Friday, July 1, 2011

Moscow Metro Live at Foleys Bar, Limerick 30/06/2011 REVIEW

The excellent singer songwriter night in Foley's had a great crowd in tonight. The weekly Thursday gig is a great platform for budding singers and bands to showcase their talent on front of a live audience. The organisers do a great service and run it well, each week sees a different headline act and tonight it was the turn of the young limerick act Moscow Metro.

The lads have been keeping a low profile in terms of gigging and now with a track called "Spirit of the City" seeing the light of day the band are beginning to make inroads.

We witnessed various singers take to the stage bringing their homegrown bedroom hits to the masses, Its a great evening if you have a Thursday night to spare and if you have some tunes of you own even better,

The headliners took to the stage to rapturous applause as it was clear the larger crowd were in for them, They played a small set which included a new member in the form of Jules on the piano. If you were to pick bands that sound like MM I would still say very "The National" vibes and at times touches of the "XX" when the keyboard was introduced, Lead singer Barry Mc Nulty has hints of a billy corganesque vocals. The sound quality on the night wasn't the greatest but its hard to harness a full band not used to the equipment in such short notice. The band give off a great energy and its fantastic to see a young local band on the up with excellent songs up their sleeve. Keep an eye out for Moscow Metro as I'm sure you will hear alot more from this band in the future.

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John Steele said...

Yeah, I was there. Excellent band with bags of potential.