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Mark Geary Live @ Dolans 22/04/2008

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I have always said that upstairs in Dolan’s is one of the best venues around. It brings a kind of warmth to a gig and it almost feels like we are in the artist's living room and we are almost intruding on a private session, but last night we were all warmly invited round Mark's for tea (Guinness) & Music.

We were first treated to Ann Scott. She is currently touring with Mark and also features on his new album “Opium”. Ann is going out with the producer of the album and studio band member Karl Odlum. She wowed us with a combination of velvety vocals and finely picked guitar, and was a perfect introduction to the main performance in which she provided a harmonious counterpart to Mark's vocals. Mr. Geary arrived on stage and spoke of his fondness of Limerick and how he has cousins around these parts - and sure why wouldn’t he, the place is full of Gearys! He opened with the infectious "Cold Little Fire" which set the tone for this intimate gig. The set began with some hand picked songs from the new album, which included “Always”, of which Mark said: “This is a love song, not the roses and chocolates side of love, but the bricks through the window and calling the police side of love. Nobody writes love songs like that anymore!!" He then moved on to some crowd favourites from “33 1/3 Grand Street” & “Ghosts”. The atmosphere was so relaxed, the banter from a contented crowd adding to the intimate feel. Mark and his band flowed through his set list and then bid us good night. After calls from the crowd, Mark returned on stage solo to play requests from the audience, which included “You’re the Only Girl”, “Morphine” , “Adam & Eve” and even a brilliant rendition of Radiohead’s "No Surprises". The evening seemed to fly by and I suppose that in itself is testament to the fluidity and ease of the performance. Cheers for a great gig.

Set List:
Cold Little Fire
Facin’ the fall
King of Swords
Not on your life
Maid of Gold
It Beats Me
You’re the Only Girl
Christmas Biscuits
Radiohead’s No Surprises
Adam & Eve + Ray LaMontagne's Jolene

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Mark Geary - Tuesday Live @ Dolans 22/04/08 (Sorry for the Quality)

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