Wednesday, April 24, 2013

John Smith live at Bourkes , Limerick 18/04/2013 Review

On an extremely windy Thursday evening I sought shelter and fine music in Bourkes. I was not disappointed. Seoda Shows have been hosting some amazing gigs in Bourkes of late and are set to continue with an enviable line-up of artists, with the likes of O Emperor and Tieranniesaur due to grace the intimate venue in the coming months. Previously, the venue has brought some wonderful acts to the people of Limerick without charge, but as one can imagine, this was not sustainable in the long-term and the gigs will now be ticketed affairs. Which is fair and will mean that gig-goers are guaranteed a spot on the night. Further to that, the prices are seriously reasonable - last night's show featuring John Smith only cost €5, peanuts when you consider the calibre of artist on show. If you haven't attended one of these shows check them out here .

First on stage was local girl Emma Langford. Emma plays with the band 'Lemon Street' and was accompanied by one of her bandmates George Mercer on electric guitar. She played a melodic set which showcased her diverse vocals as the punters piled in and leant an ear to her unique musical yarns. The band are constantly gigging so be sure to check them out live. Keep an eye on them here

The pub was heaving as the main act arrived on stage. I have only recently discovered John Smith thanks to youtube clips featuring the singer with Lisa Hannigan at various gigs. Impressed and intrigued I was spurred on to dig a little more and was delighted to then get a chance to see him live. The Devon-born singer-songwriter creates a masterful sound which tips it's hat to folk, country, bluegrass and the blues, but more importantly has an integrity and a rawness that supports and enhances his story-telling. He has just released his fourth album 'Great Lakes' which I thankfully got a hold of last night - no mean feat considering the scramble for CDs which occurred after the gig.

Needless to say, the crowd were captivated throughout the set. John was joined by another John on Double Bass, and both musicians displayed a humble connectedness with each other and the room, that you don't often see these days. At times it felt like we the audience were gathered round the seanchaí, hanging on every word of the tale. Sometimes, John's soaring vocals (stretching from whispered to guttural tone reminiscent of Ray LaMontagne) and woven melodies commanded our attention. Smith expertly created a connection with the room in a way that many artists can fail to do, which made for a very memorable gig in this intimate venue. Keep an eye on him here ,
Cheers for a great night!

Friday, April 19, 2013

100th Live Review and Counting

Still love doing live reviews and still love writing this blog, Thanks for reading :)

Julie Hawk live at Dolans 05/04/2013 Review

Meant to write a review for this a while back but better late than never I guess. The upstairs venue provided a great setting for a super night of music back at the start of April.

First support act on the night were the delightful limerick band 'Monday Villains' , The lads have only been in operation for a couple of months and have already a great live sound. The bands age is hard not to comment on as they are very young and all school goers. Their sound harps back to the Americana blues era of sixties. The lads played some great original material and some super covers thrown into the set which included the likes of Muddy Waters and Canned Heat. Great to see such a young band full of talent taking to the stage. Hopefully we will see a lot more from Monday Villains soon. Keep an eye on them here

Next up were local band 'Randolf and the Crokers' and if you read indielimerick you will know by now I'm in the band so wont go on too much about how we played awesome :)
The lads played a nice forty minute set of original tracks. We are currently recording like mad and hope to have a single out at some point soon. In the meantime the lads won the 2012/2013 UL battle of the bands on the 11th of April and will be gigging a lot of the summer months, keep a trace on them here

Next up were the headline act of 'Julie Hawk' and a super band of merry men. Julie is currently London based but originally a Galway Girl. She has been making massive in roads in the music scene over in England and has just released a super self titled six track EP. Which can be bought from iTunes here. Tonight saw her play the fourth night of a six night tour of Ireland. Her set tonight featured most of the EP which included a lovely rendition of the Smiths 'This Charming Man' . Well worth checking her out if you can , you can find her here.

Cheers for a great night of music!

Friday, April 5, 2013

FRED Release new single as a Free Download!

Indielimerick favourite FRED have just today released their brand new single 'Battles' as a free download. This is the first new material since their excellent 2012 release 'Leaving My Empire' and hopefully we will see a string of live dates to follow it. FRED are super live and if you get a chance check them out you won't be disappointed! Check out the single below and go download!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Albums Worth Listening to in April 2013

The Milk Carton Kids - The Ash & Clay
John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts
Ethan Johns - If Not Now Then When?
dREA - Hunting EP
Much anticipated from local man Damien Drea, From what I have already heard this is going to be a great EP, Keep an eye on him here
Kiernan McMullan - Company EP
One time limerick native brings out another lovely record, check him out here
As Always Suggestions Very Welcome!!