Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beyond Here Lies Nothing - A Free Bob Song

The album is due out on the 28th of April, There is a sneak peak in the form of one song from his website. The download can only be downloaded today, check it out here http://www.bobdylan.com/

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bell X1 Live At Dolans, 28/03/2009 REVIEW

A last minute scramble for tickets on my part left me with two golden tickets for last weekend’s second performance of Bell X1 in Dolans warehouse. A friend and I wandered into town early for a full warm up. In homage to Bell X1’s third album “Tour De Flock” we decided to invent a pub crawl by the name of “Tour De Flan”. This tour is a worthy one and I would urge everyone to try it at least once. Tour de Flan requires the drinker to frequent every flannerys in the treaty city. There are 5 in all and is the perfect warm up to what ended to be the perfect night. For those of you who are not familiar with the establishments in limerick here is a quick run down of the pubs. The nicknames are purely to help you along. First up “Poor Man Flans” Wickham St., “New Man Flans” opposite the Icon Nightclub, “Painted Flans” The right hand corner of Michael St, “Gerry Flas” on Catherine St. and finally “Old Man Flans” Shannon St. , well worth the tour if you get a chance. A quick taxi ride to dolans and we were just in time to see the villagers take the stage.
Conor played a lovely short set of seven songs. Only two of which are featured on the Hollow Kind EP which was on sale there too. The EP looks to be limited to 500 and I got the 326th copy. I was disappointed not to hear “The Meaning of the Ritual” but I'm hoping the lads will be back to limerick sometime soon for a full show and maybe a full studio album on tow. The crowd had to be shushed a few times but other than that they got a great reception. The gig was amazing and cant wait to see them live again. The Villagers Set: Jackal Home Down under the sea Idle years Sunlit stage Bell Pieces On came the mighty Bell X1 to great applause. The stage was adorned with a series of hanging light bulbs bunched together and these would light up in tune to the songs, not sure how great they are for the carbon footprint but it looked awesome! The set was extremely good and the new songs from “Blue Lights in The Runway” just weaved themselves into the set like they were always meant to be there. Classics such as bad skin, eve, flame and rocky were all played and they did not disappoint one person. The great single “The great Defector” was played early and really got the crowd jumping. Another high point was the cover of Nick Caves “Into my Arms” which ended an unbelievable set. The band were so comfortable with the songs and it shows how a seasoned band can just be so tight when playing a live show. Their stage presence is amazing. I got a copy of the setlist but as I can recall its not really in order. Now I say "as I can recall" loosely has “Tour De Flans” had taken its tole on me the next day but I must say it was a great night in dolans, sorry for the short post but the tour is still hurting. If you would like to add any of your highlights, be sure to comment. Bell X1 Set List : Heart is wired Broken Umbrella Bad Skin Next To You First Born Eve Blow Ins The Great Defector Tongue Flame A Better Band Rocky Encore: Amelia Abc Breast fed Ill See YourHeart and I'll Raise you Mine Into My Arms (Nick Cave Cover)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Green and Live Sessions 12 - 26/03/2009 Review

It took 11 sessions before i got down to one of these shindigs but it was worth the wait. All the other sessions i wasn't able to make but last night i got down to dolans and upstairs for a variety performance of three great acts. Alan Jacques has organised these free events and Imust stand up and applaud the man. He does great work for music in this town. Keep an eye out for the next green and live sessions! Here's a brief run down of last nights acts. First up was a shoeless Lou Mcmahon, she sang and played the guitar beautifully. The Shannon singer songwriter had a bag full of songs and each one with a unique story. We were treated to tales of past dreams and boyfriends. Her voice is very captivating and she is a real talent. She has an EP coming out very shortly so keep an eye on her myspace. Really enjoyed her new songs like the one about the ferris wheel and the crazy dream, looking forward to the EP.

Next up were the 202s. I had raved about them on the blog earlier this week here (http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2009/03/music-snippets-11-202s.html) . I was glad i got to seethem live and live is what they are great at. Who can beat a megaphone at a gig I tells ya. They have a huge sound and the basslines is key to it all. They had a big contingent of fans in which included the family and it looked like they were enjoying it all. Ocean Colour Scene kept cropping up in my head watching them as they blasted out tracks from their brand new self titled album which is out today. We got a chance to buy one last night and the album sounds amazing. The nine track album is sure to make huge great waves in the music industry and I'm certain you will hear alot more from these guys. Great to see them last night and they truly stole the show!

last up was Brian Canavan. I must have been under a rock all last year because i have never heard about this guy. The dublin man last night had a backing band of five guys and a collection of songs from his 2008 release "You're an electron i'm an electron". His quirky lyrics akin to belle and sebastian really enthralled the crowd. A great song called "Counting me down" is a homage to Carol Vorderman and just gives you an insight into the crazy lyrics on the album. All the songs are about your average day to day things put in such away that its brilliant. I picked up a copy of the album last night and im off to listen to it. Brian is worth checking out if you get a chance, he ended a great night of music, Cheers Alan! looking forward to the 13th G & L session already.

