Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Roundup

Hey there, sorry i haven't been posting lately but I have been dying sick with flu/kidney infection/chest infection/vomiting bug and so on but it looks like its all over with, hopefully. I'm off work tomorrow until the 5th! Wont be a lot of blogging due to late night Christmas booze fests and so on, but will try post a few things here and there including a review of the coldplay concert this Sunday and possible a few local gigs here and there. So just to give you a run down of some things you might have missed or somethings that are coming up before I go. - A lot of bloggers are giving their top ten albums but i believe the best so far in terms of work and quality has to be over at "Swear I'm Not Paul" ( -Off to Coldplay Sunday so be sure to come back at some stage during the week for the review -Dolans has some great gigs lined up for the Xmas so be sure to pop down for at least one. Go tonoght for the Green N Live Sessions Xmas Bash -Thanks for reading throughout the year and I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a great new year, Lots and Lots more planned for 2009. The reviews will be overflowing as I already have so many concert tickets bought! Talk Soon! -Preserve a classic this Christmas, Please Please buy Jeff Buckleys version of Hallelujah and keep that X Factor hag away. Have a nice White Winter Hymnal!

Friday, December 12, 2008

YouTube Subscription a must!

Ryan has a YouTube account at the moment. The video's are being posted up constantly. Subscribe while you can who knows how long this account will last if previous accounts are anything to go by. Here a video from today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Morrissey For Two Irish Dates

The list of bands to see before i die is getting smaller and smaller by the day Oasis, Bob Dylan ans now morrissey decides to show up. The wallet is feeling the pinch as the tickets go on sale this Friday. The price isn't bad in and around the 50 mark and the dates are for Tue 28/04/09 at 20:30 INEC - Gleneagle Hotel Killarney and Wed 29/04/09 at 20:30 LEISURELAND Galway, IE. I think ill go for the galway tickets. Morrissey new album years of refusal will be two months old by then :)


Just confirmed the mighty Franz are coming to Limerick. The warehouse in dolans is sure to be jam packed and the tickets will go like hot cakes. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9.30 in both ticketmaster outlets and dolans. The gig is to take place Wednesday the 28th of February. Great news for the Limerick Music scene!
Use this link to purchase tickets today, its the link for the fan club to get priorty tickets, Got mine already sweet deal!!!
35 quid a pop but how often to you see these guys hanging around limerick?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bug by Ryan Adams

The man is just unreal, I don't know how he churns out the work like this. My pre-order of his book of poems infinity blues hasn't even arrived yet and this is a pre-release signed edition that isn't out until april 2009. His new album cardinology isn't even a month old and he already has a new album demoed called dear impossible plus now we hear his work of fiction is going to be called bug and will be out soon. How do you do it? Chapters for the supposed "Bug" 1. “300 pages, Twenty Chapters….” 2. Bug… 3. New York City Destroys author/relationship 3. Nerd Fantasy /Green Light Go 4. Love is Very Confusing, (the noun) 5. words with the Ghost of Xmas Never 6. The Meltdown Part One- Oh Damn 7. Paris- why to go- how i left 8. Black and White Light 9. Nights 10. The Pills, and what sleep is not 11. The Meltdown Part Two; Bedprison 12. God Help Us 13. How Not To Write The Novel, (But say you are) 14. Bug…part two 15. The Last Grand Ballroom Unicorn Hurrah 16. The Past is Going Gold as in Golden Gang…. 17. Here It Comes…. 18. Survive The Words, Good and Bad 19. Cobwebs and a Letting Go 20. Bug, the author, and the letting in from the rain 21. Home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bob Dylan to play the O2 Dublin!

Dylan has just announced a gig at the O2 (The Point) in Dublin for the 5th of May 2009. A Tuesday of all days but hows ever ill be there. Finally I'm going to see the fecker. My list of bands to see before i die ( is getting that bit smaller when the tickets go on sale this Monday! Ticket prices 49.80 - 59.80 euro (not too bad)
Tickets secured and I got standing right in front of the stage! Cheap too , two tickets under 100 squid, Bring on the Bob! FURTHER UPDATES Another date has been added for the 6th!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Ten Albums of 2008 from Indielimerick

Many lists have been already drawn up. My list is in no particular order and is not made out to seem cool or kooky its made up of albums that I kept returning to throughout the year. The albums I couldn't be away from and here they are : Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement Mark Geary - Opium Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid Glasvegas - Glasvegas Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology One Day International - Blackbird Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew

Belltable Sessions are Back

This sunday brings another crew of acoustic bliss to the venue. Check out the site here Armoured Bear - Imagination

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Albums Listening to in December 08

Coldplay Nissan Live Set

Something to get the excitement going for the o2 in three weeks time.

