Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Zutons Live at Cois Fharraige 5/09/2008 Review

All Images by Indielimerick
After an unreal live set from the futureheads a giant Z was erected on stage. The Z was fully adorned by flashy lights and sparkly stuff and was the foreground for a huge desert back drop. The Zutons set was already the most impressive of the day however there were going to pull off a huge performance to even dent the stellar performance by the futureheads. The lads and girl arrived out to a jolly crowd and began what seemed a professional onslaught of hits and newbie’s. The band sure is used to festivals and nothing fazed them. They blasted through their set with pin point accuracy. The energy and excitement was clearly visible with all the cast of this merry Liverpool band. Abi provided some eye candy while the rest provided and image of a band on the road quite a lot. The singer was clearly festival weathered , which could be noted in his voice but did not take away from his great performance, Zuton fever was echoed around the tent to start and the sax was fired up for a huge show. Abi was also accompanied by another Sax played behind her. This guy was wielding what looked like an oversize novelty sax, however the sound they were producing was far from a novelty. Valerie seemed the greatest response of the night and was commented on by the band afterwards as their biggest song. Why play it half way through then, well it was there funeral. 4 songs later and a tired audience had to wait for another familiar sound of pressure point. By this time the crowd were weary from the day’s rain by they finished the set with 3 favourites and a crowd happy with a great day of music. I was unable to get the set list that night but the next day leaning against the railing I spotted an A4 sheet with the name Zutons peaking out. An ask of the security dude later the set list was mine. Cheers security dude! I personally think “The Futureheads” stole the show but hey that’s just me. The Zutons are so worth catching at some point if you can and they are never short of playing a gig near you. The Zutons will play Vicar Street on December 14th. Tickets are €29, and go on sale next Thursday, September 25th. Sorry for the lateness of the review but a lot on at the moment hopefully will put all the Cois Fharraige reviews up soon, cheers Set List : Zuton Fever Don’t Ever Think Always Right Behind You What’s Your Problem Hello Conscience Bumbag Confusion Remember Me Valerie (Video Below) Harder & Harder Give me a reason Those Little things Railroad Pressure Point Why Wont You Give Me Your Love You will you wont The Zutons - Valerie Live At Cois Fharraige 05/09/2008

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