Links: Brian Canavan :http://www.myspace.com/briancanavan 202s :http://www.myspace.com/the202s Lou McMahon : http://www.myspace.com/loumcmahonmusic Alan Jacques : http://www.myspace.com/kinkyjacques

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lisa Hannigan debuts new video "I Dont Know"

Check out a review of one of Lisa's gigs on the left sidebar.

Music Snippets # 12 - Groom

Name : Groom Band Members : Michael Stevens (guitar, vocals, synths), Jeroen Saegeman (guitar, melodica, keyboards), Wil McDermott (bass, synths), Brian O’Higgins (drums), and Ruan Van Vliet (drums, percussion, synth, autoharp). Hails From : Dublin Music Sound : indie rock loveliness! About : The band are around 5 years now and have some ep's on tow including a full album released in 2006 called "All This Happened, More Or Less" Groom are now set to release an album called "At the Natural History Museum" on the 24th of April. To celebrate this release the guys are having a bash at whelans in Dublin with support coming from Neosupervital. I have gotten a copy of the album and from start to finish the album sounds superb. The opener and title track starts with an instrumental for nearly 4 minutes and eases you into this great release. I love at the end of the second song "Mythical Creatures" that the drummer declares he has played the wrong drum. Track 5 "Death of a Songwriter" is Sufjan Stevens in Dublin form and that's a good thing folks! and I'm loving the gunshots and the end. The album finishes with the lovely & delicate "Moving West". My favourite of the album is "Let's Die Together" which is in video form below. The album was recorded in Dublin and Chicago and the album has some interesting artwork courtesy of the field museum in Chicago. The cover being that of a goats hoof standing on a rock. The release gig on the 24th of next month is well worth the trek, its ten squid in and you get a copy of the album! Keep the name "Groom" in the databank because your going to hear alot more from them after that date. Hopefully a gig around these parts too. GO CHECK THEM OUT HERE: http://www.myspace.com/groomtheband Groom - Lets Die Together - Live At MUZU Studios on MUZU.

Limerick awaits Friday & Saturday's Sold Out Bellx1 Affair

For the lucky 600 people that did secure tickets for the Friday and Saturday night they are in for a serious treat! BellX1 will be riding high into town on their hugely successful last release "Blue Lights on the Runway". Not only will dolans be catering for this huge Irish act , there will be a support act on the night that i cant recommend highly enough. The Villagers will be warming up the crowd on both nights. The songs are amazing and there isn't even an album out yet! If you are going to the gig you would be a fool not to pick up a copy of the Hollow Kind EP, which is only on sale at the gigs and some websites. Your ears will thanks you for it. I will be attending the Saturday show, so be sure to come back here next week for a full review. Here is a sample of what to expect this weekend. Have a great time! www.myspace.com/wearevillagers

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Music Snippets # 11 - 202s

Name : 202s Band Members : Mike, Steve & Barry Hails From : Limerick, [Barry the Drummer is from Dublin] Music Sound : synths,beats,riffs,indie eclectic goodness About : These guys are getting huge radio play, press and hype at the moment and rightly so as these guys have a great damn sound. Expect to hear alot about the 202s soon. The dublin duo's album is just out and is already making great waves in the music world, a really exciting band to watch out for. The band play this Thursday night in Dolans as part of the genius that is Alan Jacques Green & Live Sessions. Its the 12th of the sessions and as always its free and brilliant. Go Check it out!!! GO CHECK THE 202s OUT HERE: http://www.myspace.com/the202s

Monday, March 23, 2009

Disconnect 4 in Baker Place!