Full Gig Here :

Dear Impossible

While the rest of the cardinals have been off enjoying their Thanksgiving/end of euro tour break, Ryan has been busy recording demo's to what looks like a new cardinals record. Mr.Adams blog known as foggy ( is a place to share his thoughts, pictures and demos. It nice to peer into the man's hectic life and see his world in his eyes.
The list below are the demos he has recorded and as he says himself all they need now is to be cardinalised. So keep an eye on the blog and who knows we could soon have a new album soon. What a work horse the man is. DEAR IMPOSSIBLE Demo’s 1. FireFly………………………….FINIS-*(mix) 2. So Quiet, It’s Loud…….FINIS-*(mix) 3. Goodbye Sunshine……FINIS-*(mix) 4. Universe Size Arms…..Finis-*(mix) 5. Dear Impossible…………Finis-*(mix) 6. Please, Hold On -………(new vocal) FINISHED plus vionins 7. Souls Full of Holes…….Finis-*(mix) 8. Ok, I Surrender…………..Finis-*(mix) 9. Wild & Hopeless…………Finis-*(mix) 10. Kaleidoscope Eyes….Finis-*(mix) 11. Your Name Here……..Finis-*(mix) 12. Mirror-Gold……………..Finis-*(mix) 13. The Lights………………..Finis-*(mix) 14. Lost in Space …………Finis-*(mix) 13. The Lights………………..Finis-*(mix)
OK, I SURRENDER - Ryan Demo (Loads more on the blog)

Monday, December 1, 2008

An Irish Indie Christmas

Mp3Hugger and Indiecater Records are at it again. Another fine release from this ever growing record crew. This time a christmas record full of indie cheer.
The Tracklist is as follows and can be purchased for the fantastic price of 6.50 over here
1) The Cloud Room - Melody, Like Snow (Dancing Around The Christmas Tree In New York) 2) Nina Hynes - Twinkle (Fixing Fairy Lights In Berlin) 3) Kill Krinkle Club - Songs Of Noel (Playing Twister In Dublin) 4) Bill Baird - Christmas In Jail (Throwing Snowballs In Austin) 5) Idaho - Santa Claus Is Weird (Leaving Cookies Out In Los Angeles) 6) Venice Is Sinking - The Grey Line (Putting Up Decorations In Athens, Georgia) 7) Normandy - Merry Christmas, Blogosphere! (Ice Skating In New York) 8) The Very Most - This Year, Christmas Came November 4th (Playing Santa In Boise) 9) Remington Super 60 - Here Comes Christmas (Wrapping Presents In Fredrikstad) 10) Jape & David Kitt - I Will Cry This Christmas (Sobering Granny Up In Dublin) 11) The Specimen - Wish It Would Snow (Listening To The Bells In Brooklyn) 12) Nonstop Everything - There Is No Santa, Little Boy (Pulling Crackers In Pittsburgh) 13) My Teenage Stride - Is It Christmastime Already? (Hanging Mistletoe In Brooklyn) 14) Dora Flood - Coastal Winter (Carving Turkey In San Francisco) 15) Loxsly - Santa Got The Spins (Feeling Stuffed In Austin) 16) Track A Tiger - Once In The Wine (Singing Carols In Chicago) 17) The Winks - Action Figures (Stoking The Yule Log In Montreal)

Rod Stewart to Play Live in Thomond Park

More great news for the cheesetastic pop addicts of Limerick. Rod will be winging his way to thomond park on the 4th of july.

Tickets go on sale this Friday and are priced 80 euro to 90 euro. This news comes in the wake of Elton John being announced for the venue for June (

Now all we need is Neil Diamond to play in August for a Hat-Trick of Crap!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anxiously Waiting for Infinity Blues

Ryan Adams if you don't know already has written a book apparently fiction plus works of poetry but who knows what to expect. Going by the standard and quality of the mans music i am sure the book will be great.
The book is due to hit the shelves in early April 2009. However the book company "akasic" offered fans a preorder of the book to arrive at home for the 19th of December. Nearly 5 months before it come out not only that but in Hardback and signed plus and an extra little book of poems called "sad American mythology" also signed!
Cant wait for a good Christmas read only 23 days to wait :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fionn Regan - Upstairs Dolans, 23/11/2008 Review

A very cold Sunday night saw myself back upstairs for what was billed as an all seated event. Before going upstairs my vision was several small chairs laid out giving the usual sitting room atmosphere even more of a warm feel to it. However we were greeted with several badly placed high stools and all the nice low chairs and tables were taken out. I was dying with a cold and looked like death warmed up , so that didn't really help. The support act arrived on stage and the local pint sized singer gave us some great songs from her own collection. Jen Ronan gave us some serious songs about past boyfriends with great lines such as I sent all his porno to his mother and I put his vinyl collection in the microwave. You can check her out here, Another great homegrown talent. By this stage the bar area was getting nicely packed, then madness ensued people just started standing right up by the stage. I was lucky to still have a view of some sort. The blizzards had a all ages gig in the warehouse early in the day and I think that's the reason there was so many teenyboppers of sorts , I heard "Give us a taste of Heineken ,never tasted it before, wow its lovely!" The gig should have been organised for downstairs as it wasnt fair for people at the back or even have the right chairs set out. Fionn arrived out to a huge roar and the clearly intimated singer got the show straight on the road. The set was just amazing and weaved in and out from his debut album "The End of History" to his new album TBC. The new songs sound so amazing and really cant wait to get my hands on the studio versions. While the teenyboppers had to be ssshed throughout the show however the music was just amazing. The effortless Regan got into the crowd spirit and had many a heckling session between songs even heckling himself at times. He said that wicklow is renowned for hairdressers as the singer's hair was quite the item. The set ended with a beautiful rendition of Be Good Or Be Gone and the crowd willed him into two more new songs the latter turning into an off the cuff song about the crowds hecklers. The Wicklow man has serious talent and the poetry in his songs are amazing and just so simple but brilliant. The last album received a mercury prize nomination and on hearing most of the new album that night , this new album will be one to watch out for. If anyone out there has the set list please e-mail it to me, thanks

