Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Day International - Upstairs Dolans, 07/10/2008 Review

Their debut album was released last Friday and I happened to stumble across them on the same day. I have had the album on repeat ever since and last night I happened to see them live. On a cold miserable Tuesday night I found myself upstairs in Dolans warehouse once more. I have described this place as a sitting room where the audience are able to engage with the bands and feel like they just stumbled across them rehearsing in their front room. Knowing the cosy quality of this bands album I knew this venue was made for them. I arrived early in case of a ticket issue and to get a good seat, all were acquired as the support act started “She”. This girl was accompanied by a harp and a pocket full of songs about past lovers. The harp is such a nice instrument and always seems to fascinate me. The supporting act didn’t stay long and I am sure we will hear a lot more about her in time to come. “One Day International” were up and the place was empty I counted ten people and that includes friends of the support act. This was the attendance for the night. It was such a shame, as this band is going to be huge and the people of limerick really missed out on a magically evening of music. The band said that when you’re speaking to other bands about touring, they always mention that first handful of gigs where no one is at your gigs and they stay with you. Well tonight was one such occasion but it did not dampen the bands spirits in the slightest. They played their debut album “Blackbird” straight through except for one. The album is something special and it just is instantly likable. The first song and current single “Closed Doors” is just amazing and will have you repeating it over and over. The sound is hard to describe but the vocals are flawless, the lead singer Matt Lunson draws you in with every song. There are hints of Travis, Elbow, Radiohead and something I can’t quite put my finger on. The bands sound is so recognisable and easy on the ear it’s incredible. I am proud to say these guys are Irish however you might double check the lead singer’s accent as he has lived in Tasmania for years, The album was produced by Ex Bellx1 band member Brian Crosby and his influence is cleary here too. The Band seem to be multi talented and seem to have played with many artists at one time or another. Live this band transform the album into a completely different beast and the textures and layers are breathtaking. I saw Lisa Hannigan last week and her band when they start gelling together is quite similar. They played a new song last night in the form of “Pouring Rain” which cements the fact that they will be around for quite some time. If you get a chance buy this album and see these guys live. Speaking about familiarity with this band, one track in particular was too familiar to be true “Aliens”. Last night confirmed my beliefs and it was featured on the cake sale album also produced by Crosby, written by Lunson but performed by Neil Hannon, Strange but true. Having made up 10% of the audience, this gig truly was one of the best this year. Will look forward to seeing them again very soon, to a packed Dolans warehouse. Thanks for a great gig guys! Check them out for yourself : 10 Oct 2008 20:30 Spirit Store Dundalk 17 Oct 2008 20:00 The Pavilion Cork 31 Oct 2008 20:00 Roisin Dubh (Upstairs) Galway Set List: Miss Your Mouth Shiver Not Over You Sleeping On Trains Aliens Balloon Pouring Rain Darken Your Door Closed Doors Little Death Black is the Bird One Day International-Closed Doors

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