Saw these chaps in Galway recently, Caught the last four songs of there set. They have an amazing sound and tomorrow night will be well worth checking out! Check them out here for yourself http://www.myspace.com/disconnect4

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Last Show Bootlegged

Ryan finished his 2009 tour with the Cardinals last Friday night, He is now to take a break from the cardinals and music full stop. The supposed last show is up on the Internet archive for all to enjoy and download for free : http://www.archive.org/details/ryanadams2009-03-20.140sbdmatrix.flacf16

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Halfset in Limerick this weekend

The great peeps at eightball.ie have not only got one music choice awards nominee to play in limerick this Saturday but two! Yes folks two, Halfset the adorable electro rock monkeys and Adrian Crowley with his collection of acoustic musings who was shortlisted for the award in 2007. This is a night not to be missed in such an intimate venue. This event is set in the new Belltable (Red Cross Hall, 36 Cecil St.). Doors are at 8.30 and tickets are at an unreal low of 10 bob and if that wasn't good enough just mention eightball going in and they will let you in for 8! What a gig to finish off a great day of Grand Slam History!

JD Set Band Comp in Limerick

Tomorrow night limerick hosts the first night of the JD set band competition. The two night affair happens down in trinity rooms nightclub and both nights appear to be free. These gigs are not to be missed. Looks like among the competing bands that there is only one local by the name of Nick Carswell. Be sure to lead him your support , check him out here, some great music to be heard : http://www.myspace.com/nickcarswell
Here is the line up for the two nights :
Thursday 19th March Last Days of Death Country Nick Carswell Neon Stars Friday 20th March Camoige Lovers VIC Roadrunner

Gemma Unveils New Video

The video is for album track "Home" from her recent release "Hollow of the Morning". Gemma is busy touring as always and just released a new EP called "Oliver", keep tabs on her here : www.myspace.com/gemmahayes

Check out one of her gig reviews on the left sidebar

Meteor Award Winners 2009

The Script winning best Irish Band and Best Irish Album says it all really! Best Radio DJ - National Ray Foley - Today FM Best Radio DJ - Regional Dermot, Dave and Siobhan - Dublin's 98 Best Irish Band The Script Best Irish Pop Act Westlife Best Irish Album The Script - The Script Best Irish Female Imelda May Best Irish Male Mick Flannery Best Irish Live Performance The Blizzards - Oxegen Best Traditional / Folk Damien Dempsey Best Intl Live Performance Leonard Cohen - IMMA Best International Band Elbow Best International Female Duffy Best International Male James Morrison RTÉ 2FM Hope for 2009 Wallis Bird Most Downloaded Song Galway Girl by Sharon Shannon Lifetime Achievement Award Sharon Shannon Industry Award Niall Stokes - Founder of Hotpress Humanitarian Award Fr. Shay Cullen, Preda Foundation

Monday, March 16, 2009

So Cow Live in the Róisín Dubh, 14/03/2009 Review

I found myself in Galway city for the weekend and where better to go but the Roisin Dubh. This was my first time to set foot in the famed music establishment. Think Costellos vibe, people and music just with a better decor. A great haunt and a must for music heads, the walls are lined with pictures of gigs gone by and the place is full of guys and gals who know their music. Tonight would see a local perform, “So Cow”. The Tuam native has been on the music scene for quite some time now; he has two albums in the bag “These Truly Are End Times” in 2007 and “I'm Siding with My Captors” in 2008 both recorded in South Korea. He seems to keep a low profile and the band themselves have quite the gigging schedule, He seems to have a big following on the Internet blogging circle and has some killer songs to back this up. He is to release yet another EP in 2009 but this time in vinyl form. All his titles can be bought from his website (http://www.iamsocow.com) Each record for less than ten squid. Bargain! Speaking of bargains the gig was free too. The support was from Dublin band “Dublin Duck Dispensary”. Armed with what turned out to be Co Cows guitar, Bobby Aherne set about ram raiding through his setlist. Very interesting is a word to describe this crazy style of strumming, singing and music. It shouldn't’t work but it all some how does and after four songs he was joined by the drummer to finish the set off. The drums really added to the sound and the music was really working from that point on, a few false starts added to their charm and made it interesting and funny. The guy has got talent and a crap load of EP’s. 7 in total including the 2009’s release “Yykes Basket”. All are downloadable for free expect this years offering from here : http://rackandruinrecords.com/artists/dublinduckdispensary.php. Another great bargain! Go check them out! The Main act was on stage and ready to go bonkers. The band is comprised of three non band looking people. The bass player was towering over the lead signer and the drummer looked as if we was sizing up the the drums to buy his first kit in a shop. As soon as the songs started playing you knew these guys did know what they were at. Punk Rock Indie Madness! The lead singer is a mad loon and really gets into the music and looks like he is enjoying the music too much. Before every song he introduces the band as someone else such as “Hi were clannad and this is…..” Very entertaining and a great band to witness live. Highlight was Casablanca. It was introduced as a fan favourite and you can see why. The energy in the song and band is incredible. A couple of new songs were played including the hilariously titled “The Tony Keady Affair”, for fans of GAA punk rock controversial discussions. I was glad I got to see so cow on there self titled “Its All Cool, Holmes! Tour 09”. Check them out here www.myspace.com/socow and check them out live before they head off touring the states. The Roisin Dubh is a great spot to check out if you get a chance. Set List: Greetings Commuting 100 Helen Ja Ju Ah Pa Yo League of Impressionable Teens Off Out Choh Ah! You’re Nice Mysteries Bat Toes The Tony Keady Affair Dunno Mess Me Up Normalcy Sharkleton Moon Guen Young Casablanca Ping Pong Rock This Angry Silence To Do List It’s Over