Fionn Regan- Put a Penny in the Slot (Upstairs Dolans) Hardly no visual due to the darkness but the sound is perfect

Monday, November 17, 2008

Indiecater Records -compilations and lost indie albums for the digital age

mp3hugger is hard at work once again. The brilliant side project Indiecater Records has already provided us with 3 Volumes of great indie music from various bands.
Indiecater has also brought out several reissued album for people who never got a chance to hear them first time around or for some reminiscing. The four albums pictured above are part of this regeneration process of music.
Bands that were topped for big time success and just never made the grade but left us with a great first album. These are a fantastic look back to mid 90s bands and relive their greatness. The price is a key element to indiecater records the albums cost buttons and provide the listener with great quality records. You can buy online now at the website and keep checking back, who knows what band might come back to haunt us next.
Check out some samples and reviews here

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ryan Adams Live Ambassdor Theatre, Dublin 08/11/2008 Review

Arriving in Dublin Saturday was like arriving into the center of a Gail force storm. Found myself a warm pub adjoining the ambassador, away from the elements. Watched my home town host a training game for Ireland against Canada as they hockeyed them 55 nil. It was so inspiring to see local man Keith Earls have such a brilliant game, his first touch gaining the young man his first international try. After a nice warm up of pints, we were ready to brave the rain to the ambassador. Inside we were greeted by an oval time warp and it just brings you back to old time dance halls and cinemas. A t-shirt and beer later, I found myself at the front gazing at the impressive stage props. Two huge neon Cardinal Roses and a drum kit area that would make Keith Moon excited beyond belief. The Cardinal Peace Bird rising above the set, holding in its wake an oversized Gong. Also among the many amps was a novelty over-sized amp with working lights, quite the sight. Ryan arrived out accompanied by his friends the cardinals, No support act which provides for over two hours of cardinal bliss. Unlike last years Dublin show Ryan seems quiet and not talkative instead opting to express myself through extended amazing guitar solo jams and flawless music. I thank you Ryan for that. No diet coke, no talk of spiders and no ramblings were heard from him just pure and utter music. That’s what we came here for and that’s what we went home with. Ten songs from their new album may have made the casual fan annoyed with their moneys worth but who can argue with a 27 song bonanza. Which included two from Neal Casals pocket and a delightful cover of Oasis Wonderwall. My highlight was “Off Broadway” and I have a video of it below. This cements the fact that this band are just in a perfect time and place right now. The comfort factor between them is so visible and they are really enjoying it and that’s exactly what you feel when you hear their new album “Cardiology”. It oozes this tight knit band feeling and warmth of comfort in their music; they can produce any song on Ryan’s back catalogue live with just an unreal intensity. The cardinals have brought Ryan back in love with music and back in love with some old songs and that’s why gold and heartbreaker songs are seeping back into the limelight. To hear “La Cienega Just Smiled” live was just so amazing and unforgettable. The amount of times the hair stood on the back of my neck that night was countless. The difference between this gig and the gig in Dublin last November is amazing(Review of that gig here, it’s like they are a different band, and they look fresh and sound it. This band is one of the best live bands in the world today and it’s a must that you see them while they are this electric. The transformation from the studio to live is staggering and leaves everyone there just gasping for more. The bootleg in the post below
must be downloaded and checked out, the quality of the music and recording are astounding. Met some Ryan Adams Archive members at the gig and it was nice to put a face to a name. Cheers for a great night, see ya next November hopefully. Looks like we might have a new album on tow very soon from the ever working Adams and crew. Check this out posted this week on their blog: “Neal and i and brad sat around last night and kind of tried to remember what should be on the work-list- which helped me greatly- we have enough for a new album already but it is Neal who spiritually guides us (me) to keep that process calm, let things grow at their own rate, as he has pointed out “our songs only ever get better as we play them” “ Also a rumor of a bigger euro show is to happen in the spring maybe a change of city this time, hopefully cork. Either way ill be there, Looks like its back to listening to old live recording til then. Setlist: Cobwebs Everybody Knows Born into a Light Please Do Not Let Me Go Fix It Natural Ghost Goodnight Rose Off Broadway (Video Below) Wonderwall I Taught Myself How to Grow Old (Video Below) Sun Also Sets Come Pick Me Up Grand Island (Neal singing) Go Easy Sink Ships Crossed Out Name Whe the Stars Go Blue Let it Ride Desire Evergreen Cold Roses Encore Freeway to the Canyon (Neal) Like Yesterday La Cienega Just Smiled (Video Below) Stop Two I See Monsters Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Off Broadway (My own Vid)
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - I Taught Myself How To Grow Old Ryan Adams - La Cienega Just Smiled

