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The Rolling Stones Irish Tour History

Was shocked to find out that these guys have only ever played Ireland seven times. 2007 being the last time they played Ireland rocking slane for a second time since 1982 (Pic Below). 

Looking at reviews for their two shows at the point in 2003, Andrea Corr joined them on stage to help out on "Wild Horses" and also on the first date Keith Richards sang "Its a Long Way To Tipperary". Setlists below in the comments section.

When researching this I found that they did an "Irish Tour" in 1965 taking in 3 of the 7 shows they would ever play here. This tour is documented in a film known as "Charlie is my Darling", This film can only be found as a bootleg as there is some sort of legal battle to bring the film out legally. I found a downloadable copy here which has 43 files to download, Ill let you know what its like if I ever get it downloaded. Looks like a crazy film according to an online source : 
This legendary, cult film, was never released - having become trapped in the sad and unfortunate legal problems between the Stones and Allen Klein. Each year recently ABCKO in America has promised release of the film but so far it hasn't shown up. It was given its premiere at the Mannheim Film Festival in 1966 when Joseph von Sternberg was Director of the Festival. He said - "When all the other films at this festival are long forgotten, this film will still be watched - as a unique document of its times." Filmed over three days in Dublin and Belfast, the film captures the boys in all their pristine and unspoilt pagan energy and satanic glory - soon after the release of their first big single in America - the record which established them there - "I can't get no satisfaction". The passionate stage performances are finally wrecked by fans getting on the stage - the boys have to flee for their lives over railway lines when they arrive in Belfast. Scenes in the dressing room are highlighted by Keith playing acoustic Blues guitar - showing what a master he was on the guitar, and how serious he had always been about Blues music. Interviews with Charlie and Bill are very revealing - but most poignant of all is the interview with Brian Jones in which he discusses his threatened future as a Rolling Stone. Speaking only of 'time' and 'insecurity of his future as a Rolling Stone', he seemed already unconsciously aware of his fate. Did he not deliberately bring it upon himself? The film ends with the legendary scenes of Keith and Mick drunk in the hotel ballroom - Keith playing the piano (extremely well!) and Mick doing an accurate and subversive impersonation of Elvis.

**UPDATE , You can watch this full in full here

17/05/2018 at Croke Park, Dublin 
18/08/2007 with The Charlatans at Slane Castle, Meath 
11/09/2003 with "The Thrills" at The Point Theatre, Dublin 
09/09/2003 with "The Cooper Temple Clause" at The Point Theatre, Dublin 
24/07/1982 with "The J. Geils Band","The Chieftains" & "George Thorogood and the Destroyers" at Slane Castle, Meath 
06/01/1965 at The ABC Theatre, Belfast (2 shows) 
07/01/1965 at The Adelphi Theatre, Dublin (2 shows) 
08/01/1965 at The Savoy Theatre,Cork (2 shows)

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The Who Irish Tour History

The Who have played just seven times on the Island of Ireland and I thankfully witnessed them at Oxegen in 2006 playing all the classic songs you could ask for. I went on a Who binge for a few years buying everything they ever produced. "Who's Next" is an incredible album and one of my all time favourites. This band are just amazing and worth delving into their unreal back catalogue. The Who have crossed the waters to Ireland very few times heading to Cork twice but with a 41 year gap, Playing in Cork I'm sure is down to their pal Irish Jack Lyons, a ex-postman in cork who was the influence behind their concept album "Quadrophenia". Irish Jack was a king Mod back in his days of living in England and befriended Pete during this time.

The who's second gig in Ireland back in 1966 was marred by the IRA stating that they would blow up the stage if the band arrived out wearing Union Jack shirts. Pete arrived out in a Tricolour jacket instead to a crowd that were there really for a local support band. The Who's last few gigs here in 2006 and 2007 have been fantastic gigs in comparison and hopefully they will be back very soon. I would jump at the opportunity to catch these guys live again. Set lists from 2006/2007 gigs in the comments section.