Monday, March 9, 2009

U2 World Tour 2009

Above is the computer generated image of the new stage U2 are bringing on the road. 360 degrees of band and fans. It looks cool! The Stadium tour starts on the 30th of June at the Nou Camp in Barcelona. The lads are in Croke Park Dublin for the 24 of July. If you haven't seen them live its well worth it. The new album is getting some mixed reviews, I personally think its a grower and has serious potential. Check out the crazy stage in all is glory here http://360.u2.com/

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oxegen 09 - Line Up Update #2

Friday 10th July Blur, Snow Patrol, The Script, Keane, Lily Allen, James, Pendulum, Ladyhawke, Fight Like Apes, Swedish House Mafia, Crookers. NEW additions: Eagles of Death Metal, Dreadzone, God is an Astronaut, Tom Middleton, Aeroplane Saturday 11th July Kings of Leon, Bloc Party, Elbow, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Pete Doherty, The Mars Volta, The Game, Squeeze, Hockey, Tiga, Digitalism. NEW additions: Pet Shop Boys, Doves, The Saturdays, Gary Go Sunday 12th July The Killers, Razorlight, The Specials, Lady Gaga, The Ting Tings, Katy Perry, Manic Street Preachers, Paolo Nutini, Florence and the Machine White Lies, Jason Mraz, Foals, Friendly Fires, of Montreal, Miss Kittin and The Hacker (Live). NEW additions: Nine Inch Nails, Janes Addiction, Glasvegas, Hudson Mohawke

Hello Sunshine Another New Book by Ryan Adams

Looks like Ryan is going to churn out Books like he did Albums. Infinity Blues is not even officially out yet on public sale and his new book "Hello Sunshine" will be ready to pre-order on May the 15th. I pre-ordered his first book "Infinity Blues" and have my signed copy since December. The book is mainly poems and tells a lot about Ryan's thinking and his life. If you were a fan of his blog writing then you will like this. The new book looks like it will be in the same vain and possibly more short fiction then poems, its the follow on from Infinity blues. Ryan is taking a break from music as soon as the current tour ends with the cardinals at the end of this month. He is then on to Paris where I'm sure there will be several more books. Personally i want this guy to be producing music but I'm sure he will find his way back to that at some point but for now we just have to enjoy the guy in text format.
The Pre-Sale details for "Hello Sunshine" will be available from the publishers here http://www.akashicbooks.com/hellosunshine.htm on May 15th.
Here's what Ryan has to say about the book: "This is the book of verse where I wake up, where I see myself responding to a world with as much light and as much grace as whatever disappointment I felt. This is where I fell back in love with everything--this is my best work yet." --Ryan Adams on Hello Sunshine

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Neil Young for the 02 Dublin

Sunday June 21st will see Mr.Young back in Ireland after a seriously successful gig last year in malahide castle. The review of that gig is on the left sidebar and is worth the read if your thinking of going to see him. Neil Young is one gig that is not to be missed, if you can go just buy those tickets! The man is amazing live. I don't think ill be able to make it this year, alot of gigs on already and only saw him a few months back. The tickets go on sale next Monday morning. The new album Fork in the Road, will just be out too, so expect a great night in the new O2. Tickets priced between €49.20 - €54.80

One Day International - RTE 2fm Session Videos

I keep harping on about this band so here is more harpage. Go get their album and you will see for yourself. The videos below are from Dan Hegarty’s show on 2fm. The band are off to Austin, Texas, for SXSW soon with a host of other irish acts, there is a free download of their new single "Little Death" on March 16th. Be sure and download it from here http://onedayinternationalmusic.wordpress.com/. There is a gig review of theirs on the left sidebar. Harpage over