Ryan Adams Live Ambassdor Theatre, Dublin 08/11/2008 Bootleg (Live Recording)

This is an amazing Live recording. It is taken from the soundboard and is of the highest quality live recording you will find out there. My review is here This is show is a must for download. My full review of the gig will follow later today. I would like to thank all involved in recording this.
Track List : Disc I
1. Cobwebs
2. Everybody Knows
3. Born Into a Light
4. Please Do Not Let Me Go
5. Fix It
6. Natural Ghost
7. Goodnight Rose
8. Off Broadway
9. Wonderwall (Oasis)
10. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old
11. The Sun Also Sets
12. Come Pick Me Up
13. Grand Island (Neal Casal)
Disc II
14. Go Easy
15. Sink Ships
16. Crossed Out Name
17. Stars Go Blue
18. Let it Ride
19. Desire
20. Evergreen
21. Cold Roses
22. Freeway to the Canyon (Neal Casal)
23. Like Yesterday
24. La Cienega Just Smiled
25. Stop
26. Two
27. I See Monsters
Ryan Adams (Vocals / Guitar / Piano) Neal Casal (Guitar / Piano / Vocals) Chris Feinstein (Bass / Background Vocals) Jon Graboff (Pedal Steel / Guitar / Background Vocals) Brad Pemberton (Drums / Background Vocals)
FOH: Paul Massaro Taped: John Carlin Mastered: Joel Swaney Source: SBD Matrix (w/ 2 onstage mics) Lineage: M-Audio Microtrack(16/44.1) > Adobe Audition 3.0 > CD Wave > FLAC(8) Thanks to Ryan Adams, Cardinals, crew, and everyone else you made this recording possible. Please give support by purchasing official merchandise. 
Brought to you by

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Albums Listening to in November 08

Elton John to Play Live in Thomond Park

Elton John has just announced he will perform live at Thomond Park Stadium, the magnificent Munster Rugby Ground in Limerick on Saturday 6 June 2009. Elton, who has a career spanning more than four decades and boasts global record sales of over 250 million, will make his triumphant return to Ireland and perform live for the first time in Thomond Park, Limerick next summer. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy one of the most respected and successful artists in music history. Tickets will go on sale Monday 10 November at 09:00.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slane Castle to host the gig of 2009!

The 1500 acre estate is going to play host to 80,000 fans and Oasis in 8 months time. On the 20th of June the history laden music venue will enthral Irish fans once more. I am overjoyed that the band are playing there and I will join the scramble next Friday for tickets. I was in Slane 7 years ago to watch U2 take the place by storm and I am determined to go back. I started this year pointing out my list of bands i must see before i die ( I have already ticked off four in the past 12 months and now Oasis shall be my fifth to strike off. So many years of Oasis coming to Ireland, but I was either too young or broke so now is my opportunity. I hope to expect the classic sing-alongs, new material and classic anthem ending. Live music is what Oasis do best and i want to witness first hand. Looking forward to seeing what support act will be announced. Ryan Adams would be unreal seeing as he is supporting them at the moment, but they are not really a stadium band. My gut says indie English bands, Kasbian, Coral types. Cant wait Lord Henry Mountcharles, you have come up trumps again, cheers! Oasis Confirming the Date at Slane

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prospekts March EP

Artwork for the New Coldplay Ep out in Novemeber 21-25. More Details here
Track List :
1. Life in Technicolor II 2. Postcards from Far Away 3. Glass of Water 4. Rainy Day 5. Prospekt’s March / Poppyfields 6. Lost + 7. Lovers in Japan [Osaka Sun Mix] 8. Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cathy Davey - Jean Monet,UL 08/10/2008 Review