10/06/2013 at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast
08/06/2013 at the 02, Dublin
30/06/2007 with The Answer at The Marquee, Cork (Setlist and great review from Irish Jack Here) 29/06/2007 with Biffy Clyro, Supergrass and The Answer at Marlay Park, Dublin
08/07/2006 at Oxegen Festival, Kildare
09/06/1967 at Magilligan Golden Slipper Ballroom, Derry
08/05/1966 at The Arcadia Ballroom, Cork
07/05/1966 at The National Stadium, Dublin
06/05/1966 at The Top Hat Ballroom, Lisburn, Antrim More in the Irish Tour History Series : Neil Young Irish Tour History Leonard Cohen Irish Tour History David Bowie Irish Tour History Bob Dylan Irish Tour History Ryan Adams Irish Tour History The Smiths / Morrissey Irish Tour History Oasis Irish Tour History

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Neil Young Irish Tour History

Another Irish Tour History compilation this time Shakey! Had the absolute pleasure of seeing the man live in 2008. He is incredible live and well worth checking out, when he gets over here.
21/06/2009 with Villagers at The O2,Dublin 30/06/2008 at Live At The Marquee,Cork 29/06/2008 with The Frames & Everest at Malahide Castle, Dublin (Review here) 13/05/2003 at Vicar Street,Dublin 12/05/2003 at Vicar Street,Dublin 11/05/2003 Crosby,Stills,Nash And Young at Vicar Street 12/06/2001 at The Point Theatre,Dublin 26/08/1995 with Pearl Jam at The RDS,Dublin 10/07/1993 with Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, and The Saw Doctors at Slane Castle, Meath More in the Irish Tour History Series : Leonard Cohen Irish Tour History David Bowie Irish Tour History Bob Dylan Irish Tour History Ryan Adams Irish Tour History The Smiths / Morrissey Irish Tour History Oasis Irish Tour History

More Acts Added to Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

As Mentioned here , The Special Olympics Opening ceremony is on in Thomond Park on June 9th with "The Cranberries" headlining which will include performances from local band "The Supermodel Twins", "Daghdha/Garvey initiative" and "High Voltage". Now added is the delightful pairing of The Heathers and The Dublin Gospel Choir. This is shaping up to be a great night of music.
From the Blurb:
Be Part of an Amazing Spectacle like no other in Ireland this year. The Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Special Olympics Ireland Games will be a celebration of the 1900 athletes from throughout Ireland taking part in the Games. The theme of the evening is Hand in Hand Topping the bill will be The Cranberries who will be joined on the night by Heathers, the Dublin Gospel Choir and the cream of Limerick talent including The Supermodel Twins, Daghdha/Garvey initiative and High Voltage. Individual tickets are priced between €10 - €20. Tickets can be purchased from or by phone on 0818-719300 as well as usual agents nationwide. Tickets will also be available from the Thomond Park Stadium ticket office from 10-4, Monday to Friday or via their website on . Gates open at 6pm - YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

Leonard Cohen Irish Tour History

Another installment of the Irish Tour Histories, This time Lenny gets a look in with 16 Irish dates. These are all I could find so please help filling in the gaps if any, Cheers!
31/08/2010 at Lissadell House, Sligo
26/07/2009 at TheOdyssey Arena,Belfast 23/07/2009 at The O2,Dublin 22/07/2009 at The O2,Dublin 20/07/2009 at The O2,Dublin 19/07/2009 at The O2,Dublin 15/06/2009 at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham,Dublin 14/06/2009 at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham,Dublin 13/06/2009 at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham,Dublin 12/01/2008 at The O2, Dublin
15/06/2008 with Damien Rice at Royal Hospital Kilmainham,Dublin 14/06/2008 with Damien Rice at Irish Museum of Modern Art,Dublin 13/06/2008 at Royal Hospital Kilmainham,Dublin 04/06/1988 at The National Stadium,Dublin (2) 02/03/1985 at The National Stadium,Dublin (2) 14/12/1979 at The National Stadium,Dublin (2) 11/05/1976 at The National Stadium,Dublin (2) 18/03/1972 at The National Stadium,Dublin More in the Irish Tour History Series : David Bowie Irish Tour History Bob Dylan Irish Tour History Ryan Adams Irish Tour History The Smiths / Morrissey Irish Tour History Oasis Irish Tour History

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HMV - Limerick Instore Performances #2

As discussed here HMV are running various performances from their premises on Cruises St. in Limerick. The next one up is on June 5th but this time with a twist 3 bands,Street performers and Traders will take to the street to entertain crowds. The 3 bands in question are "Heathers" pictured above who play Dolans the same night and also take to the stage in Thomond park for the opening of the special Olympics on the 9th of June Also included are "Miracle Bell "and local lads "The Fewer The Better".
Should be a great day of free outdoor fun!