Music Snippets # 10 - Sanzkrit

Name : Sanzkrit Band Members : Dave Marron - Vocals/Guitar Darren Clarke - Guitar Pauric Duffy - Drums Dave Markey - Bass Hails From : Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Music Sound : Modest Mouse, Interpol , The Flaws and so on. About : I like the sound these guys are making and 2009 looks like a big year for the lads. Their debut album "After the Wedding" is out soon so be sure to keep and ear out for that one. Hope they play Limerick sometime soon as they seem the perfect live band. Hey even Eamonn Dunphy likes the band. They have been gigging heavily since 2006, when they released their first EP "Yeah but what if". The band even had a slot in Electric picnic last year. They have been working on this debut album for nearly over two years now and I'm sure its going to be an album worth the wait.To find out a bit more about the four piece check out their myspace, there is also some great songs on there too. GO CHECK THEM OUT HERE: www.myspace.com/sanzkrit

Choice Music Prize Winner 2008

JAPE - RITUAL, Congrats! and commiserations to the rest of ye. Here is the nominations list http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2009/01/choice-music-prize-08.html, Poor Lisa :(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Albums Listening to in March 09

Franz Ferdinand Live at Dolans Warehouse - 28/02/2009 Review

Stage diving, Stage invasions, Mayhem and cheer madness greeted Franz Ferdinand in Dolans on Saturday. After a close win against England in the Six Nations I found myself down in dolans right in front of the stage to witness one of the best gigs in limerick for a long time. The crowd were well up for this and the tickets sales was the first indication of this. 35 seconds the tickets lasted on sale and the small warehouse was jam packed. This was to be the bands first night of their “Tonight Tour”. The tour will see them in venues such as The Olympia in Dublin, The Barrowlands in Glasgow, the Hammersmith Apollo in London and so on. This seems to be the most intimate venue on the tour and Limerick is so pleased to have such an act in town and the crowd make this well known to the band. The support act “The Funeral Suits” started the night off to a flying start. Their mini rip roaring set got the crowd going no end, two TV sets adorned the stage , One showing the drummer and the other showed various crazy images and the bands logo. This band is going places! Their energy on stage is just great and the small time they did have on stage made you hungry for more. I have already written about them here: http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2009/02/music-snippets-9-funeral-suits.html , so go check them out The main act came soon after the suits had left and just got straight down to business playing the hit “Come on Home” from their first self titled album. This great sing-along number, just showed the potential madness in the crowd and the band were visibly excited by the energy oozing from crowd. The bands latest album “Tonight” brings there album tally to three and their set list was extremely well put together. No one could be disappointed in what they played. 6 from their first album, 4 from their second (“You Could Have It So Much Better”) and 5 from their new album, A great all-round set list. Third song in, the crowd pleaser “Dark of the Matinee” was played. The crowd just went mental, good mental! This didn’t really die down at all from then on. The band seemed to be really enjoying the reception they were getting. The crowd were singing word for word of nearly every song, the decibel level was off the scale. Lead singer Alex Kapranos said that “people told him Limerick was going to be good but this is Amazing”. The night was just awesome, it was one of the best gigs in Limerick for quite some time, lets hope dolans can keep attracting big name bands like these guys, because we sure as hell will bring the crowd. The band came out to play a further four songs for the encore, the second last song “Outsiders” involved the whole band plus a roadie playing the one drum kit. They capped the madness with “This Fire”. “This fire is out of control, were gonna burn this city, burn this city!” The gig was out of control with two members of the crowd getting up on stage before being hunted back down by security, then both Alex and rhythm guitarist Nick McCarthy at the end of the song were dragged into the crowd for an unrehearsed crowd surf! The place was buzzing from start to finish and it was an amazing night. When your that physically drained from a gig, you know it was a damn good one!, Cheers to Dolans and Franz for a great night. The bands own video below of the night from their myspace page tells it all really. Set List : Come on Home No You Girls The Dark of the Matinee (Video Below) Do You Want To (Video Below) Twilight Omens Walk Away Bite Hard The Fallen Take Me Out (Video Below) Turn It On 40' Micheal Ulysses Encore : Jacqueline What She Came For Outsiders This Fire
Franz Ferdinand- Dark of the Matinee, Live at Dolans - 28/02/09 (Bands Own Video) Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out, Live at Dolans - 28/02/09 Franz Ferdinand- Do You Want To, Live at Dolans - 28/02/09 If anyone has some better photos please let me know, if anyone wants to add their videos just ask, cheers