Monday, January 25, 2010

Protobaby Live at Dolans, 22/01/2010 REVIEW

I happily got a chance to get down to Dolans on Friday night after a thrilling night in Thomond Park, I wasn't expecting to get down to see the EP launch so I did not get any video footage or any decent photo (Hench the rubbish camera picture above).
Upstairs in Dolans was nicely packed to witness this local band unveil their superb "Freedom EP". My review of the EP can be found here. I last saw the these guys back in June 2009(Review here) and I knew from there they were destined for great things and tonight cemented that thought again. The band were in sublime form and each song sounded amazing. I have compared the guys to Joy Division numerous times but to hear their cover of "love Will Tear Us Apart" was almost weird the similarities to the original.
The EP tracks were all played but the crowd got a sneak peak into the potential of this band with a few unknown tracks being played. Its a testament to a bands future when you hear tracks not even released on their current EP that are standing out the most. The second last track "Too Late" left a standing impression on me and I really cant wait to here more studio tracks from the band. Keep an eye on these guys and they are a must see live band.
Setlist :
Sold you a Lie Think It’s Time Big Bang Throw It Away Life’s Too Short Slight Obsession Violence on... Love Will Tear Us Apart Too Late Freedom

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Grayson said...

I'm not gonna Lie to you.When I saw them supported by "Fat Baby Panda" I thought that, while the playing was executed to perfection, the live "performance" left much to be desired.Not alot of energy and didn;t give off an "I'm having fun" vibe to me.
But then again,I'm very much of the opinion that if you're going to play a show,put on a show.