Jägermeister Freezer Sessions in Limerick

Jägermeister and Hotpress are rolling out music sessions across the country at the moment. The Dublin sessions went down a storm on the 18th of May and Cork, Galway and Limerick are set to host there own in the coming weeks. Each session comprises of 3 up and coming bands and the best thing about it , its Free!
The Limerick session takes place on the 11th of June and the three bands are "The Chapters" and two local favourites "Supermodel Twins" and "Walter Mitty and The Realists". Its sure to be a great night of music.
Tickets can be apllied for online here

Thursday, May 20, 2010

David Bowie Irish Tour History

After compiling for the third time my list of bands I must see before I Die, It got me thinking will I ever see Bowie live and how many times have I missed the man. I was meant to witness him at Oxegen a few years (2004) back but he cancelled last minute due to health reasons. It was hard to get info of Irish gigs and the only couple I could find was the following 13 gigs, Please fill in the blanks if any, Cheers 23/11/2003 at The Point Theatre, Dublin 22/11/2003 at The Point Theatre, Dublin 10/10/1999 with Placebo at HQ Club, Dublin 09/08/1997 at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin 08/08/1997 at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin 17/05/1997 at The Factory Studios, Ringsend, Dublin (Secret Show) 05/12/1995 at Kings Hall, Belfast 24/11/1995 with Morrissey at The Point Theatre, Dublin 19/08/1991 at The Waterfront, Dublin 16/08/1991 at The Baggot Inn, Dublin 10/08/1990 at The Point Theatre, Dublin 09/08/1990 at The Point Theatre, Dublin 11/07/1987 at Slane Castle, Meath More in the Irish Tour History Series : Bob Dylan Irish Tour History Ryan Adams Irish Tour History The Smiths / Morrissey Irish Tour History Oasis Irish Tour History

Villagers Live at Kilkenny Set Theatre 19/05/2010 Setlist

Hoping to catch Villagers soon as the new album is just amazing, Here is the Set from the Set Theatre in Kilkenny last night. Hope they come to Limerick sometime soon, They play Cyprus Avenue in Cork tonight, Roisin Dubh on the 21st and then a sold out show in the Button Factory in Dublin on the 23rd. If you haven't purchased the new album , Go out their and pamper your ears for the weekend Set List: Ritual Home Jackal That Day Pieces To Be Counted The Pact I Saw Dead Down Under Sea Ship of Promises Encore: Tigers On a Sunlit Stage

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ryan Adams New Record - Orion

The Cardinals are gone but Ryan is still at work , This is a vinyl only release made up of recording from 2006, Dubbed by Ryan as a Metal album but hearing snippets maybe just hard core country rock! Order you copy now from , they will be shipped out on May 24th. I would say there will be a few releases like this to come with rumours of the infamous back catalogue of B-Sides and rare recordings to be released soon too. From the Blurb: Orion Deluxe Vinyl Recorded in 2006, ORION is Ryan Adams’ first fully-realized sci-fi metal concept album. No copies will be sold on compact disc – the only way to get the music is in this limited VINYL+DOWNLOAD configuration containing the following: * 1xLP on 180 gram clear vinyl * Artwork by Away (Michel Langevin from Voivod) * Download card for hi-res (320 kbps) digital version of the album * Double-sided 24” x 24” poster

