Monday, March 16, 2009

So Cow Live in the Róisín Dubh, 14/03/2009 Review

I found myself in Galway city for the weekend and where better to go but the Roisin Dubh. This was my first time to set foot in the famed music establishment. Think Costellos vibe, people and music just with a better decor. A great haunt and a must for music heads, the walls are lined with pictures of gigs gone by and the place is full of guys and gals who know their music. Tonight would see a local perform, “So Cow”. The Tuam native has been on the music scene for quite some time now; he has two albums in the bag “These Truly Are End Times” in 2007 and “I'm Siding with My Captors” in 2008 both recorded in South Korea. He seems to keep a low profile and the band themselves have quite the gigging schedule, He seems to have a big following on the Internet blogging circle and has some killer songs to back this up. He is to release yet another EP in 2009 but this time in vinyl form. All his titles can be bought from his website ( Each record for less than ten squid. Bargain! Speaking of bargains the gig was free too. The support was from Dublin band “Dublin Duck Dispensary”. Armed with what turned out to be Co Cows guitar, Bobby Aherne set about ram raiding through his setlist. Very interesting is a word to describe this crazy style of strumming, singing and music. It shouldn't’t work but it all some how does and after four songs he was joined by the drummer to finish the set off. The drums really added to the sound and the music was really working from that point on, a few false starts added to their charm and made it interesting and funny. The guy has got talent and a crap load of EP’s. 7 in total including the 2009’s release “Yykes Basket”. All are downloadable for free expect this years offering from here : Another great bargain! Go check them out! The Main act was on stage and ready to go bonkers. The band is comprised of three non band looking people. The bass player was towering over the lead signer and the drummer looked as if we was sizing up the the drums to buy his first kit in a shop. As soon as the songs started playing you knew these guys did know what they were at. Punk Rock Indie Madness! The lead singer is a mad loon and really gets into the music and looks like he is enjoying the music too much. Before every song he introduces the band as someone else such as “Hi were clannad and this is…..” Very entertaining and a great band to witness live. Highlight was Casablanca. It was introduced as a fan favourite and you can see why. The energy in the song and band is incredible. A couple of new songs were played including the hilariously titled “The Tony Keady Affair”, for fans of GAA punk rock controversial discussions. I was glad I got to see so cow on there self titled “Its All Cool, Holmes! Tour 09”. Check them out here and check them out live before they head off touring the states. The Roisin Dubh is a great spot to check out if you get a chance. Set List: Greetings Commuting 100 Helen Ja Ju Ah Pa Yo League of Impressionable Teens Off Out Choh Ah! You’re Nice Mysteries Bat Toes The Tony Keady Affair Dunno Mess Me Up Normalcy Sharkleton Moon Guen Young Casablanca Ping Pong Rock This Angry Silence To Do List It’s Over

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