It must be a bad time of year for gig attendance or something as I was expecting a huge crowd in the Jean Monet last night, little over 100 showed up to see Miss Davey last night. A support act entertained the crowd like the Lisa hannigan gig last time in the jean Monet the support act was as forgettable however the guy himself was good but his accompanied players could have done with a miss, check him out here Cathy arrived out with two guys and low and behold its the piano player from last nights gig. Told you those One Day International guys are multi talented. She is a little daunted by the closeness of the crowd and maybe the full lights being on and also it was the first time she was playing these songs without her full band. She started with a cover of Otis Redding's Arms of Mine and she apologised to the people who came for the loud upbeat numbers. I was very pleased to see her in this raw state and it was such a joy to hear her albums stripped down like that. The other two band members were also new to this arrangement and she mentioned it was only for tonight but might continue it in the future. A mini drum kit was also there to add to the acoustic bliss of the night. Cathy's chocolate like voice was flawless throughout and we were treated to several more covers such as George Gershwin's "Do It Again" , "nature boy" from moulin rouge,Billie Holiday's Gloomy Sunday and the multi covered cry me a river most notably by Ella Fitzgerald. I really hope these covers make it to some covers album by her. Handpicked numbers from her own album and covers provided a short but sweet set. She kept apologizing for the downbeat songs but she need not worry as it was a beautiful sounding gig. Cheers! She Plays Dolans 17th of Dec, Hopefully a new album on tow Set List: Arms of Mine Harmony Do it Again Nature Boy Little Red No Heart Today Sing for your Supper Reuben Nameless Gloomy Sunday Rubbish Ocean All of You Cry Me A River Cathy Davey - Gloomy Sunday-Dublin Fringe Festival

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Day International - Upstairs Dolans, 07/10/2008 Review

Their debut album was released last Friday and I happened to stumble across them on the same day. I have had the album on repeat ever since and last night I happened to see them live. On a cold miserable Tuesday night I found myself upstairs in Dolans warehouse once more. I have described this place as a sitting room where the audience are able to engage with the bands and feel like they just stumbled across them rehearsing in their front room. Knowing the cosy quality of this bands album I knew this venue was made for them. I arrived early in case of a ticket issue and to get a good seat, all were acquired as the support act started “She”. This girl was accompanied by a harp and a pocket full of songs about past lovers. The harp is such a nice instrument and always seems to fascinate me. The supporting act didn’t stay long and I am sure we will hear a lot more about her in time to come. “One Day International” were up and the place was empty I counted ten people and that includes friends of the support act. This was the attendance for the night. It was such a shame, as this band is going to be huge and the people of limerick really missed out on a magically evening of music. The band said that when you’re speaking to other bands about touring, they always mention that first handful of gigs where no one is at your gigs and they stay with you. Well tonight was one such occasion but it did not dampen the bands spirits in the slightest. They played their debut album “Blackbird” straight through except for one. The album is something special and it just is instantly likable. The first song and current single “Closed Doors” is just amazing and will have you repeating it over and over. The sound is hard to describe but the vocals are flawless, the lead singer Matt Lunson draws you in with every song. There are hints of Travis, Elbow, Radiohead and something I can’t quite put my finger on. The bands sound is so recognisable and easy on the ear it’s incredible. I am proud to say these guys are Irish however you might double check the lead singer’s accent as he has lived in Tasmania for years, The album was produced by Ex Bellx1 band member Brian Crosby and his influence is cleary here too. The Band seem to be multi talented and seem to have played with many artists at one time or another. Live this band transform the album into a completely different beast and the textures and layers are breathtaking. I saw Lisa Hannigan last week and her band when they start gelling together is quite similar. They played a new song last night in the form of “Pouring Rain” which cements the fact that they will be around for quite some time. If you get a chance buy this album and see these guys live. Speaking about familiarity with this band, one track in particular was too familiar to be true “Aliens”. Last night confirmed my beliefs and it was featured on the cake sale album also produced by Crosby, written by Lunson but performed by Neil Hannon, Strange but true. Having made up 10% of the audience, this gig truly was one of the best this year. Will look forward to seeing them again very soon, to a packed Dolans warehouse. Thanks for a great gig guys! Check them out for yourself : 10 Oct 2008 20:30 Spirit Store Dundalk 17 Oct 2008 20:00 The Pavilion Cork 31 Oct 2008 20:00 Roisin Dubh (Upstairs) Galway Set List: Miss Your Mouth Shiver Not Over You Sleeping On Trains Aliens Balloon Pouring Rain Darken Your Door Closed Doors Little Death Black is the Bird One Day International-Closed Doors

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Swell Season Comes to Limerick

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE This Event is now sold out! The Daghdha Dance company have been using St.John's Church pictured on the left above for quite some time now. Various dance nights and art exhibitions have gone on here but none like what will take place in the coming month. November 28th will see Frames front man Glen Hansard and his partner Marketa Irglova transform this once active church into a gig venue. The small church I would imagine will provide fantastic acoustics and provide a beautiful venue for the Oscar winning duo. The Swell Seasons is the pairs gigging moniker and they have been touring extensively since their film "Once". A Film, A Music DVD and an Oscar later, will see them here in the treaty city. The tickets will go like hot cakes so get down to empire music and secure them. The expensive 31 Euro tickets will be worth it. The Swell Season - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Bob Dylan) - live Wiltern, Los Angeles 11/10/07

Monday, October 6, 2008

One Night Not to be missed

9 Squid in will be the cheapest to see these guys ever. Full review of an unreal album and hopefully a great gig to boot sometime wednesday.

Albums Listening to in October 08

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dirty Pretty Things Are No More!