Galway Arts Festival 2010

The brilliant Galway Arts Festival is back this July, I attended the festival last year and watched a jaw dropping set from Bon Iver in the now yearly big blue tent. Review here. The whole city is buzzing throughout the festival and its a great time to head down there to catch anything from an art gallery, theatre performance or a gig. The full list of events are not listed yet but one such event that has been annouced is that of Josh Ritter, Cathy Davey and Damien Dempsey for the tent on the 23rd of July. What a fantastic night of music that will be, Having seen Josh and Cathy already this year(Review here & here) I can assure you that you wont want to miss it. Keep an eye here for more information :

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Bands You Must See Before You Die #3

Well its about that time again to check out the original list from 2008 and see how many we have ticked off. I have added some bands down the years, let me know if you have seen any below and let me know if you would add any, Cheers!
-Radiohead (07/06/2008 - Review )
-Ryan Adams (28/11/2007 - Review / 08/11/2008 - Review )
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-Travis (07/09/2008 - Review )
-Bob Dylan (05/05/09 - Review)
-Morrissey (29/04/2009 - Review)
-Oasis (20/06/2009 - Review)
-Bon Iver (23/07/2009 - Review)
-Modest Mouse (05/12/2009 - Review)
-Doves (11/09/2009 - Review)
-The Libertines (09/07/2015 Review)
-Bruce Springsteen (16/07/2013 Review)
-The Rolling Stones (17/05/2018 Review)
The Rest still remain unheard
-The White Stripes
-Led Zeppelin
-David Bowie
-Pink Floyd
-The Flaming Lips
-Bright Eyes
-Badly Drawn Boy

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Cathy Davey Live at Dolans 16/05/2010 Review

I hold in my hand at the moment a serious strong contender for the best Irish album of 2010 if not the best overall. Davey has completely outdone herself in this instantly likable record. The album opener and title track “The Nameless” is quite beautiful and lets you into her incredible imagination of fact and fiction. This concept album centres on this ‘nameless’ character but autobiographical influences are undoubtedly weaved with fiction to create a vivid musical landscape. Her haunting childlike vocals and ability to create amazingly catchy melodies that float around the lyrics permeate this album, and arguably all her work. Songs on this album sound like you have heard them before as the melodies provoke a sense of familiarity. This ability to create songs which make you feel like you’re listening to a forgotten nursery rhyme, is undoubtedly a hallmark of Davey’s songwriting expertise. The second song “Army of Tears” is a song any artist in the world would have given anything to write, and paints vivid imagery of a tortured soul wanting to take revenge on the world. The artwork supplied with the album is excellent, which opens out into a newspaper broadsheet page full of hand drawn images created in the songs and lyrics painstakingly drawn out in quirky writing. Cameo performances comes from Divine comedies front man Neil Hannon but the main contributor is that of Conor O’Brien front man of the late “Intermediate” and indielimerick favourite “Villagers”. He has a hand in most of the tracks; Speaking of contenders for album of the year, his album is also just out entitled “Becoming a Jackal” Which is an absolute must-have. Last time I witnessed Cathy in Dolans , Conor was a member of the backing band. Cathy’s new album is just heaving with emotion and from reading previous interviews we learned that she had experienced a break up from a long-term boyfriend over the writing period. The album exudes a kaleidoscope of emotions and is heaving with power, which seems all the more noteworthy when you consider that she has brought it out on her own label. The warehouse was nicely packed tonight as I took up residence on the upstairs balcony. Great for people and band watching, the first act takes to the stage. This tall character is that of Rhob Cunningham. Rhob is the brains and voice behind new band “Our Little Secrets”. Rhob has been doing the rounds for awhile now and you might have name-checked him before on albums such as Lisa Hannigans “Sea Sew”. Having watched many Irish artists throughout the years and from scanning sleeve notes , It seems the Dublin music indie scene is sewn up with people like Rhob, getting a host of the regular crew such as Gavin Glass to produce the album and get the usual gang to help out on instruments such as Cormac Curran, Ross Turner, Hannigan, Davey and so on. We are far from complaining though, you can’t have enough of these delightful collaborations. One such collaboration is that of Matt Lunson’s “One Day International” – of whom I am still eagerly awaiting a follow up to the amazing ‘blackbird’ album. One gets an image of all these Irish musicians all living in some massive music commune in Dublin just heading around to each other’s houses to record albums as they go – and the results are great!
My first impression of Rhob is that of an Irish David gray (minus the head waggle), with Dylans’ strumming and Cash’s lyrics thrown in. He asked the crowd if they would like a cover song amidst his small set of 6 songs and dutifully delivered a beautiful rendition of Tim Buckley’s “Once I Was”. The set drew mainly from the self titled album which I haven’t got much time to delve into yet but I’m looking forward to it after hearing live versions. If you don’t by chance catch the man live on his many supporting roles this summer check him out over here: The warehouse is very packed by the end of the support act as the lights are lowered onto the stage. Davey is situated behind the drums for the opening number as she lashes into “Dog” from her new album. She is well able for them drums I tells ya! She comes out front with guitar in hand with great applause and yelps from the crowd to play “The Collector”. This yelp from the crowd continues after each song throughout the night and is reminiscent of a demented animal that is delighted to be out for the night! It becomes quite funny as others gradually try to out-yelp him! Needless to say, Cathy politely thanks him after every yelp. We get a massive 19 strong set from the Wicklow girl. We got 9 out of the 13 tracks on the new album and it was great to hear these live. Her encore included a brilliant version of The Jackson 5’s“I Want you Back” that got everyone in the crowd dancing. Tonight was the last night of the ‘bare bones tour’ and it was an absolute pleasure to catch her live again. Put simply, she gets better and better as the gigs and albums go on. Cheers for a great night! Setlist: Dog Collector Reuben No Heart In He Comes Little Blue Clean & Messy Habit Nameless Rubbish Lay Your Hand Army Wild Rum Mr.Kill Moving Encore: Bad Weather I Want You Back (The Jackson 5 Cover) Sing For You Supper

