Monday, February 2, 2009

Fred Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Review

The Belltable is getting a revamp and a new roof so the Red Cross Hall is the new home of bands, actors and comedians for awhile. Tonight saw the first band play the Unfringed Festival 2009. Cork band Fred took to the tiny stage at around half ten. Before this people we greeted by a candle lit entrance and a garden fete like set up, selling beers and wine. Once inside the small hall and I stress small, there were golden painted chairs lined up for the public and left and right of the stage was adorned with seating also. A play that had taken place on the Friday night called the Magic boy was still visible tonight as there were two magicians posters left and right of the stage and the backdrop was a curtain of golden glitter, all this added to the warm cosy feel of the place. The crowd were packed in and the band were about to treat us to 90 minutes of unfringed and unplugged bliss. Fred played nine of their new twelve track album called “Go God Go” and 6 others from their previous album "Making Music So You Don't Have To" . For the encore they played a cover of John Martyn’s classic “May You Never”. John had passed away only two days previous and was a beautiful tribute. The bands new album Go God Go is one of those records you put on and have to listen straight through and if you don’t have a big smile on your face by the end of the record, there is something wrong. This feel good music was transcended into an acoustic roller coaster ride on Saturday night and even though the band admitted they had never played a show like this, it was like they had been playing like this for years. Their harmonies and altogetherness was just amazing. The songs were just amazing unplugged and the venue offered a bedroom rehearsal feel to it all. The lead singer Joseph O’Leary arrived on stage wearing a Munster rugby hat and throughout the night had great banter with both the band and crowd. The band are laid back, down to earth guys and their music just oozes honesty. This honest non-pretentious five piece band is one to catch live and plugged in. If you get a chance and see them acoustic all the better. The next time the guys are in Limerick is for Mary I Rag week 11th of Feb, then UL Rag Week on March the 30th. Id wait for their Dolans gig on the 8th of April, until then go get Go God Go and get yourself into feel good mood. The videos below just talk volumes in terms of the amazing sound and feel to the night, Cheers Fred, the Belltable and Eightball for a great night! Check out : Set List : Damn You Hollywood
Death Song (Video Below)
Good One
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young Cover) (Video Below)
Keep Me Clear
The Lights
Born To Be With You (Video Below)
Running (Video Below)
Four Chords and The Truth
The Capitol Song (Video Below)
Summer's Coming (Partial Video Below)
May You Never (John Martyn Cover)
Fred - Death Song, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - Only Love, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - Born2B W/U and Running, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - Summers Coming[cut short], Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009 Fred - The Capitol Song, Live at The Belltable Unfringed Festival - 31/01/2009


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Great post - that gig was brilliant - go Fred go! ;)

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