Dirty Pretty Things have told NME today that the band have split up. Such sad news for band that have only just released a fantastic second album and a live act that are awesome to watch. Im glad i got to see them early this year and its sad to see them go. Carl has said the libertines are not going to be back together any time soon but with all the secret meet up's between him and pete its surely on the cards. Now pete do the honorable thing and split up the babyshambles and give the public what they want. A new Libertines album and a crazy ass tour of everywhere! Maybe this isn't bad news after all. Farewell DPT!
DTP play
03/11 Dublin Academy 05/11 Cork Cyprus Avenue 06/11 Wicklow Greystones Theatre 07/11 Galway Roisin Dubh , Dont miss out on one of the last ever shows

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Travis - Song to Self Acoustic Video

Still haven't actually been able to buy the physical release of the new album yet but after a good few listens at least 5 are instant singles the other 6 need to be listen to just that bit longer. The video below is an acoustic version of song to self. Enjoy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lisa Hannigan - Jean Monet,UL 24/09/2008 Review

Photo Credit : Thanks
The venue was nicely packed upon arrival and the little lecture hall in UL was awash with students and a stage filled with every instrument possible. The Jean Monet provided everyone a good seat as it was such a cosy venue. I was last there for a Mundy gig 4 year previous and knew of its quiet relaxing powers. After a uneventful opening act Lisa and her merry band descended on a stage full of fairy lights, A illuminated Globe and a illuminated mushroom. The album cover from her first solo album Sea/Sea adorned the backdrop of the stage and the scene was set for an evening of relaxing music.
The place was filled with a smell of incense as the band started with “My Pirate Disco” a demo song not featured on her album and from there on in they seem to seamlessly go through the set with 100% bliss. The sounds the band made collectively was like they were born to play together and there was a chemistry between them that is hard to find with modern bands. The smiles and looks of approval between them were just great and each and every one of them knew what part to play.
Lisa was visibly just there to enjoy herself and let the music take over and sway her in every way. She was doing what she wanted and singing what she wanted and no one was going to stop her. The last time I saw lisa was 2003 with Damien Rice and she is a very different character today. Far from the shy girl in the corner harmonising, she was out front singing her heart out. I have been listening to the album for quite some time now and it just gives me that hair standing on the back of your neck feeling each time. The album is so familiar, it’s as if you have been listening to it all your life. I would describe it as a female version of Fionn Regan’s “The end of history” from 2006 with a dash of Feist’s quirkiness.
The album was played practical live on front of us with pin point accuracy and a sound you can quite create on an album. The harmonies between the band were immense and the rotation of instruments between them was quite amazing to watch. Trumpets, Bells, a Glockenspiel, a Melodica and a Harmonium were all passed about during the set to make a fantastic sound. It truly was a great night of music and it was refreshing to see a band enjoy playing live so much. The set consisted mainly of Sea/Sew, with two cover version thrown in. “The lady is a Tramp” was played at a nice jazz/folk pace also a beautiful cover Iron & Wines “Free Until They Cut Me Down” was played. Lille was played last to a standing ovation which evoked them to come back out for one last number joined by her tour manager playing the Glockenspiel before disappearing down the halls of UL to another standing ovation. It was a really great night and would urge you to catch her live if you can. She plays The Glor in Ennis on the 2nd of Oct, once again a night not to be missed. Lisa Hannigan - Lille

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Travis Live at Cois Fharraige 7/09/2008 Bootleg

I was meaning to do this for awhile now. I have compiled all the video footage of the gig into mp3 form. Seeing as I could only salvage 8 songs, thats all I could bootleg. Being from youtube the quality isnt great but it is still nice to have them. So we shall call this the "Partial Bootleg" until something better comes along. If anyone has audio recording of the show or even videos not posted to youtube, please let me know. Cheers
To read a full review of the gig including photos and videos check out my review here :
Bootleg Track List :
01 Selfish Jean 02 Writing to Reach You 03 Beautiful Occupation 04 Side 05 Sing 06 Turn 07 Flowers in the Window 08 Why Does It Always Rain On Me Download Bootleg Here :

Fix It!

1:30 second clip of Fix It from their next album: Cardinology

You say it best thom.. when you say nothing at all

Ronan Keating has called Thom Yorke "an idiot" because the Radiohead singer ignored him in a hotel.The Boyzone star told the Metro that he is still a big fan of the band's music, but isn't keen on Yorke anymore.Keating said: "Thom Yorke from Radiohead was pretty rude. We were at the same hotel in Dublin and I went over to say hello as I'm a big Radiohead fan, and he just blanked me.
What a surprise!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Night Not To Be Missed

Riding high on the release of her first solo album, Lisa Hannigan is set to play limerick on Wednesday night. In the intimate venue of the jean Monet Lecture hall Lisa is going to provide one hell of a show. Tickets are surprisingly still available from the UL Students Union, 12 euro for students and 19 euro for the Average Joe. 70 tickets left to be exact
If you unfamiliar with Lisa you may remember her from being the second half of "O" & "9" the Damien Rice collection. She has also worked on many side projects including "The Cake Sale" collaborating with Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody on "Some Surprise". Her new album Sea/Sew is worth a purchase and if you listen to only one album this month let this be it.
If you cant make it this time she is playing Glor in Ennis Oct 02. Try and get to see her before her American tour and before she comes back to playing just Dublin and a heftier price to pay to get in.
Full review will of coarse be available here.

