Friday, August 7, 2009

Lisa Hannigan Live at St.Johns Church, Limerick REVIEW + MINI BOOTLEG

Tonight we were met with an amazing setting of St.John’s Church. The congregation were flooding into this small quaint church to follow the preaching’s of Lisa Hannigan. The church in no longer in use for religious reason but rather a dance and art hall called the Daghada Space. It got its first gig thanks to eightball during the year, where Glen Hansard and Marketa irglova took to the alter. Tonight sees its second gig take place to a church that has run out of seats and a bar that is well stocked. I wonder was it ever this full before?
The stage is adored with all lisa’s trinkets such as her now iconic table adorned with her Harmonium and Light up mushroom. Various instruments are strewn about the place all tied together with fairly lights. I wasn’t aware of a support act for tonight but low and behold a guy has started playing, A guy would guess would be a support act more of an awkward suits salesman. He went by the name of Mublin Deaf Ro. He sang little over seven songs each packed with an amazing story. He filled us in on the details before and even during some of the songs. Such songs as “Trouble under a murder Moon” a tale about murderous sisters and “Brother Peter” and novice priest thinking was this the right choice inn life. All his songs contained wonderful quirky short stories and even quirkier guitar playing. A very interesting character and a very interesting set. You can check him out here I got a copy of his latest album “The hearing and the brine” so I am off to be transported into a world of short stories. Next came the main act Lisa and her merry men. It has been just over ten months since I last saw Lisa in UL ( Review here : I thought back then the harmony and tight knit of the band couldn’t get better, but it seems a tour across America will bring a band from the brilliant to the sublime. The band were incredible tight and everything sounded amazing. The acoustics in the church along with Lisa’s voice added a fantastic haunting quality. I had to double check at times to see that there was only five on stage as the sound they were making was sometimes orchestral. Five songs we were treated to an amazing version of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” , I think Lisa could cover any song and make it something special. Another song later and again were treated to a cover song, this time a John Martyn song “I Couldn’t Love You More”. She said it was her favourite song bar the Ghostbusters theme tune but this was her “cool” favourite song. The set drew mainly from her fantastic debut album “Sea Sew”, which was just recently nominated for a mercury award. The set also included two new songs in the form of Brolly Beats and Passenger. The later of the two was played as the first encore with Lisa on stage alone armed with a mandolin. The song clearly drew influence from the latest US tour and showed a bight future for what’s to come from the follow up to “sea sew”. The church is a fantastic venue and tonight saw an incredible night of music. If you haven’t seen this girl live yet get out and check her out, look forward to hearing her again and listening to the new album. Congratulations to all involved in setting this night up it was run with great precision. Cheers! Set List : Pistachio Sea Song Splishy Splashy Courting Blues Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Bob Dylan Cover) Venn Diagram I Couldn’t Love You More (John Martyn Cover) Ocean and a Rock My Pirate Disco I Don’t Know Brolly Beats (New Song) Blurry Teeth Lille Encore : Passenger ( New Song) Keep it all


Anonymous said...

I never put a comment about a artist that i like, but for the Lisa i open a excepcion, because she's a fantastic singer, composer and musician, and very pretty, not forget. And add me in messenger = =]

tuxedo tails said...

Are they a Christian band? i wanna know they're genre.. i wish they are!