Friday, February 24, 2012

Squarehead live at Bourkes, Limerick 23/02/2012 Review

I found myself in Bourkes for another installment of the Thursday Night music showcases, It has been a real success of late with a great number of up and coming bands coming to play the venue. As a punter the free in status makes it all that sweeter.

First up on the two band bill was Grand Pocket Orchestra, The Dublin five piece took over the stage looking like extras from the latest house party scene in Skins. Their style is far from orthodox, The set is made up of short bursts of loud pop with everyone in the band playing random instruments. Its seems as though they have crammed every hook and riff they could muster and just play it as fast as they can and as loud as they can, Its crazy frantic stuff with some good and bad results. They have just released Ronald & Sylma their follow up to their debut album The Ice Cream , Its a 15 track explosion of sound and energy. If that's your thing you should go check them out here.
Set List
Sulphurous Stain
If your Tired
Coffee Cup
Ohh La Tee
Five FInger
In The Belly Of Some Kind Of Animal

Last up were Squarehead, I have sampled these guys a few times before on the various popical island compilation albums but never witnessed them live. The Dublin three piece played a nice set with many of the songs being from their latest 2011 release Yeah Nothing, They seemed like a more settled version of the opening band banging out short 3 minute numbers of pop rock, again I found some of their stuff hit and miss but when it did work it sounded great. You can see they have had influences from the nineties american alt rock scene with comparisons to Nirvana style licks and riffs and at times touches of Suede. The Buddy Holly spectacle wearing front man seemed the most calm and shy of the lot while the bassist had some serious moves and looked like he might have been taking yoga classes to perfect his stances, all the while the band are being driven by a crazed drummer hidden in the back churning out the Hipster fodder. There are a few stand out tracks from Yeah Nothing including the excellent track Midnight Enchilada and it sure is well worth checking them out live. Keep an eye on them here 

Cheers to Bourkes from another great night! Next Thursday sees great local act Windings headline the venue.

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