Check her out for yourself here :

The Zutons Live at Cois Fharraige 5/09/2008 Review

All Images by Indielimerick
After an unreal live set from the futureheads a giant Z was erected on stage. The Z was fully adorned by flashy lights and sparkly stuff and was the foreground for a huge desert back drop. The Zutons set was already the most impressive of the day however there were going to pull off a huge performance to even dent the stellar performance by the futureheads. The lads and girl arrived out to a jolly crowd and began what seemed a professional onslaught of hits and newbie’s. The band sure is used to festivals and nothing fazed them. They blasted through their set with pin point accuracy. The energy and excitement was clearly visible with all the cast of this merry Liverpool band. Abi provided some eye candy while the rest provided and image of a band on the road quite a lot. The singer was clearly festival weathered , which could be noted in his voice but did not take away from his great performance, Zuton fever was echoed around the tent to start and the sax was fired up for a huge show. Abi was also accompanied by another Sax played behind her. This guy was wielding what looked like an oversize novelty sax, however the sound they were producing was far from a novelty. Valerie seemed the greatest response of the night and was commented on by the band afterwards as their biggest song. Why play it half way through then, well it was there funeral. 4 songs later and a tired audience had to wait for another familiar sound of pressure point. By this time the crowd were weary from the day’s rain by they finished the set with 3 favourites and a crowd happy with a great day of music. I was unable to get the set list that night but the next day leaning against the railing I spotted an A4 sheet with the name Zutons peaking out. An ask of the security dude later the set list was mine. Cheers security dude! I personally think “The Futureheads” stole the show but hey that’s just me. The Zutons are so worth catching at some point if you can and they are never short of playing a gig near you. The Zutons will play Vicar Street on December 14th. Tickets are €29, and go on sale next Thursday, September 25th. Sorry for the lateness of the review but a lot on at the moment hopefully will put all the Cois Fharraige reviews up soon, cheers Set List : Zuton Fever Don’t Ever Think Always Right Behind You What’s Your Problem Hello Conscience Bumbag Confusion Remember Me Valerie (Video Below) Harder & Harder Give me a reason Those Little things Railroad Pressure Point Why Wont You Give Me Your Love You will you wont The Zutons - Valerie Live At Cois Fharraige 05/09/2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pigs Might Fly

I got this book over the weekend and haven't been able to put it down yet, well just for a small while but Mark Blake's story of Pink Floyd is a fantastic read. There are a few bio's of the band out there including the drummer Mason's Inside out but this one sure is detailed and gives a great inside into one of the most interesting bands in rock history. It does lack the discography which I feel is essential in any band bio.
Talking about Band Books, it seems to be the only things I read lately. The last I read was Neil Young's "Shakey" and it took quite some time to read. A lot happened in his life and after reading it, it feels like you went through it all too but its a very in-dept analysis of the man and a must read.
Any suggestions from the readers? What have you read in terms of band books, good or bad?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cardinology Is Imminent

The new Ryan Adams album is ready to launch. The 27th of October sees another chapter in this crazy hard working mans life turn over. Cardinology is going to be the tight knit band of Ryan Adams, Neal Casal, Brad Pemberton, Jon Graboff and Chris Feinstein. This album will tie nicely with the 8th of November gig in Dublin. Keep and eye here for more news. The Track listing : 1. Born Into A Light 2. Go Easy 3. Fix It 4. Magick 5. Cobwebs 6. Let Us Down Easy 7. Crossed Out Name 8. Natural Ghost 9. Sink Ships 10. Evergreen 11. Like Yesterday 12. Stop Preceding the album will be the first single, ‘Fix It’, which will be released digitally on September 23. Check it out live here:

The Cure - 1978-1985 - Peel Sessions Bootleg

I do like to get my hands on Peel Sessions, Fantastic Quality and energy is always present. I have previously posted The Smiths Peel Sessions here if you missed it : Here is the mighty Cure with theirs, Download here : Peel Session (11/12/1978): 01. Killing an Arab 02. 10.15 Saturday Night 03. Fire in Cairo 04. Boys Don't Cry Peel Session (16/051979): 01. Desesperate Journalist 02. Grinding Halt 03. Subway Song 04. Plastic Passion 05. Accuracy Peel Session (10/03/1980): 01. A Forest 02. 17 Seconds 03. Play for Today 04. M Peel Session (15/01/1981): 01. Holy Hour 02. Forever 03. Primary 04. All Cats are Grey Peel Session (04/01/1982): 01. Siamese Twins 02. A Hundred Years 03. Figurehead Peel Session (07/08/1985): 01. The Exploding Boy 02. 6 Different Ways 03. Screw 04. Sinking

