Monday, June 22, 2009

Oasis, Slane 2009 Concert Review

It was quite amazing to witness the band that practically sound tracked your youth along with 80,000 fans on the side of a hill. It was the first time I had a chance to witness the brothers live and what an amazing place to have that opportunity. An early bus journey from Limerick brought us to Slane on a day that didn’t see a drop of rain in sight. The first agenda was to find a pub showing the first test of the Lions tour of South Africa. A cab brought us to a pub a few miles down the road with full coverage of the match, A BBQ, a cover band and a general nice atmosphere. The lions gave a valiant effort but lost out by 5 points in the end. You couldn't help but wonder would Ronan O’Gara have made up those points if played. Another cab back saw us entering the castle grounds and we were handed souvenir ticket stubs, a very nice touch I must say. We had missed The Blizzards and Glasvegas due to our rugby adventures but we were in plenty time to sample Kasabian who were just about to adore the stage. I have missed seeing these guys a few times at festivals. They are amazing live, such a great stage presence and their set list was made up of old and new gems. Their new album I would highly recommend. Their new single “Fire” sounded great as the crowd joined in. A must see live. Kasabian Setlist: Underdog Vlad The Impaler Fire Fast Fuse Where Did All The Love Go? Empire Shoot The Runner Club Foot Processed Beats Cutt Off/RiT LSF Next up were the prodigy, I spent the first few songs queuing in the never ending line for a beer. More beer tents would have easily sorted this out and not charging 6 squid would be an idea as the staff spent most of their time fiddling with change. But on a whole the day ran without any major hassle. 80,000 people after all like. I wouldn’t be a major fan of the prodigy but its hard not to like this guys live. Live is what they do best and they really pulled out all the stops today. They ended the setlist with an amazing rendition of “out of space” as the crowd and pit went bonkers. I was glad I got to witness them live and they really rocked slane no end. The Prodigy Setlist: Their Law Breathe Breathe dubstep Omen Warriors Dance Firestarter Run With The Wolves Voodoo People Omen Reprise Invaders Must Die Diesel Power Smack My Bitch Up Take Me To The Hospital Out Of Space Last up was the headliner Oasis. They hammered straight into the opener of “Rock N Roll” and I was amazed from start to finish. The set list hasn’t changed much over the tour and you can see why, it’s flawless. They rocked through their set playing crowd pleasers and newbies. The new songs sound great live but it was something special to hear songs such as “Roll With it” looking back on the hill as 80,000 people are screaming the words back to the stage. Half the world away for me was the highlight, it was mentioned during the week by their ex member Bonehead that they should have called it a day after the gig at knebworth. Slane just proved all that to be shitetalk.Noel seemed to have enjoyed slane as he spoke today on his on going blog : "Urgh..what a hangover! Horrific. Great, great night though. As spectacles go (and I don't mean the ones you wear) Slane Castle takes some beating.I don't think I've seen The Prodigy since Knebworth but fuck me, they had it yesterday. Incredible behaviour. You gotta be good to follow Kasabian. They are.Don't remember leaving the gig! I feel poisoned. Not looking forward to the flight home AND me and Irie Nancy have got to go to a friend's 40th tomorrow. More boozing. Shit!!Got 10 days off though so mustn't grumble.In a bit.GD." The visuals on the monitors were amazing throughout the show and its hard not to think that this concert could be released for a DVD.Liam dedicated "My Big mouth" to himself even though he remained somewhat quite for the gig, he commented to the people in the VIP section "What the hell ye doing up there?".His voice was spot on for the whole gig.They played a stormer finishing with the beatles “I am the Walrus” that I am sure the Beatles would have nodded with approval to. As the brothers made their way off stage a barrage of fireworks went off in the night sky with Oasis “Married with Children” being played over the speakers, perfectly apt with the lyrics “Goodbye I'm going home” an end to a perfect concert. Cheers lads for one of the greatest gigs you could witness. I can safely knock Oasis off my list of bands I must see before I die and as Noel said just before he left the stage at Slane castle "Thanks, it's been Biblical".
My Bootleg of the gig can be found here :
Oasis Setlist: Fucking In The Bushes Rock N Roll Star Lyla Shock Of The Lightning Roll With It Cigarettes And Alcohol To Be Where There’s Life Waiting For The Rapture The Masterplan ( My Own Video Below) Songbird Slide Away Morning Glory My Big Mouth The Importance Of Being Idle Half The World Away Wonderwall
Supersonic Live Forever Encore: Don't Look Back In Anger Falling Down Champagne Supernova I Am The Walrus


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nicely written review

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Nice article but I have to say, it was Liam who said "biblical" before leaving the stage!

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Oasis! that was very famous here in our town! me and my father like to hear their songs../Albums