Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lisa Hannigan - Jean Monet,UL 24/09/2008 Review

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The venue was nicely packed upon arrival and the little lecture hall in UL was awash with students and a stage filled with every instrument possible. The Jean Monet provided everyone a good seat as it was such a cosy venue. I was last there for a Mundy gig 4 year previous and knew of its quiet relaxing powers. After a uneventful opening act Lisa and her merry band descended on a stage full of fairy lights, A illuminated Globe and a illuminated mushroom. The album cover from her first solo album Sea/Sea adorned the backdrop of the stage and the scene was set for an evening of relaxing music.
The place was filled with a smell of incense as the band started with “My Pirate Disco” a demo song not featured on her album and from there on in they seem to seamlessly go through the set with 100% bliss. The sounds the band made collectively was like they were born to play together and there was a chemistry between them that is hard to find with modern bands. The smiles and looks of approval between them were just great and each and every one of them knew what part to play.
Lisa was visibly just there to enjoy herself and let the music take over and sway her in every way. She was doing what she wanted and singing what she wanted and no one was going to stop her. The last time I saw lisa was 2003 with Damien Rice and she is a very different character today. Far from the shy girl in the corner harmonising, she was out front singing her heart out. I have been listening to the album for quite some time now and it just gives me that hair standing on the back of your neck feeling each time. The album is so familiar, it’s as if you have been listening to it all your life. I would describe it as a female version of Fionn Regan’s “The end of history” from 2006 with a dash of Feist’s quirkiness.
The album was played practical live on front of us with pin point accuracy and a sound you can quite create on an album. The harmonies between the band were immense and the rotation of instruments between them was quite amazing to watch. Trumpets, Bells, a Glockenspiel, a Melodica and a Harmonium were all passed about during the set to make a fantastic sound. It truly was a great night of music and it was refreshing to see a band enjoy playing live so much. The set consisted mainly of Sea/Sew, with two cover version thrown in. “The lady is a Tramp” was played at a nice jazz/folk pace also a beautiful cover Iron & Wines “Free Until They Cut Me Down” was played. Lille was played last to a standing ovation which evoked them to come back out for one last number joined by her tour manager playing the Glockenspiel before disappearing down the halls of UL to another standing ovation. It was a really great night and would urge you to catch her live if you can. She plays The Glor in Ennis on the 2nd of Oct, once again a night not to be missed. Lisa Hannigan - Lille

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