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Travis Reveal Another New Video

Really Cant wait for this album, Out 29th of Sep and Song to self (Above) is amazing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unsigned Music Snippets # 6 - I Am Three

Name : I Am Three Hails From : Manchester, England Music Sound : Acoustic everything or as they say “Imagine Howlin’ Wolf trying to duet with Dr. Dre over a Sea Shanty version of a song by The Jam….” About : Got an e-mail about these guys. Its worth checking their myspace out. Acoustic throughout these two guys are armed with a double bass and a guitar and play to their hearts content. Go listen and enjoy. GO CHECK HIM OUT HERE : I Am Three - I Try

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Now to wait for shortlist , fingers and toes crossed :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another One Week Only!

Sorry so late with this its one day only really, on they are showing a fantastic film about the band beirut as they perform all the songs from their amazing album The Flying Club Cup from last year. Watch it here Go get the album for a nice weekend of music. Will review cois fharraige better next week when i get a chance, Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Travis Live at Cois Fharraige 7/09/2008 Review

I was recently writing up my best concerts ever and Sunday night's gig just ran up the charts into the top ten. This gig is very hard to review as I couldn't’t possible bring you to that intense atmosphere in the tent. I arrived early and parked up at the barriers in front , I was never going to miss one of my all time favourite bands playing right on my doorstep. For many years now I have wanted to see Travis live and never got the opportunity until now. I had built up this night for months and the sole reason for being in Kilkee was Fran and the lads. They arrived out to a huge response from the crowd and ripped into selfish jean from the last album “The Boy with No Name”. I was in awe for the whole gig and had to pitch myself to feel like I was actual there, I described the weekend already as magical and it was all down to these guys. Every song was flawless. All these songs I grew up to and wore out on every format from tape, mini-disk to CD were being blasted out right in front of me. The band themselves were visible excited by the energy of the crowd. We were standing right in front of Andy and he was like a little child he was so excited during songs. Many jumps and leaps later he started to scale the tent as you can see from the pictures below. The crowd went mental from there on in. Not alone did the crowd go mental so did the security they were dancing and clapping like mad and I have never meet such nice security dudes. Would like to thanks one of them personal for getting me the set list, which is currently being framed along with the ticket stub. The set list was amazing and played all the classics I personally would have love if they played just "The Invisible Band" but that's just plain greedy and with a back catalogue like theirs you cant please them all. The tracks from the new album "Ode to J.Smith" are just getting better every time I hear them and just float into the set list like they were always there. As I have already said, this is in my top ten gigs and if you take a look at the archive section of Travis official site Fran says this:
“Here are my top 10 shows of all time in no order. 1 Mexico City Sports Palace 1st time 2 Taipei Summer 2008 3 New York Irving Plaza 99 where that dude pulled a knife on me!! 4 Headlining Glastonbury 5 T in the Park 99 in the tent 6 Cois Fharraige Festival 2008 Last night. Off the scale. The loudest crowd we ever played for. 7 The Cavern Club Liverpool 2004 8 Detroit Clutch Cargos 2007 9 Headlining Roskilde 10 ummm...yet to play”
Can be viewed here: That cements it as one of the best gigs of my life. At one point Fran introduced their Swedish keyboard player clause and asked the crowd to chant his name during the keyboard solo. The noise was deafening! Fran also conducted the world’s largest pogoing at a gig ever. The crowd pogoed throughout WDIAROM and the noise once again was unreal. The noise was even commented by the band as the loudest crowd ever and they couldn't’t even hear themselves think. How does a band surpass that live gig, I could die happy now. I will post three videos as soon as youtube speeds up and probably change the text around (Not great today due to my hungover state and lack of sleep) thanks for reading and thank you Travis xx Oh and come back to Ireland very soon!
Set List:
01 Selfish Jean (Video Below)
02 Eyes Wide Open
03 Writing to Reach You (Video Below)
04 Pipe Dreams
05 Beautiful Occupation (Video Below)
06 Side (Video Below)
07 Love Will Come
08 Closer
09 J Smith *
10 Somthing Anything *
11 Long Way Down *
12 Song to Self *
13 Sing (Video Below)
14 Driftwood
15 Good Feeling
16 All I Want To Do Is Rock
17 Turn (Partial Video Below)
Encore :
18 Flowers in the Window (Acoustic Bliss) (Video Below)
19 Slideshow
20 Blue Flashing Light?
21 Why Does It Always Rain On Me
*New Tracks from "Ode to J.Smith" out on the 29th of September more pictures on my flicker page here Travis- Selfish Jean Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis- Writing To Reach You Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis- Beautiful Occupation Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis- Side Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis - Sing Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 Travis - Turn Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008 (Cut off due to memory full sorry) Full Video of Turn Here just bad quality Travis - Flowers in The Window Live at Cois Fharraige 07/09/2008

Cois Fharraige 2008 In Pictures