Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra Live at Dolans 10/09/10 Review

Deligthed to finally catch the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra live after missing so many opportunites in the past. What a better night to catch them on their local show introducing their new album to the world. The warehouse was done up in red ballons which can be seen throughout the artwork on their new album "Lowering the Tone", They have gathered quite a crowd for their home show and on stage sees local support act "Windings" warm up the crowd. Another great local band that I did not have the pleasure of seeing live yet. Their new album "It's Never Light" is just about to be released, including their very own dolans night coming up on the 6th of Novemeber. They play a nice set of 5 to 6 songs, I look forward to checking out their new album, Keep an eye on them here Next up are the main event as BPLO flood onto the stage, all 8 of them. The main trio made up of the Blake siblings is that of David ,James and Ann. They were also joined by their other sister on the night for a few songs on cello, who came over across the water specially. A serious family event then, When writing reviews of bands you could say they were so tight on sound that its like they knew each other all their lives. Well this is the case for BPLO and this is the case of their sound. BPLO bring great strings, harmonies and flair to their music, I love the theatrically quality to some of their numbers. Their are some amazing gems in their album such as Soon! Grace Jones and All I Want. I got a copy of their album on the day of the release, A lot of the songs I was very familar to because of various EP's down the line. The album on a whole is excellent and has a great quality that you will find youself coming back to time and again. Its a serious grower and its proud to have such a great talent like this band from Limerick. I look forward to seeing them live again very soon! Cheers for a great night of music. Check on their movements & buy the album here :
Set List:
We Walked On
Talking To Yourself
Grace Jones
Wake Up Screaming
Four Out of Five
All Turns To Dust
Lion's Share
Last of Me
New Miracle
Devil & Me
All I Want
Long Time Rogue

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