Festival 2009. Cork band Fred took to the tiny stage at around half ten. Before this people we greeted by a candle lit entrance and a garden fete like set up, selling beers and wine. Once inside the small hall and I stress small, there were golden painted chairs lined up for the public and left and right of the stage was adorned with seating also. A play that had taken place on the Friday night called the Magic boy was still visible tonight as there were two magicians posters left and right of the stage and the backdrop was a curtain of golden glitter, all this added to the warm cosy feel of the place. The crowd were packed in and the band were about to treat us to 90 minutes of unfringed and unplugged bliss. Fred played nine of their new twelve track album called “Go God Go” and 6 others from their previous album "Making Music So You Don't Have To" . For the encore they played a cover of John Martyn’s classic “May You Never”. John had passed away only two days previous and was a beautiful tribute. The bands new album Go God Go is one of those records you put on and have to listen straight through and if you don’t have a big smile on your face by the end of the record, there is something wrong. This feel good music was transcended into an acoustic roller coaster ride on Saturday night and even though the band admitted they had never played a show like this, it was like they had been playing like this for years. Their harmonies and altogetherness was just amazing. The songs were just amazing unplugged and the venue offered a bedroom rehearsal feel to it all. The lead singer Joseph O’Leary arrived on stage wearing a Munster rugby hat and throughout the night had great banter with both the band and crowd. The band are laid back, down to earth guys and their music just oozes honesty. This honest non-pretentious five piece band is one to catch live and plugged in. If you get a chance and see them acoustic all the better. The next time the guys are in Limerick is for Mary I Rag week 11th of Feb, then UL Rag Week on March the 30th. Id wait for their Dolans gig on the 8th of April, until then go get Go God Go and get yourself into feel good mood. The videos below just talk volumes in terms of the amazing sound and feel to the night, Cheers Fred, the Belltable and Eightball for a great night! Check out : Set List : Damn You Hollywood
Death Song (Video Below)
Good One
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young Cover) (Video Below)
Keep Me Clear
The Lights
Born To Be With You (Video Below)
Running (Video Below)
Four Chords and The Truth
The Capitol Song (Video Below)
Summer's Coming (Partial Video Below)
May You Never (John Martyn Cover)
Fred - Death Song, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - Only Love, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - Born2B W/U and Running, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - Summers Coming[cut short], Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - The Capitol Song, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009