Kele Okereke Dolans 14/05/2010 Setlist

Thanks to Denis Moynihan for the Pic and setlist.
Walk Tall On the Lam Meet me in the middle The other side Everything you wanted Bloc Party Medley Tenderoni Unholy thoughts Rise Encore: All the things Flux
Review here:

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Local Pirate Radio - RadioFilou

A local radio station has been set up and is broadcasting on and off at 92.5fm. Their aim is to bring non mainstream indie, rock and anything you wont hear on a commercial station. The station regularly has live sessions in studio with local bands such as Bobby o Keefe, Ocean Over Head, John Ryan, and the Buzzmonkeys. The station is still in its early production days, at the moment most of the previously recorded shows are looping with some live additions thrown in, A live session is set of the 21st of May and after that the station will be on summer break until next September when Live work happens again. Local artists are a main feature and if you would like to get in on the act why not check them out on their myspace or just tune in to 92.5fm!

Wanna play with Bob Dylan in Thomond Park?

Local bands are being asked to summit application forms to be the fourth act to support Bob at his Thomond park gig on July 4th.
What an amazing opportunity! The forms were printed on this weeks Limerick Chronicle paper and I'm sure will feature in this weekend edition also.
The other support on the night is from David Gray, Seasick Steve and Alabama 3. Knowing the vast talent this city has Live 95 and the Leader will have its work cut out.
Here was my initial post about the gig : Dylan to play Thomond Park and my Bob Dylan Irish tour history

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HMV Limerick - Instore Performances

HMV on cruises street are hosting a string of in store performances over the next few months, So keep an eye here for who will be playing & when they will be happening. The first one lined up, is with up and coming Dublin band the Dirty 9s. It's taking place this coming Saturday May 8th at 1:00pm. The Dirty 9s have just released their debut album Stop Screaming, Start Dreaming and it's getting some great reviews. I have it down as one of my monthly album picks for May. The Dirty 9s play baker place that night too. If you're interested in finding out more about The Dirty 9s their myspace is

Albums Worth Checking Out This May

L-R The National - High Violet The Hold Steady - Heaven is Whenever Villagers - Becoming a Jackal Keane - Night Train Dirty 9s - Stop Screaming, Start Dreaming Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit Yeh Deadlies - Magazine Great Divide - Reservoir Caitlin Rose - Dead Flowers James Vincent McMorrow - Early in the Morning Suggestions very welcome!