Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bands You Must See Before You Die #3

Well its about that time again to check out the original list from 2008 and see how many we have ticked off. I have added some bands down the years, let me know if you have seen any below and let me know if you would add any, Cheers!
-Radiohead (07/06/2008 - Review )
-Ryan Adams (28/11/2007 - Review / 08/11/2008 - Review )
-Neil Young (26/06/08 - Review )
-Travis (07/09/2008 - Review )
-Bob Dylan (05/05/09 - Review)
-Morrissey (29/04/2009 - Review)
-Oasis (20/06/2009 - Review)
-Bon Iver (23/07/2009 - Review)
-Modest Mouse (05/12/2009 - Review)
-Doves (11/09/2009 - Review)
-The Libertines (09/07/2015 Review)
-Bruce Springsteen (16/07/2013 Review)
-The Rolling Stones (17/05/2018 Review)
The Rest still remain unheard
-The White Stripes
-Led Zeppelin
-David Bowie
-Pink Floyd
-The Flaming Lips
-Bright Eyes
-Badly Drawn Boy


Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam!!!!One of the best live acts you will ever see,along with Bon Iver and Radiohead.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I feel that I must say that one of the best live acts IMO is Muse. But you have Radiohead on the list so IDK if you like them...

Spacepig said...

Interesting and varied list of bands to see. From that list I can tick off The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and possibly The Flaming Lips (it was a really heavy night, but I think I seen them!).
Ones I would add to the list, if you haven't seen them yet: Hawkwind, Faust, Porcupine Tree, oh I could go on and on.
My next gig will be Colour Haze in London next month.

IndieLimerick said...

Adding the national now to the list :)