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Bob Dylan ,Thomond Park , Limerick 04/07/10 Review

I drew up a list on this blog back in 2008 listing all the bands and artists I have to see before I die, Bob Dylan was listed here and alongside his name said “Too Many Wasted Opportunities” , That was true due to bad timing, Money and the trek to Dublin. So with the announcement that he was to play in the o2 last year I jumped at the opportunity. I never ever guessed I would see Dylan headlining my local rugby ground the following year! What an amazing act to come to your hometown and the billing of the amazing support bands made it even sweeter. I bought my tickets the very day they were released, Havent been to a gig in Thomond park yet major reasons being Elton John , Rod Stewart and Pink! And was really looking forward to seeing how thomond holds up to a music concert. Having a season ticket for Munster rugby it will be strange to see this stadium in a completely different light. Bob’s live appearances over the last few years on this never ending tour have been critised over and over again. While I completely understand these criticisms and agree on most of the points such as his lack of interaction with the crowd and his voice deterioration and versions of his songs gone beyond recognition. My final thoughts after seeing him in the 02 last year (Review) was that its amazing to be in the same room as the genius that more or less sound tracked generations, while the voice is gone and he has moved into this jazz up realm of playing his classics, you can’t but enjoy watching his every move and enjoy the show. I am really hoping for the same tonight, first things first a whole day of great support bands. Strolling from my house out to the rugby ground, I can’t believe we don’t have to drive all the way to Dublin or further afield to witness one of the greatest acts ever. Strange to be walking out onto the hallowed turf as the place is nicely packed with people all huddled around the stage in the middle of the pitch with the over shadowing stadium on either side, I presume the stage is positioned like this due to the lack of ticket sales, I find out later that the crowd is in the region of 15,000 the smallest attendance to these stadium gigs. I arrived late so unfortunately I completely missed the local band last days of death country. Sorry guys! Alabama 3 are on stage as I make my way over and they are clearly in great form with a huge sound and the crowd look like they are have fun watching these guys do their thing, Amazingly powerful backing vocals and a serious band backing in the guys of the dance crazy Larry Love and the Reverend. Next up is the delightful Seasick Steve, Fantastic swamp blues with the instantly likably foot tapping beats. This guy knows how to enjoy himself now armed with a drummer with a suitable brilliant look. He sits down and plays his crazy guitars from the 2 stringed electric, 3 stringed device with a two by four as a neck and two hub caps stuck together with a broom handle coming out the top and it all sound brilliant, Its my second time to catch this act and he gets better has he goes, If you haven’t witnessed this guy , do! . Last support act up at which what now feels like a small festival vibe is “David Gray”, We have all gone through the “White Ladder” phase and why wouldn’t we, the album is immense. I have witnessed the guy twice before in the years where I was still infatuated with everything he has released, In recent years albums have come and gone with no great Grá from me. It seems strange that he was put on the bill for the Dylan show and the crowd never really got into it, however what it did play sounded great and it was nice to relive the classic songs such as “Sail Away”. Really enjoyed his homage to Phil lynott during “This Years Love” where he slotted “The Boys are back in Town” into the same air. Enjoyable to see him again and would catch again hopefully with a full set indoors. David Gray Setlist: Fugitive Sail Away The One I Love This Years Love (excerpt from The Boys Are Back In Town) The Other Side Please Forgive Me Babylon The stage is being set-up for Dylan and I notice the Oscar he won for Best Original Song for Things Have Changed in 2001 sitting on top of his piano once gain after last seeing it in the O2 the year previous. The black suited Dylan arrives on stage surrounding by his well suited backing band, They lashed into the 18 strong set full of classic Dylan tunes with a backing band that sounded amazing throughout, As usual their was no crowd interaction and the voice is gone and some of the tracks are far from recognisable but that’s Bob Dylan on stage in my home town, Worth it alone for that privilege. The guy is on a Never ending tour since 1988 and plays in and around one hundred gigs a year, just to witness him in the same room is worth the ticket. Dylan on the 4th of July in Limerick doesnt get much better. What I said after watching last year still stands: “It was quite amazing to see such a living legend on stage and play the songs that have shaped music history. Just to share a room with the man was a joy but to hear him play such a great set was a privilege.” He seemed more upbeat than the gig in dublin and was fantastic to seem him live again, Doubt ill be doing any more millage to catch him live but if he plays 10 minutes from my house I will. Thomond is a great setting for a gig and hope to see a lot more big acts playing there soon. Bob Dylan Setlist: Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat Lay, Lady, Lay Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Just Like A Woman Beyond Here Lies Nothin' Tangled Up In Blue Rollin' And Tumblin' Tryin' To Get To Heaven Cold Irons Bound Love Sick Highway 61 Revisited Workingman's Blues #2 Thunder On The Mountain Ballad Of A Thin Man Like A Rolling Stone I Feel A Change Comin' On Jolene Blowin' In The Wind

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