Monday, April 28, 2008

Coldplay's New Single out tomorrow for Free!

Coldplays new album Viva la Vida of Death and all his Friends is out on June 12th but the website is previewing a single called Violet Hill, which can also be downloaded from Coldplay's website from 12.15pm tomorrow (April 29). How Cool. The single will also be given away on 7inch vinyl with NME may 10th issue.

Keep up to date with the band here

Finally downloaded the song after a half an hour of refreshing the page. The page must have been flooded. On first listen it has that unmistakable coldplay sound , still akin to X&Y era . However the music seems to be going down a new path. The first part of the song is a fast paced Chris with interesting riffs . The songs then takes a slow piano twist at the end and I'm sure will be a grower bring on the the 12th of June.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gemma Hayes Live @ Dolans 24/04/2008

I had the pleasure of going to Dolan’s Last night for the second time this week. However tonight was a completely different affair as we were in a tightly packed warehouse and we went from Male Singer–Songwriter to Female Singer-Songwriter with Gemma Hayes taking the stage.
We were first treated to ‘Happy Sad’ taken from Gemma's second album “The Roads Don’t Love You” (2005) and what followed was a mish-mash of her extensive back catalogue and some newbie’s from her soon to released album “The Hollow of Morning”. Already these new songs seem to be like old favourites and proving how prolific she is, she confidentently showcased a beautiful song written only last week called ‘Oliver’. The crazy antics of the electric guitar player kept me entertained as Gemma rocked the packed warehouse. Her new album will be available to buy on May 12th but last night we got an opportunity to buy it, its already a favourite and will be hard to put down with such crowd pleasers as ‘Out of our hands’ and ‘In Over My Head’. Another great night of music, Cheers!

Tour Dates:

25 Castlebar - Royal Theatre (Ruby Room

27 Galway - Roisin Dubh

28 Belfast - Spring & Airbrake

29 Dublin - Tripod

For more info & News on Gemma check out

Gemma Hayes – Happy Sad

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green and Live sessions Part 2- Tonight

After the very successful first instalment of green & Live sessions at Dolans , Part 2 swings into action tonight. Upstairs in dolans will see acts such as Dublin band My Brother Woody showcasing their debut album ‘It’s A Long Way From That Sort Of Thing You Were Raised’. Cork Band Femmepop and also playing tonight is Limerick’s very own Seneca who are set to embark on an extensive US tour this summer. THE GIG IS FREE! so get down there, ill be at Gemma Hayes in the warehouse, So I'm going to miss it ,but hey you cant win them all. Check out Alan's MySpace page here

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mark Geary Live @ Dolans 22/04/2008

Picture courtesy of ( Cheers Man!)

I have always said that upstairs in Dolan’s is one of the best venues around. It brings a kind of warmth to a gig and it almost feels like we are in the artist's living room and we are almost intruding on a private session, but last night we were all warmly invited round Mark's for tea (Guinness) & Music.

We were first treated to Ann Scott. She is currently touring with Mark and also features on his new album “Opium”. Ann is going out with the producer of the album and studio band member Karl Odlum. She wowed us with a combination of velvety vocals and finely picked guitar, and was a perfect introduction to the main performance in which she provided a harmonious counterpart to Mark's vocals. Mr. Geary arrived on stage and spoke of his fondness of Limerick and how he has cousins around these parts - and sure why wouldn’t he, the place is full of Gearys! He opened with the infectious "Cold Little Fire" which set the tone for this intimate gig. The set began with some hand picked songs from the new album, which included “Always”, of which Mark said: “This is a love song, not the roses and chocolates side of love, but the bricks through the window and calling the police side of love. Nobody writes love songs like that anymore!!" He then moved on to some crowd favourites from “33 1/3 Grand Street” & “Ghosts”. The atmosphere was so relaxed, the banter from a contented crowd adding to the intimate feel. Mark and his band flowed through his set list and then bid us good night. After calls from the crowd, Mark returned on stage solo to play requests from the audience, which included “You’re the Only Girl”, “Morphine” , “Adam & Eve” and even a brilliant rendition of Radiohead’s "No Surprises". The evening seemed to fly by and I suppose that in itself is testament to the fluidity and ease of the performance. Cheers for a great gig.

Set List:
Cold Little Fire
Facin’ the fall
King of Swords
Not on your life
Maid of Gold
It Beats Me
You’re the Only Girl
Christmas Biscuits
Radiohead’s No Surprises
Adam & Eve + Ray LaMontagne's Jolene

Check out Ann Scott Here

Check out Mark Geary Here

Info on his new album plus gig warm up

Hungry for gigs? check out Gemma Hayes this Thursday @ Dolan’s.

