The New Reindeer Age - Limerick Charity Album

30/05/2012 UPDATE
To date we have raised 4,800 for the learning Hub Limerick, There are still some copies for sale in the following places:
Limerick City Library
Learning Hub Limerick
Limerick Self Storage
Dolans Pub
Beats Working Record Shop
Wingnut Records (Moviedrome, Henry St.)

07/12/2011 UPDATE
There will be a pop up stall this Friday in The Limerick Milk Market, We will be selling the 22 track album for just €10

06/12/2011 UPDATE
Where to Buy the Album :
Limerick Self Storage
Learning Hub Limerick

05/12/2011 UPDATE
Review of the Launch night in dolans here

30/11/2011 UPDATE
Ok a massive treat for today! I am very excited to share with you my cassette copy of the original Reindeer Age from 1990. Its now finally online for your listening pleasure. Saturday is the Launch night of The New Reindeer Age so please tell as many people as possible. Share this page and share this event . Enjoy the album , Cheers!!!
The Reindeer Age (1990) by indielimerick
29/11/2011 UPDATE
Listen to Randolf perform "Carry On" and discuss 'The New Reindeer Age' album on "The Block" show on Spin South West radio show.
Randolf on Spin South West 24/11/2011 by indielimerick Randolf on Spin South West 24/11/2011

23/11/2011 UPDATE
Press night set for the 24th of November in O'Connells Bar, More Detail here

Check out the poster for the launch night. Tell everyone!!!!

09/11/2011 UPDATE
Check out some pics of the artists that will make up the album over on facebook
08/11/2011 UPDATE
As of today the album is nearly mastered ie nearly ready for pressing. The artwork is complete and looks amazing. Will be handing it all over to Dutec on Friday for pressing and will know the release date very soon!

In 1989 an album was recorded called 'The Reindeer Age', It consisted of limerick bands signed to the limerick label Xeric Records. In 2011 shall see 'The New Reindeer Age', I am trying to recreate the magic of the original great compilation with some of the original cohort and showcasing some new talent, with the majority of the album made up of unsigned young Limerick bands.

The difference will be that this album will be for charity. All proceeds will go to the Learning Hub Limerick. The hub works in partnership with young people, parents, education providers, statutory bodies and the wider community to provide a safe, welcoming and inspiring environment where young people can reach their potential. There are various areas in the Learning Hub which include a Digital Hub (IT Skills), Science Hub, Health Hub(Area for sporting activity's) and the Music Hub. All these areas are available to young people in limerick and is run by volunteers. Many of these volunteers are 3rd level students using their skills to help out. The learning hub is an invaluable place and provides so much needed help with the young people in Limerick. Learn more about the hub here (

Please check out the facebook page set up for the album HERE

I will be using this page & the facebook page to keep you informed of how it is all coming along.
I have been working on a project since the middle of September, As of now we are nearly ready to go. The hard part was to get funding to be able to press 500 physical copies of the album. I approached various businesses in Limerick and now we have full funding of the album. (funders mentioned below).
22 limerick acts have kindly given me the permission to use their tracks and I have hand picked some of my favourite homegrown tracks. These songs are currently being mastered in the learning hub limerick. The artwork should be ready soon and I am hoping to have the album in my hands mid/late November.
Their will be a press launch and also an album launch to follow, The album can be purchased at the launch nights and various places around town. Details to follow.

If you would like to fund or help out in any way, feel free to email me at

Funding was provided by the following, without which the project would not have been possible;
Limerick City Council
Limerick Self Storage
Dolans Warehouse
O’Connells Bar
Tuscany Bistro
Foleys Bar

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