Mark Geary - Tuesday Live @ Dolans 22/04/08 (Sorry for the Quality)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

I was recently recommended this album “For Emma, Forever Ago” by someone or something called “Bon Iver”. On first listen I knew it wasn’t for me however as the album rolls along it seems to pull you into its deep rhythm of soft strumming guitars and layered remarkable enchanting vocals. When I listen now the hairs stand up from the back of my neck from the first strum to the last.
After researching the background to this album it becomes clear where this sound emanates from. Let me fill you in.
Bon Iver represents the French word “bon hiver” meaning good winter. Good winter is a very interesting way to put it, but I bet Justin Vernon didn’t think it would have been refer to as a Good Winter when he set about to start this album.
He had just been in the middle of a split from his previous band “DeYarmond Edison” and just got into his head to go into isolation in the form of a remote cabin in Wisconsin for four months. While Justin was there he kept up to date with day to day up keep of his father’s farmland which was adjacent to the cabin. He busied himself with various activities such a wood cutting and so on. His artistic side obviously woke up while there and began to write this amazing folk/indie album. I can just picture him alone in the middle of nowhere surrounded by guitars, recording equipment and hundreds of papers with lyrics on them.
This story has one of a great happy ending as Vernon's self-released debut album is one of fine quality and worth a listen or two.

Bon Iver plays Crawdaddy 2nd of June , Dublin

Check out his Myspace page here

Bon Iver -Flume (dont blame me for goosebumps)

Monday, April 14, 2008

More Free Music Documentary’s

Like the pixies film below this documentary is on for one week only. Every week this website offers us a new band's film. Last week's film on the pixies was a real insight into the band and this week's film offers us a look into the unusual band "Air". get to the site soon and give it a whirl as its only there for one week only
I love the section where they are getting asked crazy questions from the press, which they dont understand a must watch!
Air's album Moon Safari should be in every one's music collection go out and get it and thank me in the process. Enjoy the film
If you miss it this week the film is free with the 10th Anniversary Edition of Moon Safari

Geary Brings Opium to Limerick

One of the few hard Irish working singer songwriters is coming back to limerick this month (22th of April) and this time he is bringing along new material from his new album Opium. The album sounds superb on first listen and continues to grow on me.
Mark Geary’s third album showcases a sole that has been on a long and winding tour of the states and someone who was trying to find themselves and won the battle.
There are some fantastic songs on here and I am sure we will be hearing quite a lot from Geary before the year is out.
He describes the album as being “about escape and the notion of consequence”. Tracks such as “Tuesday” and “Atrophy” seems to emanate that statement and it’s a record you will find yourself going back to again and again.

His other albums “33 1/3 Grand Street” in 2003 and “Ghosts” in 2004 have had critical acclaim and are well worth looking into. Check out more of Mr.Geary at

Mark Geary - Tuesday (From the new album)

-- He plays Dolan’s 22th of April (
-- He Plays Electric Picnic 31st of August (

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Film About the Pixies

Many of you would have seen this already but I only stumbled across it today. This documents their first tour after reuniting back in 2004. It give a great insight into the bands history and music and drama.
Have a great weekend my plan is to dolittle as much ( such cheese!)

Viva La Vida

Named after a painting by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Coldplay's Fourth Studio album is nearly here. The release date is said to be June 16 with a possible single before then.

The website posted the above indicating the Tracks to be included in the new album. The title to be honest sounds a bit more Ricky martin then Mexican painting but hows ever the proof is in the hearing. Will look forward to this and hopefully they have gone down the path of parachutes but i have an strange feeling they haven't.

To keep an eye on their progress check out

*Sorry for the lack of posts this week still recovering from the fantastic weekend in Gloucester*

Coldplay at their raw greatness live at Barfly sessions

Part 2 & 3 on

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unsigned Music Snippets - The Acid Test

Another installment of this quick look at bands and artists. If u or know someone who would like to be feautured here just e-mail
Name : The Acid Test
Hails From : Metropolis of Mullingar, Ireland

Music Sound : Guitar and electro beats with hues of abstract electronica

About : I saw this band play last Friday night in Baker Place, unfortunatly i was trying to watch the munster game but i couldnt help notice the great sound these guys were making. The sound isnt lacking in any way and they are able to produce sounds of huge quantity & quality. Hopefully ill be able to check them out in better circumstances.


The Acid Test Live from BALCONYTV.COM (23/03/2008)